True Crime: These are the 19 best documentaries on Netflix & Co.

True Crime: The 19 Best Documentaries on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky & Co.

Horrible stories, psychopathic stories serial killer And the police officersWho are in a race against time the criminal Arrest – not just them Ingredients For a good show, but also for the genre real crime. that in the last Events Based on real events or even depictions of criminal cases exactly, it makes it more exciting – and admittedly also more radical. Some crimes that the most terrifying scenario could not have dreamed of.

What is the real crime?

We are aware that environmental scandals, Fyre Festival hoax and Tiger King scams too real crime It is like the darkest crime case in history. However, in this overview, we limit ourselves to the latter: here are the most exciting true crime formats NetflixAmazon Prime and other streaming services!

Retelling the stories: 12 true crime series on Netflix and Co.

With “real crime” it is worth distinguishing: is a real case documented here using real eyewitnesses and investigators? Or is it a real crime in which the actors and script use a fictional form? These are our real tips for crime series working with script and actors.

True Crime Party on Netflix: “The Snake”

Charles Sobrage killed more than a dozen tourists on the hippie trail in the 1960s and 1970s. He pretended to be a jeweler and lured travelers on the hippie trail to his home. There is a hit “Bikini Killer” To: He and his accomplices poisoned the beggars, then killed them. The victims’ passports gave him new identities and their money ensured his lifestyle. By chance, a Dutch embassy employee finds out about the serial killer and his crimes.


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“a snake” It is a fictional series based on real events. Crimes happened, and the hunt for the killer was much the same as in the series. However, the British BBC and Netflix turned it into a true crime series with actors. Definitely worth seeing!

True crime from Germany: “The Secret of the Dead Forest” at ARD Media Library

In the true crime series ARD interfere serial killer through Germany. It sounds frightening and it actually happened like this 30 years ago: in Lower Saxony in 1989 people were killed in the largest contiguous forest area in northern Germany – first a couple, then a woman disappeared without a trace. The local police investigation goes nowhere, but the missing woman’s brother doesn’t want to give up: Thomas Bethge, head of the Hamburg State Criminal Police Office, is dissatisfied with the work of his colleagues in Lower Saxony and has been investigating this case for 30 long years, mostly in secret with his fist . When he finally finds his sister’s killer, he shocks the entire Lower Saxony police force, which has to admit one investigative error after another. Real crime in central Germany.

The character of Thomas Bethge is based on Wolfgang Sielaff, the former president of LKA Hamburg, who really followed every clue for 30 years after the disappearance of his murdered sister Birgit. The names in the series differ from them in real life, but the murders in the forest district, the Gordy, did happen – and the perpetrator was caught late, but still.

True Crime Trauma and Miscarriage of Justice: ‘When They See Us’ on Netflix

In 1989, without evidence and with forced confessions, five teenagers in New York were accused of raping a woman in Central Park – and despite the lack of evidence, they were sentenced to lengthy prison terms, one of the teenagers even under the adult criminal code. The sentences were not overturned until long after their lives had been shattered and prison sentences had been served. The real rapist revealed himself in prison.

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