Jeffrey Dahmer Halloween costumes: eBay doesn’t want Jeffrey Dahmer costumes in stock

The Netflix series “Dahmer” sparked great interest in the serial killer.



“Not funny!”Online stores have banned Jeffrey Dahmer’s controversial outfits

After Netflix hit “Dahmer,” many want to dress up like a Halloween serial killer. Ebay is now banning the controversial outfit from its collection.

Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer brutally murdered 17 mostly homosexual men and young men in the US state of Wisconsin. Dahmer performed sexual acts on corpses and in some cases practiced cannibalism.

When Netflix revisits events with “Dahmer – Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer,” the streaming giant delivers a serial hit. True crime series instantly lands in Top 10 most watched series On Netflix – even number one in Switzerland.

Controversial series. Victims’ families They criticize that Netflix is ​​taking advantage of kinship trauma. The Serial killer magic It now goes so far that until recently you could even find Dahmer fashion on platforms like Ebay and Amazon.

“He was a real serial killer.”

The fashion trend received criticism. Most users on Twitter agree: This doesn’t work at all. This is how this user finds a photo of a child in Dahmer’s appearance: “That’s not funny! Family members died because of this guy. I can tell if it was Chucky because it’s not real. But this was a real serial killer! Jeffrey Dahmer is not a costume!”

Olympic champion Simone Biles says of the debate: “I will say it now: Put Jeffrey Dahmer’s costumes back in the closet! We won’t tolerate it!”

Others see no problem with the outfit: “It’s just entertainment. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean other people have a problem with it.”

Shirley Hughes is the mother of Tom Hughes, one of Dahmer’s victims. Opposite It hurts, TMZ says, that Netflix and all the online stores profited from her son’s death, while none of the victims’ families saw a penny. Shirley said that if Netflix didn’t air the series, none of the families would be shocked and there would be no Dahmer costumes this year.

violates policies

as such Buzzfeed recently reported that Dahmer’s costumes, such as an orange suit with a Dahmer mask, are on Ebay. The online marketplace is now putting an end to the sale of a serial killer costume. “These items have been blocked from being sold on our site, and we are in the process of removing them,” an eBay spokesperson told Buzzfeed.

As per company policy, sellers are not allowed to offer merchandise that “promotes or glorifies violence.” As Ebay Switzerland says in the guidelines: “For the sake of the families of the victims, it is forbidden to sell things closely related to the notorious killers of the past 100 years.” However, books and documentaries about serial killers as well as articles about serial killers over 100 years old, such as Jack The Ripper, are allowed.

Despite the ban, pieces for a Dahmer costume can still be found on Ebay.  Here about a pair of glasses.

Despite the ban, pieces for a Dahmer costume can still be found on Ebay. Here about a pair of glasses.

ebay screenshot

At the time of this article’s publication, there are still Dahmer-inspired wigs and eyeglasses available for purchase on the online sales platform, which are clearly marked as such. You won’t find any serial killer looks on popular Swiss resale platforms. You won’t find a Dahmer gift at top Swiss merchants either.

Amazon has Damer products

American online giant Amazon doesn’t offer Dahmer’s full look, but his wigs and glasses are in the same style. Amazon has not yet commented on products to Buzzfeed. In addition to accessories, there are also Dahmer merchandise, such as mugs bearing the imprint: “I eat men like you for breakfast.”

Anyone searching for Dahmer items on Amazon will quickly find what they are looking for.

Anyone searching for Dahmer items on Amazon will quickly find what they are looking for.

Screenshot from Amazon

“What we consider objectionable is also probably what you would expect,” she says. Amazon Content Policy. “Amazon reserves the right to determine the suitability of items sold on our site,” Amazon said.

according to Etsy’s policy on “items that glorify human suffering or tragedies, including items that immortalize or glorify serial killers” on prohibited products. But in addition to the full Dahmer costume, there are also a variety of other products on the platform.

The full Dahmer costume is available on Etsy.

The full Dahmer costume is available on Etsy.

Etsy screenshot

This isn’t the first time Etsy has come under fire for questionable and sometimes illegal items. already denounced last year Business Insider is an online marketplace for illegal items such as weapons and the ivory trade. “We are investing at least $40 million this year in implementing our policies to ensure the integrity of our marketplace,” Etsy wrote in a press release last year.

What do you think about providing products like Jeffrey Dahmer costumes online? Do you think it’s okay to wear costumes like this for Halloween?

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