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And the world begins to sing to “almost 16” Isabel, nicknamed Belly (Lola Tung), when she arrives at Cousins ​​Beach this summer, as it has every summer since childhood. It has always been her favorite time of the year. But before she reaches her second home this time, the beach house of Susanna (Rachel Blanchard), her mother’s best friend Carol (Jackie Chung), the sweet young seller invites her to a beach campfire at a store in Cousins ​​Beach Town. It got a new kind of attention.

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So far, Isabel and her brother Stephen (Sean Kaufman) have been “just” best friends with Susanna’s sons, Conrad (Christopher Brenny) and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno). Isabel was the girl who steals horses, the girlfriend among friends, and she was almost a boy with baby fat and braces. She’d been secretly in love with Conrad since she was 12, but he was a lusty type of love – and the lovable one seemed to go unnoticed.

We are heading to happy summer

“Now he’ll notice you,” Billy’s best friend Taylor (Ryan Spencer), sure of the time she’s packing the house, loses herself with Isabel in laughter about French kissing, “boobs” and sexy costumes. Then you see the reasonably happy family (Carol’s divorce was a year ago, they understand each other again) already on their way to happy music on the car radio in a blue sky summer, which would be “Summer, Turned Beautiful”, the summer in which perception has changed Every boy is totally Isabel.

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“I’ve grown up,” says the bright blonde Jeremiah. The earnest Conrad, on the other hand, finds the wrong tone when greeting: “I loved you more with glasses,” he says. ‘Very stupid.’ replies Bailey. Then he scrapes her hair as he always did when they were kids–until last summer vacation. But that gesture no longer wanted to be appropriate.

Suddenly everyone treats Isabel differently

So this summer will be the worst ever. The boys no longer dared to be as comfortable with Isabel as they were before. And the mothers speak freely of “breasts” and “blooms” and things not usually discussed in their presence, as if Isabel suddenly became one of them. Which makes it embarrassing. “Don’t let my mother turn you into a doll just because she doesn’t have a daughter,” advises Conrad, smoking pot, at the edge of the pool in the evening. Susanna’s request to be sent to the debutante ball is best refused flatly – although the event has long since lost the character of The Bride Show in earlier times.

Then Isabel appears on the filthy beach fire in tight clothes, at the same time in matte and hopelessly dressed, at which point her brother immediately wants to drag her into the house. In the argument, Isabelle fell to the ground, falling at the feet of Conrad, who is wriggling with someone else there. Insults fly, Conrad collects “The Fool”, Stephen “Fuck you!”. In the end, the police brought everyone home.

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Best Friends Forever: Carol, mother of Isabel (Jackie Chung, left) and Susanna, mother of Conrad (Rachel Blanchard). Scenery of summer, turned into beautiful.

Seven episodes now revolve around the first trials and tribulations of the heart. There seems to be a dark secret about the dismissive Conrad, so the series can also be called “I’d like to know what you’ve been doing since last summer.” And other applicants appear – at least three hearts spinning in the happy ending machine. Children and Youth author Jenny Han also contributed to the script – and the result was a romance for a very young audience.

Some viewers will probably worry about the libertarian achievements

Which must surely call for feisty spirits to go to the barricades, those who slash the shield of women’s oppression with the sword of liberation, for here is approved an old image of a woman spreading outward appearances: Take off your bows and buy a dangerous bathing suit you’ve got a legion of libido-driven young men. But Billy never presents herself as prey. “We’re all beautiful in our own way,” and she also sends some truisms against bodybuilders right from the start in the final episode. And anyway: no one would seriously believe that a mini-series of the heart would completely destroy women’s liberation.

Fortunately, it is not always about “victory” for the first time, as is often the case in teen films. Here (in Hollywood fashion) the magic of coming of age is captured. The pain of growing up, the coming farewell to the family you grew up in and farewell with black streaks that leave you nothing but memories are also said. Yes, of course, there’s a reason long-awaited beau Conrad has been so bleak this season.

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For the target audience, the series is a success

In any case, for the target audience, “Summer, it turned out beautiful” was a huge success. And the right selection of pop-accompaniments—from lavish ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” to songwriter Phoebe Bridgers’ funeral—worth discovering—the comforts on Zachary Dawes’ sparkling synthetic mozac, reminiscent of Frances Laiss’ recordings of David Hamilton-style evil nymph films.” Belets” (1977). And who now mourns the last sound of the sea before Cousins ​​Beach because he can no longer sigh and sniff. There are three novels about Isabel, and on June 8 the second season is already set. Next summer will surely come.

“Summer, turned into beautiful” Season 1, seven episodes, with Lola Tong, Jackie Chung, Rachel Blanchard, Christopher Brinny, Gavin Casalino, Sean Kaufman (from June 17 on Amazon Prime Video)

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