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Next week comes the Netflix comedy starring Mark Wahlberg, a movement for both Fast & Furious and Die Hard fans, a revamp of The Witcher and a title that fans of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill will love.


As usual, this Sunday we bring you some of the most promising reruns on Netflix. Every day of the next week, there are many new movies and series on the streaming service. As usual, we only offer you a small curated selection. Among them, of course, are the big Netflix reboot “Me Time”, but also “two bad luck and sulfur”.

What do we think Particularly interesting in the week of August 22nd to August 28th 2022, so this could be a case of your watchlistyou can find out here, broken down by days of the week:

Montag: a lame episodic movie despite the strong acting

Netflix take on comedy Midsummer madnessWhich was shown in cinemas in 2009. People from all over the world experience all kinds of strange adventures around the summer solstice in Latvia. Because of the script, the casually narrated script provides plenty of room for celebrity faces — Detlev Buck and Birgit Minschmayr, among others, to drop, but names like Maria de Medeiros (“Pulp Fiction”) and Dominique Pinon (“Delicatessen”) are Also part of the cast list. We still advise against it. This movie is very ordinary.

Review of the movie “Midsummer Madness” from the movie “Midsummer Madness”

Tuesday: Escape from Iran, supplies for Witcher fans

Once again, the fate of Iran’s filmmakers is in the public eye. Award-winning director Jaafar Panahi recently became the third prominent filmmaker to be arrested in a short span and is now in prison, where he will spend the next six years. So it may be a statement that Netflix now “My Stolen Revolution” Packed on his platform. In the highly personal documentary, released in 2013, director Nahid Persson, who once fled Iran to Sweden as a student, searches for a couple who also had to leave their homeland.

Contrast Program are two other documentaries: With The Witcher: Season 2 – Pets And the nightmare wolf Fans can once again delve into the legendary origins of the many monsters featured in the Netflix series and the spin-off animated movie.

Wednesday: Spencer Hill fans really hate this movie

From wednesday there Two are like bad luck and sulfur On Netflix – no, not the classic with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, but the mix of the sequel and remake of the same name, which is already causing a stir. In Italy, there was a real storm around the project around the theatrical release. For many Spencer Hill fans, the project is infuriating. In the end, the cinemas there remained empty. The action comedy is now available in the rest of the world via Netflix. The trailer is only available here in the original Italian version, but you can find a German dubbed version on Netflix itself:

But there are plenty of new features coming to Netflix on Wednesday. True crime lovers should look forward to it “Come Hell: The Wild World of John McAfee” Be happy. The documentary is about one of the most dazzling figures in modern history.

On the other hand, many people are sure to feel warmth in their hearts “Ollie’s Odyssey”. In a story based on “Toy Story,” the lovable Ollie (voiced by Jonathan Groff of “Hamilton,” “Frozen,” and “The Matrix 4”) has to make his way through our cruel world to find his way to the boy who owns it. Even the trailer for the live action series shouldn’t leave anyone cold:

Thursday: There is something for the heart

Fans of romantic comedies, which are often very successful on Netflix, can already do this “This is Cupid” Bookmark After losing her job and lover in one day, Sophia (Riley Dandy) is devastated. But then her path crosses the path of a very attractive Spanish chef.

Friday: Comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart and the Korean movie “Fast & Furious”

Friday is known to be the day Netflix holds its biggest launch. This week is mostly comedy time is mine With Hollywood stars Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart. They play two opposing ex-boyfriends who meet again years later. Mark Wahlberg, as a racy anarchist, rocks the presence of Kevin Hart, a stoic family man here.

In addition to the dark thriller “Love for Adults” and the series “Partner Track”, there are also, among other things “Atmosphere of Seoul” new. The Netflix original movie is best described as Korean “Fast & Furious”. It revolves around the 1988 Olympics, where a group of racing geeks and auto repairmen must break a criminal cycle. Among others, Ah-In Yoo, who we know from movie masterpiece “Burning” and Netflix hit song “Hellbound” and “#amLeben”, will be there.

Saturday: Spanish Love Dance

This weekend there will be a Spanish movie from the 80s that has yet to be shown in Germany on Netflix. in “Delirios de Amor” It’s all about love in several little stories.

Sunday: Working in the footsteps of “Die Hard” to end the week

Then the week ends with a brute. in “Second – in the crosshairs of mercenaries” Ryan Phillippe (“Cruel Intentions”) fights as a Secret Service agent who just wants to capture his son, in the best way “Die Hard” against a terrorist squad led by Casper Van Dien (“Starship Troopers”).

This preview is based on the official Netflix announcements and is just a small selection of the promised titles. However, the movies and series mentioned here can also be postponed at short notice.

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