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August 31 marks the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Countless documentaries and films have appeared since then about Mrs. D. Some of them can also be seen in the stream.

The tragic death of Princess Diana (1961-1997) was 25 years ago. On August 31, 1997, the mother of Prince William (40) and Prince Harry (37) died in Paris as a result of a car accident. Since then, countless films, series, and documentaries have been made about the world’s most photographed woman. Royal fans can also find some on well-known streaming services in Germany. But not every production is worth it.

From the shameful award to the Oscar

Diana: The Musical (2021) fans should probably avoid it. Although the show is available on Netflix, it won a Golden Raspberry five times in 2022. The streaming version received an insulting award in March for worst screenplay and worst film, among other things. Gina De Waal, 40, also received the “ugly cousin of the Oscars,” as officials describe it, for her portrayal of Diana.

According to critics, Kristen Stewart (32 years old) has done a much better job, although she has been nominated several times for the Golden Raspberry and won it in 2013. Unfortunately, her drama “Spencer” (2021), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Her role as “Queen of Hearts”, is not currently included in any streaming subscription in Germany. If you want to see the movie directed by Pablo Larrain (45), you have to rent it or buy it from Amazon or iTunes, for example.

A German director has also ventured into a biography of the Princess of Wales. However, Oliver Hirschbiegel’s “Diana” (64) (2013) starring Naomi Watts (53) was met with criticism, particularly in Great Britain. The Guardian said at the time that Ms. Dee “died another terrible death”. Watts was nominated for an Academy Award for Worst Actress. If you still want to take a look, you can do so via a premium RTL+ membership or via the “Cinema of Hearts” channel bookable on Prime Video.

The 2006 movie “The Queen”, in which Helen Mirren (77) plays Queen Elizabeth II (96), is about the time immediately following the horrific death of Diana. At that time, not only the British, but the whole world wanted to know how the Queen would react after the terrible news and how the members of the royal family would deal with the situation. Mirren won an Academy Award for her performance. The film is available on Prime Channel “Filmlegenden”.

other products

Meanwhile, Wow has the two-part documentary Diana (2017), which explores the week before Lady D’s funeral. In addition, users can currently find the documentary “Charles and Diana – A Significant Wedding” (2019) here.

In addition, there are currently several documentaries about Diana on RTL +. Among them is the three-part documentary “Princess Diana: Love. Power. Legend.” (2020) and “Diana – Her Last Summer” (2020).

Meanwhile, Netflix users can watch the 2012 documentary Princess Diana of Wales – Appreciating Life. And even if “The Crown” (since 2016) isn’t just about Lady Di, the tragic princess, portrayed by Emma Corinne (26) in the current final season, it’s an important part of the streaming service’s successful series.

On Amazon Prime Video, users can also watch a full selection of Diana documentaries, which they have to rent or buy – including the BBC production “Diana, 7 Days” from 2017, which is only available in English.

There are also many shows in the media libraries of German television stations. The documentary “The Princess” (2022) by Ed Perkins (43), which was shown at this year’s Munich Film Festival, has been available at the ARD Media Library since August 24. The documentary tells the drama with mostly unknown and sometimes completely surprising visuals.

ZDF also features several royal documentaries in its media library, including one about Diana. Currently there is “The Dangerous Legacy of Princess Diana” and “Rivals: Lady Diana and Elizabeth II”. In “Diana’s Last Night: Love, Life, Legend” Annika Blindel (41), Leonie Stad (34) and Ulrike Grunewald (64) also investigate who told the paparazzi who were attached to the accident car driver in Paris at the time he wanted to. .

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