New in November 2022 in Disney Plus: “Family Guy” and Co.

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  • We have been able to access the Disney+* streaming service in Germany since March 24, 2020.
  • On the platform, you’ll find movies, series, and documentaries from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.
  • What’s new on Disney+* in November 2022? You can look forward to these titles!

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Disney+* is a relatively new streaming giant, and it’s a big competitor to Amazon Prime Video* and Netflix. Starting March 24, 2020, we can enjoy classic Disney movies, beautiful Pixar animations, Marvel superhero action, Star Wars action in space, and incredible documentaries from National Geographic. New content will be added in November 2022 – here you can find out what it is.

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What content is included in Disney Plus?

At Disney+ you’ll find some notable things from your childhood, but also completely new products that will inspire you. any examples? Aladdin, Viana, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, The Mandalorian, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Free Solo, Before the Flood and The Simpsons.

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That has changed with Disney Plus change

Disney+* initially only offered content up to FSK 12, but the streaming service has become more mature since February 2021. Because on February 23, 2021, the new adult region called Star was launched. Over 60 additional series, 270 films, and four new original works were already available at Star Start – and more and more highlights are being added.

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How much does Disney Plus cost?

As with Amazon Prime Video* or Netflix, you can also subscribe monthly with Disney Plus*. At Disney+ you have been paying €8.99 per month since the program was expanded. Alternatively, you can also reward yourself with an annual subscription that saves you money, since it only costs you 89.90 euros. Both variants renew automatically if you don’t cancel earlier (which of course can easily be done online).

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What’s new in Disney Plus in November 2022?

Also in November 2022, you can expect some new and exciting content at Disney+*. We’ve got the full list for you here – we’ve highlighted the highlights in bold.

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This is new for Disney Plus starting the first week of November

  • “The Mountain Doctor” Season 14
  • “The Mountain Rescuers”, Season 12
  • “Family Guy” Season 20
  • “The D’Amelio Show” Season Two
  • “Reboot” Season 1
  • “Christmas With Donna Hay” Season 1
  • Marvel Studios: Invincible Together – The Making of She-Hulk
  • “Peterson and Vendus: Best Birthday Ever”
  • Table 19 – Misplaced love

Looking forward to this content during the week of November 7

  • “SOS with David Beckham”
  • “Attack on Pearl Harbor: Minute by Minute”, Season 1
  • “Candy: Death in Texas,” Season 1
  • “The History of China from Above”, Season 1
  • “Fix It! – Fixes at the Limit”, Season 1
  • The Montaners Season 1
  • “Zootopia +”
  • Sharks in the Bermuda Triangle
  • “the fire of love”

Here’s what to expect in the week of November 14

  • “Boundless with Chris Hemsworth”
  • “Mike”
  • “Santa Claus: The Series”
  • The Good Doctor Season 4
  • The Hot Zone: Deadly Virus Season 2
  • “Big Mama House 2”
  • Judgment – Everyone is for sale.
  • “Fantastic Autumn with Mickey Mouse”
  • Mickey: A Mouse’s Tale
  • “Queen Elizabeth II: Passage of the Crown – Special Edition 20/20”
  • “Queen Elizabeth II: Legacy, Life”
  • “Fuck it again”
  • “Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium” Farewell from Dodger Stadium

You can start watching these movies and series from the week of November 21

  • “Ally McBeal”, seasons 1-5
  • “Maggie” season one
  • Reasonable Doubt Season 1
  • “Save Me”, Seasons 1-6
  • “Mother Reign”

Last but not least: What’s new in the last week of November

  • “the patient”
  • Kingdom of Savage seasons 1-4
  • “Willow”

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