Netflix’s ‘Halftime’ documentary shows the star’s career

If the global cultural universe were to narrate a drama that affected everyone equally – it would probably be the ancient story of the ascension. From the child of coal dealer Veronica to TV stock Ferris, from football pitcher Gerhard to Chancellor Schroeder, from Lee’s dishwasher to Iacocca millionaire, bottom up, or to take an example from the hair-loving show industry: from Jenny from the Block to J.Lo.

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Read more after the announcement

When the baby was born to Puerto Rican parents in the Bronx, which wasn’t cool in 1969 but sloppy and brutal, little said what would happen to Jennifer Lopez. A global brand known as Nike, Cola and Mercedes-Benz. To prove this, there was no need for Netflix “half time” documentation at all. In order to understand this, the image of an extraordinary artist is ideally suited.

If a documentary on Netflix directed by Amanda Micheli

For an hour and a half, Amanda Micheli accompanies the first mega star of the new millennium on her way to the top of the attention industry. Does an hour and a half date rise from the commercial type? Fortunately not! The director, who became famous in 2017 for her “Vegas Baby” fertility report, like all selfies, started from the present in order to research the past. After J.Lo said on his 50th birthday in July 2019, “I feel like my life is just beginning,” the film breaks with any chronology.

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Read more after the announcement

The review of Jenny’s youth on the New York block remains short and factual. Because the older sister was smart and the younger one was a musician, her talent for movement turned into a career. Because Mama conveyed her love of musicals, Jennifer also likes to sing, dance, and act as Rita Moreno in “West Side Story”: a Latin American volcano from the ghetto with the strength to stand up to even strong men. Jennifer wants that, too. It ends up serving as an intermission in the 2020 Super Bowl Final. The crown of mass entertainment. Although there is no reason to be satisfied.

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As the film rarely appears in Lopez’s biography for reasons of her future career, as much as her documentary works with longing, nostalgia and feelings, each of the 93 minutes of the here and now remains for an artist who is number one in the entertainment industry and hasn’t achieved anything that drives her, and what challenges her, And what you like. So JLo 2022 is roughly “halfway” on the path to recognition and respect and a world that makes race, color, and status secondary.

Documentary on Jennifer Lopez: The Rise of an Ongoing Novel

That’s why we don’t just watch Ji Lo as she works through the stages of her career. And so, when a critic says, “She’s a dancer turned actress turned singer turned world icon,” Jennifer Lopez talks about the dysfunctions in her career. About the divided country, for example, which she does not sing about, but increasingly wants to talk about. On racism and sexism, Trump and Pain have been nominated twelve times for an American Latino Media Arts Award and once for a Golden Globe, but also eleven times for a Golden Raspberry.

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Read more after the announcement

Often photogenic, and sometimes without makeup, the changing recipe for ageless perfectionism presents herself as self-confident, but also a critic of the self-irony of her role, without ever becoming lazy. When you criticize the superficiality of her industry, but at the same time never go out without a shiny mug, a shiny bag, and shiny sunglasses, her perception seems a hybrid. But Lopez, as the documentary From young Jennifer to iconic J Lo teaches us, she will always be Jenny from The Block. A story of rise as a story of continuity. And that’s why it’s worth watching.

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