These Bodybuilding Movies Are Available On Netflix & Co.!

body building one marginal sport. That’s in the past decades Several documentaries They took up the topic and accompanied many bodybuilders on their way, apparently not much has changed in this fact.

Back in November 2014, we brought you a list of the ten best bodybuilding movies.

Since then, among other things, on Various streaming platforms Many other films have been released in the market and we would like to introduce them to you.

Additionally, we recall Older documentswhich was not included in the selection at the time, but could be viewed on YouTube.

List of the following movies No rating.

#1 Ronnie Coleman: The King (2018)

In 2018, the documentary “Ronnie Coleman: The King” was shown on Netflix, which deals with the man behind the Eight times Mr. Olympia Works. The film highlights both the American’s active career and his life after that. In addition to Coleman himself, some of his companions have also appeared like Jay Cutler or Kevin Levron interview about that time.

#2 Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Early Years (2003)

who in iron pump Like it, maybe it will also be for early years by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The documentary is 46 minutes long Available for free on Amazon Prime It tells the story of the Austrian. Meanwhile, old video footage is shown showing the future actor posing or competing. Also his friend and companion Franco Colombo In front of the camera in different scenes.

#3 Jane Iron 2-4

The first part of Generation Iron highlights Competition Between Kai Greene and Phil Heath V Mr Olympia 2012 It was already mentioned in our list at the time.

since posting Three more moviesall running Amazon Prime you can see. Only Part Three is currently available on Netflix.

The second part deals with growth bodybuilding industry The role of social media.

The third film also brought athletes from other categories into focus, gaining popularity over time. Olympic Champion in Men’s Fitness Brandon Hendrickson And the Reagan Grimeswho still opted for a classic physique at the time of filming, accompanied.

In 2020, the fourth part was published under the title Nati 4 lifewho devoted himself to natural bodybuilding.

#4 Blood and Courage (2003)

Dorian Yates He is still known after many years of his active career for his very intense training, which he acquired in the 1990s Six Olympic titles Assist. in documents “Blood and Courage” Excerpts from these courses are recorded and give an insight into the styles of the Englishman at the time.

#5 The Berlin Wall Exercise (2007)

Heiko Kalbach He is now known to many by his internet presence, but he was also a successful professional bodybuilder. Documentary film from 2007 Download file IFBB Pro In two parts on his YouTube channel.

#6 Tim Bodesheim – The Vision (2019)

vision was The second documentary above Tim Budesheim and like Homecoming Available on Amazon Prime. In vision, Budesheim will be in place The first pro season accompanied in the United States.

#7 The Battle For Gold (1988)

Documents from Tom’s place It tells and accompanies different bodybuilders on their way to Mr. Olympia 1988. Among other things, there was Samir Bannout And the Lee Hanywho shares the record with Ronnie Coleman with eight Olympic titles.

Film tip: Kai Greene was already in the first two parts of iron generation Mostly in front of the camera, but now he’s also getting his own documentary that’s supposed to depict his life. Generation Iron is once again participating in the project and announced on Instagram that the movie “Kai” will be released today August 26, 2022 should appear.

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