Unbelievable But True: The 9 Best True Crime Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Streaming platforms deliver a supply of new products incredibly quickly, which is why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see them through the jungle of series and movies. The following nine amusing and frightening true crime titles are definitely worth a second look.

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A drug cop risked everything to find out the truth.

In 1985, US Drug Enforcement Administration agent Enrique “Kique” Camarena was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by Mexico’s most famous drug lord. Thirty-five years later, three former cartel insiders share unprecedented details. This is the story of Camarena, the drug gang he infiltrated, and a drug officer who risked everything to find out the truth.

“The Last Narc” is an opening documentary series about the kidnapping, torture, and murder of DEA agent “Kiki” Camarena by Mexican gang leaders. Interviews with those who have experienced it create a fascinating story with many twists and turns. Honestly, some of it is hard to believe. Corruption, crime, conspiracy: it’s all here.

Worth watching becauseFact is often more misleading and stupid than fiction. And because much of Kiki’s demise has been revealed, it’s missing from Narcos Mexico on Netflix, and from any news you may have heard.

4 episodes of about 46 minutes each

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A ruthless killer and yet the perfect life partner and father.

In the 1970s, Ted Bundy murdered 30 young women in the United States. At least these are the known cases. Can only guess if there are more victims. His actions paralyzed the country and women no longer dared to take to the streets at night.

Meanwhile, Ted Bundy has been living with his girlfriend Elizabeth Kendall and their young daughter. He was the ideal life partner and father to Elizabeth Kendall and daughter Molly. Now Elizabeth Kendall has broken her long silence.

From all-new interviews to unseen photos and new details about the crime. After years of silence, Ted Bundy’s longtime friend Elizabeth Kendall, her daughter Molly and other survivors speak in a series that tells Bundy’s crimes from a female perspective. The series explores how Bundy’s pathological misogyny collides with the culture wars and the feminist movement of the 1970s in one of the most iconic crime stories of our time.

Worth watching because: Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer is an extraordinary true crime documentary that finally pays homage to the killer’s victims rather than trying to humanize the monster within.

5 episodes of about 49 minutes each

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Quote from an escort: “There are hundreds of female genital mutilation operations in Africa every day, but one man has his penis cut off and the world is brought to a standstill.”

This four-part documentary series by executive producer Jordan Peele explores the events of 1993 when Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis after years of abuse. John and Lorena Bobbitt’s story became a media frenzy. It became a joke and suffered from the male-dominated press. But as John delved deeper and deeper, Lorena found a new strength.

Worth watching because: This compelling documentary chronicles the events in full, something the media has previously failed to do due to sensational journalism. All sides are lit and the way the story is presented makes it deeply moving.

4 episodes of about 63 minutes each

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A crazy Argentine engineer becomes a Cold War spy.

The incredible story of a crazy Argentine engineer turned Cold War spy. Share technology secrets with URSS across Cuba. Because of his ideals, he had to endure unexpected consequences.

“Crazy Che” is a documentary about the most incredible case of industrial espionage: the incredible real life of an Argentine engineer turned Cold War spy. While working for AMD and INTEL in the United States, Gaede provided technical information on the semiconductor industry to the Soviet Union through the Cuban government. Later, disillusioned with the communist revolution, Gaede turned himself in to the CIA and the FBI and began working on a counterintelligence operation that led him to unimaginable consequences.

Worth watching because: Mix of documentation and animation

86 minute movie

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5. Confront the serial killer

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Confronting a Serial Killer tells the story of the unprecedented relationship between acclaimed writer Gillian Loren and America’s worst serial killer, Sam Little.

Unfortunately it is no longer available for the Swiss market.

Valentine's Day massacre.

Valentine’s Day massacre.
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A bite of forensic knowledge between..

Serial murders, UFOs, cannibals, and relationship dramas amuse fans of tabloid stories, but have long been neglected by historians. The media’s echo of such events reveals much about the era of its ideologies, fears, and taboos.

The legend of Roswell UFO
In 1947, the US Air Force reported the crash of an unidentified plane near Roswell, New Mexico. The news spread like wildfire in the international press, the term “flying saucer” became familiar, and the UFO myth captured people’s imaginations and became a major science fiction motif.

The death of Mrs. Di
In 1997, the tragic death of Mrs. de in Paris shook the whole world. Hot on the heels of the tabloids until the fatal accident, Diana became a symbol of the celebrity’s negative side. The incident sparked outrage from ruthless paparazzi while sparking public fascination with the “Queen of Hearts”.

The double life of Violette Nozier
In August 1933, 18-year-old Violette Nosier poisoned her father in Paris, and soon after that she confessed to the crime. She cited sexual assault as a motive. Patriarchal France did not want to do anything about this and vehemently demanded the execution of the “beast that wears the skirt.” Watch Party

The murder of Albert Sulliland and the death penalty
Paris, 1907: Albert Sulliland is accused of raping and killing young Marth.

Jack the Ripper – Legend of the Ripper
In 1888, a series of horrific murders kept London in suspense. Jack the Ripper confesses to the actions. In the then militant England of Queen Victoria, the police were just beginning to work by scientific methods, the first tabloids appeared. The film sheds light on how this criminal case became a legend and genre of serial killer

Fritz Haarmann The Butcher Of Hannover
In 1924, children playing found several human skulls in Lynn near Hanover. Then hundreds of pieces of bone were pulled out from the river bed. The police suspected a serial killer and soon arrested the suspect: Fritz Haarmann. The man’s bloody actions provoked a terrible fascination with the people in the mysterious climate of the Weimar Republic.

Jonestown massacre
1978, Guyana. After a shocking mass by Reverend Jim Jones, leader of the “People’s Temple” founded in the United States in the mid-1950s, 918 members of the mass cult committed suicide, and journalists’ descriptions and horrific photos of Jonestown caused worldwide terror.

Valentine’s Day massacre
In 1929, Al Capone’s crooks shot and killed seven members of the Northern Bugs Maroon gang in an auto repair shop. The event was widely covered by the press, and it was dubbed the “Valentine’s Day Massacre”. And in the midst of Prohibition, the killings became a media symbol for the war between feuding mafia families.

Andes crash
In October 1972, a plane from Uruguay crashed in the Argentine Andes. After 72 days, 16 survivors were recovered. Media around the world reported about the tragic accident. The astonishing story of those rescued has disturbed so many people because the question arises of how they managed to survive.

Abi Sada – About love and death
On May 18, 1936, Abi Sada strangled her lover to death, cut off his genitals, and carved her name on his skin. In heavily militarized Japan, the press greedily picked up on the sexually motivated trespassing murder. Sada’s work has become a classic in Japanese culture.

Worth watching because: The criminal cases that made history are presented in ten short episodes. Bit of knowledge in between.

10 episodes of 26 minutes each

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The story of what is believed to be the only known person who was born in a North Korean prison camp and escaped.

There are no bodies. No screaming special effects. Short stories followed by deafening silence. The indifference with which another human being learns to be completely devoid of affection or empathy for others and even towards members of his family. And even after the twenty-first century, there is such a terrible evil among us.

Camp 14 is the largest concentration camp in North Korea and holds 40,000 prisoners. No one was released from this death camp. 22-year-old Shane managed to escape by chance and with a lot of luck. He didn’t know there was life outside of camp until he was twenty, when Shane was born in Camp 14.

Worth watching because: The range of human capacity for good and evil on both ends of the spectrum is shockingly revealing, which Camp 14: The Area of ​​Universal Control shows well.

The movie is 101 minutes long

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Detour in the harsh and bleak world of the kidnapping epidemic in São Paulo.

Set in the harsh and mysterious world of a kidnapping epidemic in São Paulo, the Anti-Kidnapping Squad follows their four-year mission. During that time, 386 people were kidnapped in the state of São Paulo and more than 1,500 in Brazil. The footage shows victims, kidnappers and a group of elite forces made up of experienced police officers on the job, who in the animated scenes free the emotionally stricken victims from their families.

Worth watching because: In “Sequestro,” unique footage of police negotiations, family series, ransomware operations, kidnappers and victims shows what life is like in Latin America’s largest city. The documentary allows viewers to take part in dramatic police campaigns as they locate homes where prisoners are being held, free frozen hostages and expose kidnappers.

The movie is 96 minutes long

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An international team of intelligence agencies are working together to catch the world’s most wanted money launderer.

The world’s most wanted money launderer has eluded him for decades, hiding billions of dollars from drug cartels, biker gangs and terrorist groups. In 2014, an international team organized an operation to capture him.

Worth watching because: “The Billion Dollar Bust” takes viewers into this extraordinary world of international covert operations with exclusive access.

41 minute movie

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