Who is Kitboga and what does the prankster plague actually do?

Sometime in the summer of 2022, without warning, she fell into a rabbit hole known as scamming. It all started without a hitch: I was looking up the Fyre Festival trailer on YouTube for a colleague because he loves the Netflix story about Woodstock 99. I love watching true crime and documentaries about terrible events anyway, so I thought I’d recommend the Fyre Fraud documentary.

And fraud fits the glove in the fraudulent stamp category, Which I then discovered in my recommendations. It all started with the Scammer Bayback Channel, which I found just because Pierogi has gorgeous blue hair. I immersed myself in the world of scamming scammers for a few days, and not only learned all about scammers’ tricks and tactics, but also realized that these scam calls were uploaded unedited by the people doing the scam recovery as part of a popular call center project. …it simply enhances focus incredibly for me. You can probably imagine what has been going on in the background during my working hours since this discovery…

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