The best documentaries, series and films about the life of the king

The life of Queen Elizabeth offers a lot of content for documentaries and feature films.Photo: PA Wire / Dominic Lipinski / picture alliance / empics

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After 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8 at the age of 96. A long period in which she had to deal not only with state crises, but also with family crises and blows of fate – so there was a lot of material for exciting documentaries about her life. But many different aspects of her character have also been addressed in soap operas and movies.

Watson summarized the selection.

“the crown”

“The Crown” is perhaps the most famous title when you think of the Queen. The viewpoint of the British royal family has been shaped in recent years by the popular and popular series. It is dedicated to the life of Queen Elizabeth II and paints a detailed portrait.

Detailed series on the British royal family

The story of “The Crown” begins in 1947. The Queen married Prince Philip, saw her first Prime Minister Churchill, and mourned the death of her father, George VI. The Queen is 25 years old.

Actress Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth in season 5.

Actress Imelda Staunton plays Queen Elizabeth in season 5.Photo: Netflix / Alex Bailey / dpa

Each season deals with a new phase in the Queen’s life, and the series’ cast is constantly being reset.

Four seasons available on Netflix

There are already four seasons, the fifth has been filmed. More seasons are already in the works. With the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, production officials have announced that they will likely be pausing filming for the time being.

“The Crown” is a Netflix production and can only be streamed there.

“the Queen”

“The Queen” is a film that deals with an important moment in the events of Elizabeth II: the death of Princess Diana, the first wife of Prince Charles. The drama comes after the emergence of the Queen and the Kings after the terrible news that shook the world. At a time when Britain is in a state of shock and mourning, the royal family is not keeping the spotlight. The Queen refused to publicly mourn or take a stand. The citizens began to run out of patience and look at their actions with displeasure.

The award-winning movie is available on multiple platforms

Actress Helen Mirren, who played the Queen in the 2006 historical drama, won an Academy Award for her performance.

Helen Mirren admired her role as Queen Elizabeth II.

Helen Mirren admired her role as Queen Elizabeth II.Photo: / imago images / Everett Collection

“The Queen” is available on various streaming services, such as Amazon Prime, YouTube Play and Google Play.

“Royal Night – Royal Joy”

On May 8, 1945, the end of World War II is celebrated around the world. There are also people who are active on the streets of London. Elizabeth and her sister Margaret have only one wish: they want to be free that night, to celebrate with the crowd. But the two are no ordinary teenagers, Elizabeth is the heir to the throne. Therefore, parents are only allowed to attend the party under the supervision of two escorts.

Sarah Gadon plays Princess Elizabeth

Sarah Gadon plays Princess Elizabeth in “A Royal Night”.Photo: / imago images / Everett Collection

However, during the evening, they escaped the eyes of the observers. While Margaret finds herself partying in a brothel, Elizabeth meets young soldier Jack. They don’t meet again until early morning to find their way home together.

The movie is available on Amazon Prime or Apple TV, for example.

“Royal Corgi – The Queen’s Favorite”

In the computer-animated movie ‘Royal Corgi’, the Corgi Rex accompanies his royal life in the British royal family. Rex arrives at Buckingham Palace as a puppy and soon becomes the Queen’s favorite dog.

But that changes when he loses his luck at a state dinner with US President Trump. Then his glamorous life ended and he found himself on the streets of London. But of course he wants to go back to the mansion and experience some adventures along the way.

The Queen was a big dog lover

Queen Elizabeth II was known for her great love of dogs, and she was particularly fond of corgis. Animals accompanied her all her life.

Dogs were an integral part of the Queen's life.

Dogs were an integral part of the Queen’s life.Photo: PA / epa PA / picture alliance / dpa

“Royal Corgi” can be watched on many providers such as Amazon Prime, YouTube Play, Google Play and Apple TV.

“The Queen – The Fateful Years of the Queen”

The Queen: Fateful Years for a Queen is a six-part documentary series produced to mark the Queen’s 70th jubilee. Six Episodes – Six pivotal periods in the Queen’s long life explored in the documentary series.

It relates to the early days when the Queen was seen as a beacon of hope and her coronation. Also displayed is the self-proclaimed Queen word “annus horribilis”. The difficult time around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s breakup, as well as their role in the Corona pandemic, has not been neglected.

Episodes are available for free in the ARD media library.

“Royal House in Windsor”

“The Royal House of Windsor” is also a documentary series. In six episodes, the 2017 series showcases the power struggles and political maneuvers that the British royal family has had to deal with over the past 100 years. Not only the Queen, but also other members of the British royal family are in the foreground – a documentary about the Windsor dynasty.

A family photo from 2005 showing the British royal family.

A family photo from 2005 showing the British royal family.Photo: imago Pictures / Stock Photos & People / ZUMA Wire

The series is available on Netflix — but only until September 29, according to the streaming service’s website!

“Elizabeth – The Life of a Queen”

Viewers can watch the life of the queen in “Elizabeth – the life of a queen” not in the form of a series, but as a coherent documentary. The photo is from 2022 and so it’s still very fresh.

The documentation can be viewed on popular streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime or YouTube Video.

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