The plot: This Netflix documentary will spoil your appetite for fish

Netflix documentaries, regardless of their subject matter, do not leave anyone indifferent. “Seaspiracy” is the platform’s latest title, released with one goal: to change the world by making us change our habits.

When climate experts say we need to change our diet, they mean not only that we should stop eating meat, or rather that we should eat less of it, but that we should also reconsider our consumption of fish.

What is the subject of the plot?

The “Marine Conspiracy” shows the effects of overfishing in our time. Although some organizations represented in the documentary have publicly complained that the Netflix documentary misinterpreted some data or took it out of context, experts agree on one thing: trawling is destroying ocean ecosystems. Tuna fishing, for example, is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of dolphins and other animals caught in nets, and if the world’s overfishing continues, there will come a time when nothing will be found on the sea floor.

This Netflix documentary wants to open the eyes of its viewers and bring about change from below, that is, from the consumers. Convincing major corporations to change the way they operate is very difficult, but the impact that anyone watching the “conspiracy” can have by changing the way they eat fish (either by…eating less or not) can send a stronger message much and make a real difference. (Also read: Netflix documentary ‘Kiss the Ground’ impressively shows how we can stop climate change)

According to Wired magazine, many viewers decided to give up the fish after watching the documentary. However, it is difficult to determine whether it will work in the long run. What we do know is that the more people see the “conspiracy”, the more likely it will reach the government’s ears (this happened in the UK with David Attenborough’s documentary on plastic).

‘Seaspiracy’: The Official Netflix Trailer


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Naval conspiracy wants to change the world

How did the “conspiracy” achieve this? Not only does this film provide us with the facts, but it manages to combine information with an engaging narrative and viewer performance that allows them to feel connected to the story and better understand how hunting affects their lives.

The creators of the latest song on Netflix know what they’re doing, having achieved the same effect with their previous documentary Cowspiracy, which focused on the meat industry and how it works.

Perhaps not everyone will give up fish after seeing the sea plot, after all not everyone can and it will not be sustainable for the millions of families around the world who make their living from it. But it can help us all better understand how and where what we eat comes from and try to get governments to take action to make fishing more sustainable in the future.

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