Netflix: new series and movies in June 2022

The second half of the year will start soon – but before that, Netflix will once again spoil you with a decent supply of series and movies. Because June also brings all kinds of new live streams.

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Netflix: Drama & Action June 2022

The objectorsIt’s the name of the new Netflix action-thriller. The original version will be published in June 3, 2022 It tells of an officer remaining in a remote missile defense station trying by all means to stop the invasion of terrorists who threaten the United States with 16 nuclear weapons. Unfairly fired from her dream job at the Pentagon, a stern and exhausted Captain JJ Collins (Elsa Pataky) takes charge of a remote nuclear missile interception facility in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When an attack threatens the Station Coordinator, Collins confronts charismatic bully Alexander Kessel (Luke Prause), a former US military agent with an unimaginable plan. It will be a race against time for Collins, who must draw on her years of tactical training and military experience to determine who to trust and how to prevent Kessel and his mercenaries from completing their terrifying mission.


Stranger Things Season 4 Part Two: When are the last two episodes coming? | Netflix

It is the beginning of the great end: first… Read more”

For fans of series, the streaming provider from June 2 Drama”Borrowing – power and gloryThe series focuses on Danish geopolitics, The great powers’ battle for control of the Arctic – and last but not least the climate crisis. Birgit Nyborg is the newly appointed foreign minister when a drilling company suddenly discovered oil in Greenland. This event marks the beginning of an international struggle for power in the Arctic, in which the experienced politician Nyborg repeatedly has to mention that Denmark, despite its “big brother” position to Greenland compared to the international superpowers, tends to be smaller – and in this it proves to be a representative Special. The central story is about the search for power and how power affects people – both professionally and personally.

Horror lovers come withvampire– A movie is also at their expense. All other offers can be found in our overview menu:

Netflix Series – New for June 2022

Borrowing – power and glory 2/6/22

The sparrow and the lioness 3/6/22

The Floor is Lava: Season Two 3/6/22

summers 3/6/22

Green Moms Club 3/6/22

My editing notes 6/6/22

impregnated 8/6/22

meager masks Gangs of Birmingham: Season 6 10/6/22

Umbrella Academy: Season 3 06/22/22

money House: Korea 6/24/22

rhythm + flow: Nouvelle École 9.06.22: Episodes 1-4 / 16.06.22: Episodes 5-7 / 23.06.22: Episode 8 “

kill the first 10/6/22

purely private 10/6/22

the moldive Islands 15/6/22

iron head: The Quest for Iron Legend 15/6/22

God’s favorite fool 15/6/22

Love and Chaos: Season 2 6/16/22

Guerra de vecinos: Season 2 6/17/22

she: Season 2 6/17/22

you do not know me 17/6/22

snowflake mountain 22/6/22

First grade 23/6/22

The Return of Queen Celeste 23/6/22

man vs bee 24/6/22

Black list: Season 9 6/26/22

I look: Season 2 – Part 1 6/29/22

Adak: Alaska’s Treasure Islandfor 6/29/22

Netflix Movies – New for June 2022

Resident Evil: The Final Chapterpg 1/6/22

Resident Evil After Life 1/6/22

Resident Evil Extinction 1/6/22

Resident Evil: Apocalypse 1/6/22

Resident Evil: Retribution 1/6/22

the boy next door 1/6/22

Jesus loves me 1/6/22

gossip 1/6/22

The objectors 3/6/22

Accelerates 8/6/22

Chicken rabbit and dark hamster 10/6/22

peace trees 10/6/22

heart parade 15/6/22

the centaur 15/6/22

God’s torment 15/6/22

collision 16/6/22

spider head 17/6/22

A love doomed 20/6/22

Love and Gelato 22/6/22

the man from toronto 24/6/22

beauty 24/6/22

girls magic 24/6/22

Gentlemen 24/6/22

Criticize 06/28/22

Documentaries on Netflix

Eric Jensen: Cop or crook? 3/6/22

Be kind – pray and obey: short series 8/6/22

Your flagger: Drama Hostages 8/6/22

Jennifer Lopez: The first half 14/6/22

Network Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet 15/6/22

Toma Ikuta and the art of kabuki 16/6/22

Martha Mitchell effect 17/6/22

Ben Crump, civil rights attorney 6/19/22

What does the future hold? 21/6/22

The hidden abilities of our pets 22/6/22

Netflix Comedy Specials

Yuri Marsal: Lido Engano 2/6/22

Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill 6/6/22

This is my time with David Letterman 7/6/22

Excellence: How queer stand-up comedy changed society 9/6/22

Dirty Daddy: A Tribute to Bob Saget 10/6/22

Parental Advice Amy Schumer 11/6/22

Pete Davidson Presents: Best Friends 13/6/22

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin: Ladies Night Live 14/6/22

Snoop Dogg’s F*cn About Comedy Special 16/6/22

Joel Kim Poster 21/6/22

Bruna Luiz: demolish 22/6/22

The best of the festival 23/6/22

Cristella Alonzo: average style 06/28/22

Netflix for kids and family

Survive the summer 3/6/22

work package: Season 2 6/6/22

Charlie Shapes and Colors: Charlie’s Great Cinematic Adventures 13/6/22

Charlie Shapes & Colors: Mrs. Weather & Friends 13/6/22

The Music World of Karma: Volume 2 16/6/22

Dead End: Paranormal Garden 16/6/22

Angry Birds: Summer Madness: Season 2 6/24/22

Chips and Tofell: Potato chips are on vacation 27/6/22

Shark dog: Season 2 6/30/22

Netflix Anime

Spurgeon 18/6/22

bastard child!! god of destruction 30/6/22

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