Bushido Documentary: “Nudity Was Shameful”

Mr. Ferchichi, first of all, congratulations on extended fatherhood. It is said that witnessing a birth is a miracle that changes everything. How was that for you?

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Fresh anise: It sure is! wonder! We now have seven children together and a son that my wife has married. But only now, with the triplets, I was there in person for the first time and didn’t provide emotional support in front of the delivery room door. I can understand when someone initially says it’s not for them. A caesarean section is performed, which makes a good impression. However, I would advise every father to be there. All of the fears and fears I had before suddenly disappeared. I didn’t even notice all the blood, nor did I remember the fact that I would probably see the placenta.

What is the remaining memory?

Words cannot describe the moment I saw my first daughter emerge from my womb. Then I did it twice. Mad! I really didn’t fall into my mouth. But I can’t explain what I felt in that moment. All I know is that it was incredibly touching and touching and that I’m so glad I was able to be a part of it.

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Read more after the announcement

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First the birth of three healthy girls, and now the documentary on Prime Video. Is it more image maintenance for you or is it more liberating?

The documentary is definitely editing too. The idea came from journalist Peter Rosberg and former Bild editor Julian Reichelt, who wanted to do a double interview with me and my wife. And because Julian was already planning to enter the motion picture clip with the song “Bild,” the idea was to put a small film team on our side. The promise reads: “We don’t write anything, we don’t dictate anything, we don’t want any actors. We just let you be with us every day, no matter what you do, whether you go to the dentist, whether you go to school or whatever.” And then I thought, OK, I’ve created a lot of myths over the past few years, deliberately polarizing and treating some people in a very controversial way.But now is the time to finally introduce myself honestly.

Sometimes that openness has a bit of self-flagellation. How hard is it to admit to yourself that you haven’t been a nice guy for years?

At some point, it wasn’t difficult for me at all. That’s the nice thing about it actually, that in the end it has a mitigating effect. I cleared the air with the authorities, told the court things incriminating me, made it clear that I married for the sake of interest and treated my wife and other people badly. I wanted to get rid of all that ballast. Nudity hurts a lot and was very embarrassing at first. But the more my darkest secrets were revealed, the more free I felt. And this despite the fact that I risked destroying the Bushido building and with it my livelihood.

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Does bushido still exist today?

It’s still around and I’m even releasing a new album next month. Some people will definitely shake their heads and question whether you’re really any different today. But believe me, I was never as young as Bushido, but as much Anis Ferchichi as I am today. That whole cliched image of a bad gangsta rapper, mother*beating, beating people up, being criminals and blah blah that defined my life at the time is only a tiny bit small part now, buried somewhere deep inside of me. As long as I don’t take that part out and don’t consciously leave it in my life, it no longer plays any role whatsoever.

Can you say you deliver a bushido uniform to your door?

So it is. As long as the Spiderman costume hangs in the closet, Peter Parker will remain Peter Parker. My problem was that I had never taken off my bushido uniform before. Today, though, it hangs in the closet most of the time – but that doesn’t mean I don’t take it out from time to time.

So little of Saul remained in Paul?

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It’s definitely not like I’ve passed from one person to a completely different person. Instead, it is an ongoing process in which you still have to remind yourself every morning when you wake up to treat your fellow human beings, your spouse, your children, and your friends as they deserve. A bit like someone who used to be a heavy smoker. He also has moments now and then when he thinks “Now a cigarette, that would be cool” or “No use anyway, so I can smoke too.” That risk is always there, especially when you have to deal with setbacks. It’s a new battle every day.

A battle where you take your kids with you somewhat with this documentary…

That was, of course, a point that I discussed in detail with my wife. Many people probably know me in Germany, and my wife is not an anonymous face. But we have deliberately kept our children out of the public eye for years. This documentary would have made no sense without the children. I didn’t want someone to say to me, for example, “Okay, let’s take a fake daughter and she has to come in from the left side and hug you.” I wanted our life as a family to really move here. in its entirety. And we can’t do that without our children.

So soon every viewer will know their face. Has the potential threat from the Abu Shaker clan diminished due to the current lawsuit?

Suppose this would be utopian. We are still in a very dangerous situation, us as a family, but also as a society. I rap about ghettos in Germany in 2005, and the word ghetto is tattooed on my left forearm. Today, 15 or 16 years later, there have long been parallel societies with their own laws. At the time, no one believed me. And even today, there are people who think it is utter nonsense that my family is under police protection. They say police protection is not needed in Germany. But this is not true. It is no accident that we are protected by armed officers and driven in armored cars. And it should give us every reason to think that today, in the year 2021 and in the heart of Western Europe, a family faces such a danger.

Bushido and his wife Anna Maria.

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How is the family, especially how the children deal with it?

It may sound crazy, but it helps that my kids were exposed to the police at a young age. The same people who take care of children today used to search our house. (smiles) And it’s important to me that the kids understand that the police is a good thing, an important thing. I recently warned my son and wanted to pull his ears. His answer was: “Dad, then I’ll call the police.” Believe me, the time for “F**k the LKA” is gone once and for all.

In both the interview and the documentary, you look authentic, rambunctious, and polite, but one question remains unanswered: Would your change and separation from the clan have occurred if Arafat Abu Shakir had treated you more kindly, but otherwise remained the same gangster it would be?

Honestly, I can’t give a 100% answer to that. I’m also not a fan of thinking about emergency situations. I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent and eloquent, and am an open minded person with many diverse interests. However, it was very difficult for me to peel off. But with Arafat Abu Shaker we are talking about a Neanderthal man who was not and will not be able to change. This is why the question “what would have happened if…” never crossed my mind.

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