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Relax and sharpen your knowledge of music with these Netflix music documentaries.

The perfect Netflix musical documentary for tired days

For my taste I would prefer a good documentary over any blockbuster. There is nothing better than reality. When it comes to music, I am immediately amazed.

In addition to hit series like Stranger Things (click here for the Soundalike tutorial), the streaming portal has a whole host of exciting Netflix music documentaries in store. The music documentaries section on Netflix starts with good hip-hop documentaries and rap documentaries and extends to divas like Beyoncé. There is something to see here for every taste. And don’t be alarmed if you don’t have a Netflix account: there is a one month free trial for such cases.

Simply sign up quickly and cancel your trial immediately afterwards – it’s really easy. Then, all you have to do is be careful not to immediately become addicted and watch the binge. If the setting is just right – dim light, snacks and jogging pants – nothing stands in the way of documentary fun!

Netflix Music Parties

Homecoming: the Beyoncé movie

Beyoncé has played a number of quickly forgotten concerts and festivals. At Coachella 2018, she played one of the most exciting concerts in music history. Several media outlets, such as the Washington Post or the New York Times, spoke of a historic appearance. Netflix’s musical documentary “Homecoming” offers a behind-the-scenes look at the emotional journey leading up to the legendary Coachella performance

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour

The famous stadium tour was a massive sight. Taylor Swift wowed Dallas with an unforgettable show. The concert or movie musical on Netflix shows the hottest snippets of their tour. Taylor Swift’s US tour has never sold so many tickets. Get ready for the amazing scenes.

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FYRE: The greatest party that never happened

The Netflix music documentary reports on the preparations, promotion, and marketing as well as the failure of the Fyre Festival that was supposed to take place in the Bahamas. The focus is on arranger Billy MacFarland. Many of the company’s participants and those responsible for catering and processing have their say in the film and provide first-hand information.

GAGA: Five feet two

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular fictional characters of the past decade. The film operates like a diary created during the recording of Lady Gaga’s fifth studio album. Here it becomes very clear what it means to be in the spotlight, compose songs, or perform at halftime in the Super Bowl.

Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee kids

Film director Jonathan Deem has once again cast his magic dust and cast his fantasy magic on the Netflix musical documentary. The audience enthusiastically commented on the ideal direction. The show by Justin Timberlake and his kids from Tennessee at the MGM Grand Garden Arena was rated as authentic and highly successful.

Springsteen on Broadway

Bruce Springsteen: Oscar, Tony Award, and 20-time Grammy winner, who doesn’t know him?! During his performances at Walter Kerr Theater in New York City, he not only delighted his audience with his music, but also told tales from his past.

Netflix live music

Remastered: Two Killers, Sam Cooke

ReMastered is a Netflix musical documentary about artist and activist Sam Cooke. As a soul singer he became a star. Shot dead by Bertha Franklin, manager of the Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 33. The film deals with the circumstances, controversy and mysteries of his murder. Interviews with family, friends, journalists and academics will be shown as well as archive materials. Above all, the struggle for civil rights of the African-American population could have contributed to his untimely death.

Rolling Thunder Revue: The Bob Dylan Story of Martin Scorsese

The film is a Bob Dylan story by Martin Scorsese. The pseudo-documentary contains fiction and non-fiction material. The topic is Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour review from 1975 and the conditions at the time.


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Bowie: The Man Who Changed the World

Netflix Musician Biography: That totally applies here. Thrilling movie about a visionary musician. Bowie’s closest confidants provide profound insights into the artist’s soul that has had an enormous impact on what we experience as music today.

Quincy Jones: Man, Artist, and Father

The Netflix documentary offers previously unseen insights into his private life. The subject of this film is an artist’s portrait of music legend Quincy Jones.

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Fu fighters: back and fourth

Here you can view material from more than 1,000 hours of historical and current recordings. Director James Mull traces the history of the band and lets former band members and producers give their opinions. From the first demo tapes to the release of their “Wasting Lights” album, it’s not just die-hard fans who get their money’s worth with this documentary.

How the Beatles changed the world

The title says it all: The Beatles still influence music and culture around the world today. In addition to the interview, the film also features rare archival footage and shows why the world’s most famous band is so important and inspiring.

notorious big

The biopic of rapper Notoroius BIG, aka Biggie Small, gives you a glimpse into his short but successful life. His youth and his relationship with his mother and other rappers are shown as Tupac in the Netflix documentary.

Dolly Parton: I’m here

Dolly’s biography on the site gets 7.1 stars IMDB And not without reason. In this biography, she will accompany Dolly on her travels and climb up her career ladder. And if an hour and a half of the Netflix documentary isn’t enough for you, then you can check out her series, Dolly Parton’s Heart Stories. With this will be determined by 9-5 to be busy.

Roxanne Roxanne

Roxanne Shanti opened the door to the world of hip-hop for many American rappers and was one of the first women to gain a foothold in a male-dominated industry. Her Netflix bio shows us how she started her career down this path at the age of 14 and what obstacles came her way.

The godfather of black music

The Netflix documentary is about the life of music director Clarence Avant. Her story is told by such personalities as Barack Obama, Lionel Richie, Denzel Washington and Snoop Dogg. Although the name Clarence Avant may not sound familiar to you, he is one of the most famous people in the music industry.

Netflix Documentary Hip Hop

Travis Scott: Look mom, I can fly

The Netflix musical documentary about Travis Scott provides insight into the work on his Grammy-nominated album ‘Astroworld’. In addition, his role as a father, press scandals and his path to great success were discussed. A recent documentary about hip-hop on Netflix is ​​not to be missed.

Chris Brown Welcome to my life

Chris Brown didn’t just make headlines with his music: his relationship with pop star Rihanna and the escalating arguments that came with it are the main focus of the Netflix documentary on hip-hop. Additionally, the private aspects of Brown and his career are highlighted. In addition to Usher and Jennifer Lopez, Jamie Foxx and Mike Tyson have their say.

the challenge

Jimmy Yovin and Dr. Dre – Two lucky guys who got the deal of a lifetime and sold their Beats headphone brand to Apple for a huge profit. The Defiant Ones tells the story of rappers who rose to prominence from the violent city of Compton and in the 1970s New York.

Director Allen Hughes was able to cleverly connect the story of two people who couldn’t be different, finding similarities and painting a far less picture of the Beats deal than one might think at first glance.


An inspiring documentary series on the impact of hip hop on global culture. Legendary hip-hop artists talk from the inside out and tell their impressive life stories. Among others, Nas, T.I., 2 Chanz, Just Blaze, Dave East, and Logic have their say. He accompanies the rapper on a studio tour and even into their private lives. Netflix itself states that viewers should be in the middle of the action in this documentary series.

hip hop evolution

Hip-Hop Evolution is a complete documentary series that thrives on interviews with presenters, DJs, and many of the big names in the industry. The history and development of hip hop music from the 70s to the cool 90s is shown in a lively way. The Netflix Musician Documentary is one of the most exciting hip-hop documentaries on Netflix

bad rap

In the United States, people of Asian descent are quickly seen as outsiders in the rap genre. The film is about four young rappers of Asian origin who try their luck in the United States and struggle for success and penetration. The film stars Jonathan Park, Awkwafina, David Lee and others.

everything for everyone

“Everything to Everyone” was the last post before his death. The Netflix documentary revolves around the life of American rapper Lil Peep, who died at the age of 21 from an overdose. For many fans, friends and family members, the documentary is a wonderful reminder of the young rapper.

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