Top 10 Climate Protection Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix is ​​one of the largest streaming services in the world. Streaming analytics service Reelgood has counted a whopping 383 documentaries on Netflix – so the US streaming giant is also on top when it comes to selecting documentaries.

Here in this post we bring you top 10 nature and environment documentaries on Netflix that you must watch.

Tenth place: Kissing the Earth

This nature documentary aims to encourage and show what each of us can do to bring the planet back down the relentlessly rising carbon dioxide curve.

Through breathtaking nature shots, the documentary wants to show that each of us can do something to stop pollution on Earth and that a healthy planet is also healthy for us. You can learn more about the film on the Environmental Documentary Film website.

kiss the earth
Photo: kissing the earth

Ninth place: Earth at night

Using night vision technology, this documentary attempts to show different creatures at night. From lions hunting to bats. You can read more about the crew and production of the documentary on Nature on Earth at Night IMDB here.

earth at night
Photo: Screenshot – Trailer (Netflix)

8th place: Staying in Heaven: A Family Story

Kalahari is a drought state in which the survival conditions are very harsh. This documentary shows how groups and herds of all kinds live together in this drought and try to survive together in these difficult living conditions. To learn more about the crew and the film, please visit the IMDB environmental documentary page here.

stay in heaven
Photo: Screenshot – Trailer (Netflix)

Seventh place: Wild America – the most beautiful national parks

Marking the 100th anniversary of the creation of Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks, this documentary showcases the stunning landscapes of these parks. It is spoken only by Robert Redford. If you want to know more about the movie, you can do so here.

wild america
Photo: Screenshot – Trailer (Netflix)

place 6: Virunga

This documentary focuses on the endangered mountain gorillas of eastern Congo. During filming, the civil war escalates in this area, while a British company tries at all costs to obtain oil deposits from the national park.

All these stories are collected together in the movie and told in a thrilling and exciting action movie. For more information about the movies, feel free to visit the website.

Photo: Screenshot – Trailer (Netflix)

Fifth place: coral hunt

Coral reefs are one of the most threatened ecosystems and are on the verge of extinction. This documentary explores how coral is suffering and dying due to climate change. If you want to know more about the movie, please visit the website and crew here.

coral chase

Fourth place: My teacher the octopus

Cinematographer Craig Foster realizes he needs a change in his life and takes a dive. Then he encounters a female octopus off the coast of South Africa.

He builds an intimate relationship with the animal and notices how it shapes and changes his daily life. If you want to know more about the director of this documentary, you can find out more here.

my teacher octopus
Photo: Screenshot – Trailer (Netflix)

Third place: Tree Life

In this documentary, forester Peter Wolpin shows that trees are more than they seem. They communicate and care for each other and even have a regular social life.

This movie shows how trees interact with each other and that they can do much more than just photosynthesis. For more information on the documentation, you can read here.

tree life
Photo: Screenshot – Trailer (Netflix)

Second place: Naval conspiracy

Documentary filmmaker Ali Tabrizi travels the world’s oceans documenting the deadly consequences of commercial fishing on our environment. It shows the ugly side of hunting: people are forced into forced labor and a corrupt mafia is behind it.

This documentary shows exactly what is going on in the hunt and that a complete change of the system is needed. If you want to know more, you can find out more here.

Photo: Screenshot – Trailer (Netflix)

1st place: David Attenborough: My Life on Our Planet

David Attenborough is a wildlife filmmaker and naturalist who has traveled every continent and explored the wild places on our planet for over 90 years.

In his latest documentary, he talks about the biggest challenges facing life on our planet. For more information on this, please read here.

David Attenborough
Photo: Screenshot – Trailer (Netflix)

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