Top 13 Football Documentaries on DAZN, Sky, Amazon, Netflix and Co.

From Berlin to Wembley and from relegation to the first fights, football documentaries provide unique insights behind the scenes of global sport.

If you don’t want to miss the football matches between the Bundesliga, Europa League and Champions League, you can currently not avoid DAZN, Sky, Amazon Prime Video and RTL+ (formerly TVNOW). But even after the final whistle you’ll get your money’s worth – at least if you care about what’s going on off the field. With exciting documentaries and series, streaming services take you to the catacombs of the football world and give you exciting insights into the private lives of your stars.

Football Documentaries in Series

A 90-minute game, Football Documentary, on the other hand, likes to have several episodes. If you want to take a break between ideas, the following series should suit your taste:

“MSV – My heart is beating asleep here”

Moritz Stapelkamp and Aziz Bouhaddouz are looking for a way out of the crisis. © RTL

MSV Duisburg, one of the famous clubs in the Bundesliga, has been trying hard to find a way out of the third tier in recent years. But instead of making it to a safe shore, there is now a threat of relegation to the Amateur Football League. The loyalty of the masses is stubborn, but their patience stretches to breaking point. Can the club find its way out of the crisis? There have been four new episodes since June 21.

You can find the documentary series in the stream on RTL+ (formerly TVNOW)

Berlin metro

Änis Ben-Hatira and Chinedu Ede at the Berlin wedding. © Dazen

In addition to their passion for round leather, Anis Ben Hatira, Shenedu Eddy, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Ashkan Dejaga and Patrick Ebert have one thing in common: they are all Berlin kids, they all had to overcome social obstacles in their youth and they all made their breakthroughs at Hertha BSC. like the so-called old lady You can discover in the DAZN documentary “Underground of Berlin” that five friends from a world full of prejudice, deprivation and crime led them into the world of football.

Season 1 and 2 are now broadcasting on DAZN

Inside Borussia Dortmund

Marco Reus is back at the top of the club. © IMAGO / District Image

The stars under the yellow and black shirt together look back at their past matches, their successes, the club and the city in the Ruhr region. Between the bootcamp and the locker room, the field and the house, the four-part documentary gives you the impression of being very close. By the way, BVB fans can also get more impressions with the documentary series “BVB 09 – Stories Who We Are”, which can be viewed on DAZN.

With Amazon Prime, you can get closer to your BVB stars than ever before

Bundesliga stars

Robert Lewandowski is just one of the guys you can find out more about on Sky. © IMAGO / Laci Perenyi

With Sky’s multi-part “Stars of the Bundesliga” series, you will test the careers of well-known talents such as Robert Lewandowski, Lars Stindel, Manuel Neuer, Mats Hummels, Jadon Sancho, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Christoph Kramer. The legends and coaches of the Bundesliga have their say, examining the potential of players experiencing all the ups and downs.

You can switch with Sky Ticket

Neymar: complete chaos

Neymar separated from FC Barcelona in 2017 and has been on the pitch ever since. © Netflix

Neymar knew from a young age that he had what it took to be a world class footballer. But success at a young age brings with it a downside that a living legend must learn to deal with. Not least due to some questionable ingestion, the Brazilian superstar has gained worldwide fame and shown that he can achieve more, faster. In the three-part miniseries, Netflix illuminates life’s journey between confession and rejection, passion and hate, and triumph and scandal.

Netflix takes you into Neymar’s life

All or nothing: Juventus

From 2018 to 2021, CR7 played in the Juventus jersey. © IMAGO / NurPhoto / Giuseppe Cottin

Anyone who has always wanted to know how the club is trying to save itself from the crisis, what confidence the players and coaches give and how the expectations of fans are reflected in everyday life in the world of football, should be on Amazon Prime Video when you say: all or nothing! The 2020/21 season presented a huge challenge for Juventus in particular.

By the way: Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur have already received an all-or-nothing documentary from Amazon.

You can relive the 2020/21 season with Juventus on Amazon Prime Video

Bayern Munich – behind the legend

© Amazon Studios

Between the Corona pandemic and the success of the Champions League, Bayern Munich gave Amazon Prime Video for the first time a behind-the-scenes look with “FC Bayern – Behind the Legend”. Six episodes that show you how the stars of the best club train, how they prepare for the next match and which special games should be hidden before each match.

Immerse yourself in the world of FC Bayern

Maradona – Life is like a dream

Hardly any player can reap the same amount of love as Maradona despite his antics. © IMAGO / ZUMA Wire / Fabio Sasso

Hardly any name makes the eyes of football fans light up like Maradona. Despite his height of only 1.65 meters and a plump belly, the legend regularly danced dizzy opponents, thus receiving the title of best football player in the world four times. But his successful life was not immune to scandals. The “golden boy” is said to be a regular abuser of drugs and stimulants. In 2020, Maradona’s unique talent passed away, leaving the world with tears in her eyes.

Amazon Prime reveals who is behind Maradona’s name

If you want some fantasy after a documentary marathon, you shouldn’t miss these sports movies:


Those who prefer to keep it short and sweet can get to know the person behind a big name in the following documentaries and gather some knowledge that should ensure recognition in the next public viewing.

“Kings of Football Fields – My Way to Become a Professional”

From the football field, Boateng has made it to the top. © RTL

Not all of the professionals vying for the top-flight title today weren’t lucky enough to start their careers in a performance-oriented gym. Names like Kevin-Prince Boateng, Robin Gosens, and Nadiem Amiri who, in addition to their passion for round leather, have one thing in common: they probably belong to the last generation of talent whose careers began on the street.

You can watch the street kickers march on RTL +

“Being Mario Gotze”

After stints in Dortmund and Munich, Gotze now plays for PSV Eindhoven. © IMAGO / ANP

At just 22 years old, Mario Gotze named Germany the world champion in 2014. But how do you feel when you become a world star in 113 minutes at such a young age? Since then, Götze has had to deal with numerous injuries, making difficult decisions and fearing for the best interests of his fans. Can the body and mind bear this pressure?

You can currently stream the movie on DAZN

Antoine Griezmann – A legend is born

Griezmann is currently celebrating success at Atletico Madrid. © IMAGO / NurPhoto / Jose Britton

France international Antoine Griezmann couldn’t put a wrench in the works with his simple stature. In 60 short minutes you will learn how a dream can overcome all obstacles.

Follow Griezmann’s life journey now on Netflix


Ronaldo returned to Manchester United in 2021. © IMAGO / Sportimage

You have 90 minutes but the game is not working? Then he seized the moment to tackle one of the greatest footballers of the 21st century. Since the great achievement of Cristiano Ronaldo has divided the world of football. Time and time again he has to be compared to Lionel Messi and he doesn’t always come down easily. In the documentary “Ronaldo” you can find out how the Portuguese won his first place.

Joins CR7 on Amazon Prime

“Schoenesteiger Memories – From Beginning to Legend”

Even today, Schweinsteiger is an integral part of the football world, but now as a television expert. © IMAGO / ULMER Press Photo Agency

To become a world star, you need one thing above all else: passion. Amazon proves it well in the documentary on Bastian Schweinsteiger. In addition to football legends such as Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Oliver Kahn, the Schweinsteiger family, who practically put football in its infancy, also have an opinion.

Two hours of pure Schweinsteiger await you on Prime Video

Well, have you seen all the documentaries? Then test the information you gained directly in the test:

Bundesliga competition: Are you an expert in football?

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