The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story: Netflix show causes criticism

Netflix’s new true crime hit has sparked controversy over the glorification of serial killers in modern cinematic adaptations.

Do you see crimes against your family as a success on Netflix? Not a welcome surprise – but that’s what happened to Rita Espel. Esbel is the sister of Errol Lindsey, one of the seventeen men who murdered Jeffrey Dahmer.

We explain to you what the problem with creating a Netflix production is.

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Trigger warning: This post describes violence, abuse and racism.

No information or consent

According to “CNN”, the documentary series was a huge success: the production was broadcast for more than 196 million hours in its first week. But what bothers many: The families of the 17 murder victims were not asked nor informed about the production. The series also recreates scenes from relatives, such as statements in court. Eric Berry, cousin of Rita Ezel, explains that these products “keep shocking people over and over” and that there’s no need for more of the same.

“My plan was to go in there and tell how my mom felt and what he did to her and all that other stuff. But no, when I saw his face it was a completely different game. I realized evil. I was head to head facing pure evil.”

Homophobia and racism on the part of the authorities

The circumstances in which Dahmer was able to live out his fantasies also caused him to make angry calls. Several events that should have brought the authorities’ attention to Dahmer’s atrocities went unanswered. Twitter users describe moments in which the Executive Branch of America has failed people of color.

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And of least concern is the privilege of being white, which Jeffrey Dahmer is said to have taken to the fullest. Many believed that the authorities were negligent, if not lenient, in their dealings with Dahmer. After all, the serial killer had several confrontations with the police, even one of his injured victims was seen by police officers in his care.

There is no doubt that if the Milwaukee police did their job properly and looked closely, Jeffrey Dahmer’s atrocities would have ended soon. Dahmer’s neighbor Glenda Cleveland has also called the police several times, but they are said to be not interested in following up on the reports.

Users see evidence of authorities failing when it comes to people of color.

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Netflix glorifies serial killers

This isn’t the first time the serial killer’s actions – narrated by a Netflix production – have been underestimated or even glossed over by users online. It is important to realize that these are real people, real murders, and real families, not fictional characters and events. Families who today have to live with people who sympathize with the killers of their family members.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer or any other serial killer. We must always keep in mind that real crime is really about real horrific acts. Deeds that cost families loved ones.

In the production of such documentaries, to say the least, consideration should be given to those affected before their story is told over their heads. In addition, it is often criticized that individual victims are often pushed into some kind of supporting role, while killers take on the role of “protagonist”. A depiction that does not do justice to the dead or their families.

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