The 7 best documentaries on Netflix

If you not only want to unwind while watching Netflix, but perhaps also want to learn something new, then you are in good hands with the streaming giant’s documentary. We bring you the best educational and entertaining documentaries on Netflix.

“Netflix & Chill” was yesterday. Now the “Netflix & Learn” program is announced! With a large selection of documentaries, you can get information from the streaming service in a variety of directions. Instead of harsh history lessons, you can learn everything there is to know about volcanoes, clappers, and water parks on your couch at home. But the wide range and sometimes peculiar features make it difficult to determine the appropriate evening program. For this reason, we want to address the situation – and we have listed the best documentaries on Netflix for you, which everyone should have seen despite their special content.

FYRE: The greatest party that never happened


“FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never” tells the failed attempt of a generation of influencers to establish a new Woodstock.

It was meant to be rowdy, crazy and above all luxurious: Fyre Festival on an island near the Bahamas. No one but rapper J Roll and entrepreneur Billy MacFarland wanted to create a special event that would redefine “luxury” festivals. But everything went completely differently. MacFarland wanted to make his service Fyre, which mediated celebrities in the events, better known. So plan a special festival, which are advertised as such, especially by influencers. The announcement and preparations began in 2016 on a very tight schedule, and the festival was scheduled to take place a year later. MacFarland promised the audience all possible amenities, which, however, cannot be guaranteed on the island.

The entire festival was canceled shortly before the start Promoters refused to refund tickets. Gradually, a huge scam is revealed that ends with prison sentences.. Documentary film “FYRE: The greatest party that never happened“It shows how the idyllic idea of ​​a perfect paradise with luxury and high-end models gets lost in the chaos of greed and environmental disaster. Just the right preparation for the 2020 Summer Festival – John Merkel.



“Cheer” impressively proves that cheerleading is not just fun and games, but hard work.

from after viewingCheersOn Netflix still seriously asking whether or not cheerleading is a real sport, it seems he hasn’t properly looked at the format. In Greg Whiteley’s documentary, that is The Navarro College Cheerleading Team in Texas shown. Cameras follow the young men and women of the small town of Corsicana as they train for the 2019 National Cheerleading Championships – the most important event of the year, and not just coach Monica Aldama. Under her leadership, the athletes have progressed to become the best junior college team in the United States in recent years.

But this is only possible Accurate training: Dances with pyramids, jumps, and the like are practiced over and over again. Nothing works without tensing the body in an impressive workout. Athletes not only sweat, but also shed. For example, when the final team is selected. The 6 parts chain It shows not only dedication, deprivation, commercialization and love for sports, but also the personal stories of students, for whom it is difficult to imagine life without “joy”. Passionate, sexy and beautiful it was said. – Christine Amerman.

in the depths of hell


“Deep In Hell” German director Werner Herzog confronts the forces of nature and foreign cultures.

A documentary by veteran German director Werner Herzog about lava flows and igneous rocks? Absolutely right! Herzog travels with the leading Cambridge volcanologist Through Iceland, North Korea, Ethiopia and Indonesia, in a dangerous saga that brings both of them eerily close to active volcanoes each time. “in the depths of hell“Incredibly beautiful to look at and impressively evoke, Beautiful natural shots of volcanic eruptions. But Herzog’s film is so huge because it’s not about the pictures, it’s about the content.

On his journey across the world, Herzog discovers foreign cultures in Java or near Mirbay, who want to please the volcano demons with offerings. His documentary is constant thinkingIt also approaches volcanoes in a metaphysical way. There is also a very useful historical aspect: on their journey, Herzog and companion Cliff Oppenheimer follow in the footsteps of Katia and Maurice Kraft, two French explorers who experienced and recorded more than 300 volcanoes and more than 175 eruptions in their lifetime. – Michael Hill.

Sub JonBenet


Casting JonBenet analyzes how infanticide can become a mass phenomenon.

On December 25, 1996, young beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey was born when she was only six years old brutally murdered. To date, the issue remains unresolved, but it still resonates in the Boulder, Colorado area. Director Kitty Green is also not interested in her film.Sub JonBenet“To uncover new evidence, but he wants to get to the truth of the popular cultural phenomenon of murder. But Green doesn’t want to bother with simple interviews with people who were living nearby at the time of the crime.

Instead, she pretends to look for actors for a feature film. Then come to the test Many contemporary witnesses, who gradually reveal their very own feelings and theories about the issue during the delusional selection process. This is not only Interesting to look at, but it’s also surprisingly often entertaining. – Won Moo Sung.

making a killer


The Making of a Killer is a blood-sucking true crime masterpiece.

Anyone who is wondering today where so many TV shows and series about true crimes came from should actually watch a documentary series on Netflix”making a killer“From 2015, which even then US President Barack Obama reacted to in the end. American Stephen Avery spent 18 years behind bars with a false conviction of rape and attempted murder Supposedly, the police officers at his Manitowoc County home don’t really like him. How was he convicted and then released in 2003 and went to court to obtain compensation for 18 years in prison, which is only the first episode! After that it gets really scary. Two years later, the same police officers accused him and his nephew of the murder of Theresa Halbach, since she was last seen on his property. Again, the evidence is at least questionable.

The series consists only of quotes from participants and relatives, as well as footage from and around the courtroom. What doesn’t sound very exciting is actually a streak that’s gripping the US’s rude justice system and police force. After the broadcast, there was great media coverage in the states and countless demonstrations. A petition of 500,000 signatures calling for Stephen Avery’s pardon prompted the White House for comment. However, Obama was unable to pardon Avery at the time because the case concerned only Wisconsin. The convict is still in detention today. Season two is all about resuming the process and it’s at least exciting. – Jean Thinaeus Heymann.

black fish


“Blackfish” shows the harsh downsides of SeaWorld and even Hollywood blockbusters.

Killer whales are majestic sea creatures that, of course, have not only swam across oceans since Free Willy. As with many other animals, it is rare to see them in the wild. How good is that sea ​​World There, one might think. A marine-themed amusement park chain from the USA has kept several orcas in its aquariums for years – sometimes with disastrous consequences. documentary”black fish“He shows the terrible living conditions of marine mammals in captivity and deals in particular with the case of Telekom, who was responsible for the deaths of three people while in captivity. There is a concrete connection between confinement in a confined space and the tragic accidents.

Good luck: After the release of Blackfish, SeaWorld’s sales plummetedSeveral performers canceled performances in parks and even Hollywood was affected by the film. The makers of Finding Dory flipped the ending after watching the documentary, with Colin Trevorrow revealing that “Jurassic World” was partially influenced by “Blackfish.” – Won Moo Sung.

Movies – Those were our cinema years


“The Movies – Our Movie Years” takes a look back at movie classics like “Ghostbusters” and reports in the background.

And last but not least, the topic that movie fans can logically be most excited about: movies! For most people, movies are definitely just quick entertainment for the consumer. No wonder: In the times of Netflix & Co. It’s easier than ever to glance at a movie and after a few minutes of boredom the next alternative program is ready. Backgrounds and development stories – All this often does not play a role for the viewer. To create some awareness in the people behind the films there is the documentary series “Movies – Those were our cinema years“.

In the first season, this Four cult films from the ’80s and ’90s under the magnifying glass Consider that almost everyone can agree: “Ghostbusters,” “Dirty Dancing,” “Die Hard,” and “Home Alone.” All four of these films have one thing in common: When they were made, it looked as if it would never happen. In each 45-minute episode, producers or former employees complain about the length of the process And they rejoiced at the belated success. If you want to appreciate movies or if you are a movie buff and want to infect your friends with your passion, you have come to the right place. – Michael Hill.

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