Amazon Freevee launched

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Streaming services are on their way to replacing traditional television. More and more people are choosing a service like Netflix or Hulu to watch movies and series and be able to create their own TV shows. With its Prime membership, Amazon also offers several series, documentaries, and movies in one package. Now the e-commerce giant is going even further: the new streaming service Amazon Freevee is completely free and is also available in Germany. Switzerland and Austria are now following.

The use of media is shifting to the domains of the Internet

Online streaming is one of the most popular ways to enjoy movies, series, documentaries, and more today. Video on demand offers viewers the opportunity to independently organize their program and not miss a movie because it is shown at an inopportune time. This means that TV over the Internet has obvious advantages. In addition, many streaming providers are now also releasing their own products. While classic Hollywood tapes often stick to the usual framework and show a bit of grit, productions from Netflix, Hulu and Co. They are often more creative. In addition, thanks to subtitles and dubbing, many series and films from countries such as Spain, Italy and France are shown.

Online entertainment: from radio to slots

In addition, other parts of media use are shifting to the Internet. Music for example CD is streamed on Spotify or Weezer, and it’s disappearing as a medium more and more. With just a few clicks, users can access almost every song in their music history and compile their own playlists. The online entertainment program also includes the gaming area. On the other hand, more and more games are being played online against or with other users and on the other hand now games can also be streamed. To do this, an external server is outsourced and only the final image is transmitted. Players save themselves expensive hardware and can still try out complex titles. In addition, games that were traditionally played offline are coming online. The iGaming section provides an example of this, because traditional slot machines can also be found on the Internet today. Digital slots offer an alternative to playing at the casino and registering with quick access. On online platforms, a larger selection of players is offered, and their favorite slot machine is never played. More and more media are turning to the Internet field.

Free streaming with limited options

With Amazon Freevee, the company is taking a step hardly any other streaming provider has taken yet: movies and series are available for free. All you need is an account with Amazon, and users can get started and view the provider’s content for free. How does it pay off? Quite simply with ads. Similar to classic TV, Amazon Freevee relies on advertisements that interrupt the program for a brief period. In this way, the content can be provided to the users for free. Other streaming providers like Netflix have already talked about such options, and Amazon could play a leading role here. Advertising has always been used as a source of income in streaming music; So users can for example, with Spotify, you can choose whether you want to use a free account with ads or a premium account without ads. The video platform YouTube also offers similar solutions.

Amazon Freevee launched a little earlier in the US and UK markets, and the service is now also available in Germany. After that, the Austrians and Swiss should also be able to access the content. However, the selection of movies and series is currently very limited. As a result, although there are some top series like “The Night Manager” on the show, Amazon Freevee can’t compete with paid streaming services. However, if the library is filled properly, many users will surely switch to the new service and cancel the paid memberships.

With Amazon Freevee, the e-commerce giant is setting an example. Although streaming services have revolutionized television consumption, advertising is a step closer to classic television. The free service is now also available in Germany.

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