‘Blue Panther’ in Munich: TV award winners

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to: Stephanie Thyssen

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Uli Dietrich (R) received the Blue Panther from Wigald Boning for his role as Sandro Zahlmann in the comic I Was Angela Merkel: Zahlmann Protocol. © Tobias Haas / D

The “Blue Panther Award – Television and Broadcasting”, as it is now known as the Bavarian Television Award, was presented in Munich on Wednesday evening. Was the completely renewed concert convincing?

Marcus Soder knew what he was talking about – after all, the Bavarian prime minister himself had been put right through the baton by Marcus Lanz. Presenting the Honorary Award to the ZDF Speaker on Wednesday evening (October 19, 2022) at the “Blue Panther – TV and Streaming Award” (formerly Bavarian Television Award) at BMW World in Munich can certainly be seen as a very personal recognition from the former – and certainly they are guests of The future too. Through his presentation, the 53-year-old from South Tyrol brings the audience closer to complex discussions and topics in an understandable and entertaining way, according to Sodder. He praised the careful preparation with which Lans handled his conversations. And: “He is never offended and never offended.” He also admires the persistence with which Lans not only asks his questions, but which he has also shown in his career. Keyword “Wetten, dass..?”. Soder said this was not appropriate. However, Lanz continued. Just praise is none of Sodre’s business. A little slap is always a part of it.

Awards ceremony
Marcus Lanz received the Prime Minister’s Honorary Award. © Tobias Haas / D

Marcus Lanz then accepted the editorial speech and touched the titular tiger perfectly, enjoying the feature film, who looked back at his career and commented, of course, with arrogance and complacency: “Basically, I can stop now.” But he hopes the honorary cheetah isn’t a subliminal pension notification. Instead he smiles tiredly in the audience.

The ‘Blue Panther’ awards ceremony has been completely modified

The ceremony opened with the presentation of an honorary award that had one thing above all on its mind: to be more modern than before. As reported, the event has been completely renewed. Unofficial BMW World instead of the Prince Regent Theater (which was not necessarily good for the atmosphere), and above all awards not only linear television, but also productions from broadcast providers and Internet formats. This situation was immediately reflected in the list of award winners: the audience awards – namely, for the most popular series and the most popular film – went to the productions of Amazon Prime Video (“Die Discounter”) and the competition Netflix (“Army Of Thieves” ).

Prizes “Discount” and “Army of Thieves”

Soma Bisal managed to win as the best actress – after all, against Lisa Maria Potthoff (“Herzogberk”) and Luna Fiedler (ichbinsophiescholl). Besal wowed the judges in “Para – Wir sind King” (Warner TV series). “She not only conveys the story dramatically with her personality, but above all with her lavish acting performance,” the statement said. Peter Court won the men’s race and defeated Bruno Alexander (“Rebel – From Lyman to Wimbledon”) and Florian Lucas (“The Whisby”) with his performance in “Ferdinand von Scherach – Faith” (RTL+, Vox). Till the end. “Then it will be a nice evening here in Munich,” said East and North Germany (Kurth about Kurt).

Wigald Boning pays homage to Uli Dietrich

In terms of good “old” TV entertainment, there is – whether it’s streaming or not – a “public service face” that inspires viewers time and time again in the best way: Uli Dietrich. To embody the character of Sandro Zahlmann in the parody film “I Was Angela Merkel: The Zahlmann Protocol” (ARD), he got the Blue Panther – rightly so and from the hands of his friend Wigald Bunning. The jury verdict was “every detail of this parody is correct”. “Ule Dietrich describes the most absurd events in the most beautiful Saxon language and with a serious realistic narrative.”

Awards ceremony
Joko Winterscheidt (right) is an expert on modern television entertainment. Honored for ProSieben “Steal the Show from Me” format. Matthias Schweigofer gave a humorous eulogy. © Felix Hörhager / dpa

Joko Winterscheidt is also an expert on modern television entertainment. Which also seemed to be the ProSieben format ‘Who Steals The Show From Me’ worthy of the jury. Matthias Schweigover gave a humorous eulogy for “the greatest show idea in a long time” – that’s also very true! Winterscheidt was genuinely impressed and said that before the idea of ​​the show, now celebrated on stage, he almost no longer believed in his future on television and almost gave up. Glad he reconsidered.

Klaus Kleber as praise for three great documentaries

A special moment of the ceremony was the presentation of leopards in documentation. Klaus Kleiber gave speeches of praise for three great films: “Charitéensive” (actually a very impressive report on the work in the famous Berlin hospital during the pandemic), “Gegen Putin” (an impressive documentary about women being shown in Ukraine) and “Wirecard – The Lie of a Billion (A Captivating Research on Financial Scandal). Kleber himself is a passionate filmmaker, who was particularly looking forward to his job as a tribute, as he said in an interview with our newspaper: “Good documentaries are always important – and these three, whom I am honored to honor today, are particularly great works, instruments of truth.”

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