“Deep Water” on Amazon Prime Video – This is the action thriller with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

The guy doesn’t just ride his bike, he rides his mountain bike with determination. It is not an ascent. He comes to his sweet home to catch the trip-hop beat of Gillian Banks’ “Before I Ever Met You.” His beautiful wife is sitting on the stairs. And while she walks barefoot with an ironic and seductive look, one is convinced that this man must be blessed. He also has a sweet and precocious daughter. We meet little Trixie (Grace Jenkins) when she asks Language Assistant Alexa to play “Old MacDonald had a Farm”. “You’re driving your mother crazy because of this,” says Father Vic. “I know,” Trixie says. Trixie is a stunt. It allows us to take us as the protagonist. It makes us think that dad and mom are cute.

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But “Deepwater” is neither a family movie nor a comedy about life, but a thriller. It was portrayed by Britt Adrian Lynn, whose career began in 1983 with the dance film Flashdance. And with the sadomasochistic scandal “9 Weeks” (1986), the stalker story “A Fateful Affair” (1987) and the weed-eating drama “An Immoral Proposal” (1993), the highest-ranking director of a skill became a perverted screen erotica. Remake of “Lolita” (1997) and the drama of jealousy “Unfaithful” (2002) – after that nothing came. So far, the film has been adapted by Patricia Highsmith – the crime lord has written classics such as Strangers on a Train (1950) and The Talented Mr.Ripley (1955).

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Cuban actress Ana de Armas (“No Time to Die”) is the epitome of erotica like Melinda. Every movement of a woman with a graceful doll’s face, every moment she uses to put her attractiveness in the best light.

Melinda enjoys being desired, and she enjoys her husband’s sexual desire in you, the fascination with lovers, and, as some subtle glances show, her husband’s attitude towards them. The Van Allens have an open marriage, and they have a deal meant to keep their family of three. Sex is exaggerated.

Retirement fuels doubts – jealousy looms

Is sex too much? Anyway, you can almost hear your teeth gnashing when Melinda hits the dance floor with Joel (Brendan Miller), who is Kurt Cobain’s stylish backup. Ben Affleck plays a tech millionaire who made his fortune on (not likeable) military-grade drones and retires early. Retirement raises suspicion – jealousy is brewing in you, combined with the feeling that his wife’s lovers see him as burning scrap.

So the blonde tells the stunned Romeo what he did to his former rival McCray: “I killed him” and then asks Joel if he now feels threatened. The lie will spread, it will be believed, it will be questioned, it will turn against it. Anyway, writer Don (Tracy Letts), who lives around the corner with his younger wife Kelly (Kristen Connolly), believes he’s tracing a well-selling true crime story.

The story of a man who becomes a murderer

Deep Water is the story of a sad man who looks disgusted and turns on at the same time, then actually becomes a killer. With a lighthearted smile, Vic admires his party wife drunk at the piano, bobbing her hips in a little black dress and singing “It’s cool.” He hates a piano teacher named Charlie who shamelessly flirts and kisses her. Your frown darkens and the party moves indoors when it rains. Then Charlie floats dead in the pond water. Who dunnit? He will tell us soon

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If you know the book “Tiefe Wasser” by crime queen Patricia Highsmith, you can still watch it here. Lynn links his film closely to Michel Deville’s 1981 French adaptation, with a different ending than the book. At the time, Isabelle Hubert and Jean-Louis Trentinant were the odd couple. They were more convincing, more realistic, and above all you have to convince yourself over and over that smart Affleck can actually be a danger to anyone – regardless of whether he’s on the road as Batman or not. Nor should you find it ridiculous that his favorite hobby is dealing with slippery (poisonous?) snails.

Lin has been relatively tamed 20 years after his last movie

Compared to his previous work, Lin has become tamed after 20 years, everything remains a hint and a promise. And pretty much it’s all psychological too. The manager ignores important questions. For example, who was that slain Malcolm McCray, what did he mean to Melinda and what really happened to him? The film is a series of social gatherings, the climax being as bumpy as a gravel road through the woods that an agitated writer tears through, simultaneously trying to keep his car on track and writing a message in his cell phone. What the old man does is close to a donkey’s trick and he has to err.

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The final picture, then, is a far cry from the shocking ending that Highsmith once outlined. The circle closes, even if it is a circle of nonsense, now the imagination is far from all possibilities. The last smile is actually an affinity smile. The wife admits that her husband really did “everything” for her. Trixie plays in the back seat of the car. All that’s missing is the Brady Bunch song: “Now everyone is a happy family…”

“deep water” Film, 115 minutes, directed by Adrian Lyne, with Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, Grace Jenkins, Tracy Letts, and Kristen Connolly (streaming on Amazon Prime Video)

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