Disney + November 2022: These are the new movies, series, and more

Disney+ announced its new content in November 2022. New movies, series, documentaries, and more should keep you entertained during the dark season.

Season 20 of the adult animated series “Family Guy” can be laughable to some. New episodes will start on November 2nd. However, we also have hopes for the “Frustrated” movie. The new film is a sequel to 2007’s Enchanted and once again stars Amy Adams as Giselle and Patrick Dempsey as Robert. The first part was also successful because Disney dared to make fun of herself.

From November 2022, Disney+ will also be able to show “Zootopia+” to younger viewers – based on the movie. Furthermore, Willow joins Warwick Davis on the show. A must-have for fans of fantasy. “Ally McBeal” can be considered a classic. The series starring Calista Flockhart was a huge hit in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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Disney still has big plans for the MCU. || Photo: Disney Plus

When it comes to Marvel and Star Wars, there won’t be much news next month. But at least there is a made-for-friends series for the “She-Hulk” series, which has meanwhile hit its stride. It could be more exciting than the series itself, causing mixed feelings among MCU fans.

Disney +: Increase prices and tariffs with planned ads

By the way, in December 2022, Disney + will start in the US with an advertising-funded tariff. However, it will likely only be available in Europe from 2023. Netflix is ​​faster in this country. There will also be a price increase in the US at the same time. It has also not been announced for our region, but it must be inevitable.

Until then, we wish you a lot of fun with movies and series from November 2022. Is there something for you, or are you now pinning your hopes on December 2022? Let’s see what Disney + has to offer us at the end of the year. In recent years, there have always been special dishes on offer, such as the Pixar movie “Soul”.

Reboot November 2022 on Disney+

November 2

  • Christmas With Donna Hay – Season 1 (Disney)
  • The D’Amelio Show – Season 2 (star)
  • Reboot – Season 1 (Star)
  • Family Guy – Season 20

November 3

  • Marvel Studios: Together Indomitable – The Making of the She-Hulk (Marvel)

November 9

  • The Montaners – Season 1 (Disney)
  • Zootopia +
  • Mayday with David Beckham
  • Candy: Death in Texas – Season 1 (Star)
  • the fire of love

November 16

  • Boundless with Chris Hemsworth
  • Santa Claus: The Series
  • mike

November 18

  • Fantastic Autumn with Mickey Mouse (Disney)
  • Damn me
  • Mickey: The Mouse Story

November 20

  • Elton John Live: Farewell from Dodger Stadium (OT) (Disney)

November 23

  • Maggie – Season 1 (Star)
  • Reasonable Doubt – Season 1 (star)

25. November

November 30

New catalog titles:

November 2

  • Mountain Doctor – Season 14 (Star)
  • Mountain Rescuers – Season 12 (Star)

November 4

  • Peterson and Vendus: Best Christmas Ever (star)
  • Table 19 – Misplaced love (star)

November 9

  • A History of China from Above – Season 1 (National Geographic)
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor: Minute by Minute – Season 1 (National Geographic)
  • Fix it! – Fixes to the Limit – Season 1 (National Geographic)

November 11

  • Sharks in the Bermuda Triangle (National Geographic)

November 16

  • The Good Doctor – Season 4 (Star)
  • The Hot Zone: Deadly Virus – Season 2 (National Geographic)

November 18

  • Queen Elizabeth II: Passage of the Crown – Special Edition 20/20 (star)
  • Queen Elizabeth II: Legacy, Life (star)
  • Big Mother’s House 2 (star)
  • Referee – all for sale (star)

November 23

  • Ally McBeal – Season 1-5 (Star)
  • Rescue Me – Season 1-6 (Star)

November 30

  • Savage Kingdom – Season 1-4 (National Geographic)

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