Netflix has opened an office in Rome and announced several new series, movies and documentaries from Italy

Netflix recently opened an official Italian office in Rome, underlining its long-standing commitment to the country, filmmakers, and Italian audiences. Netflix’s Italian office is located in the heart of the Romanian “Dolce Vita” and currently employs about 70 people from all fields of business dealing exclusively with Italy.

“Today we celebrate our new Italian base, our growing business in Italy, and the creative community we are privileged to be part of all the great Italian stories that will be born here. The breadth of diverse Italian shows perfectly matches our ambitions – series, documentaries and unwritten shows from Italy’s most famous creators and talents. The new ones are equally exciting. Stories made in Italy that the whole world will see.” – Reed Hastings, Netflix founder and co-CEO.

Diverse, quality, and original local references are at the heart of the Italian projects announced today – from films to written series to documentaries, all set to hit Netflix later this year. New Stories cover a wide range of topics and genres, from new content creators and educators alike. The projects bring to life the vitality and depth of the Italian stories that Netflix is ​​keen to bring to its members in Italy and around the world.

New series:

  • From the novel of the same name Il Gatopardo The (Cheetah) series, inspired by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and produced by Indiana Production and Moonage Pictures, has the famous prequel of the same name in Visconti’s cinematic masterpiece. Director Tom Shankland makes the book a modern interpretation of the story of Sid Salina and his family, while delving deeper into the characters and details from the book.

  • Engano (Working address of Cattleya): An emotional thriller revolving around the suspense, taboos, and uncomfortable truths about love. The series revolves around the emotional and turbulent relationship between an elderly woman and a young man half her age, and their relationship undermines the social and familial norms of Mediterranean culture.

  • New Zerocalcare Animated Series by Movimenti Production and Bao Publishing: from the creators Cut along the perforated line This new, untitled series is coming soon. The world, unique language and distinctive characters of the great Roman cartoonist universe are presented in a new form in six half-hour episodes, exploring the author’s themes in greater detail.

  • Lotto Gang (Working title) by BIM Produzione and Feltrinelli Originals: Based on the true events of the biggest lottery scam in Italian history Lotto Gang by an unforgettable group of anti-heroes on a heist in Milan in the mid-1990s. The amazing story combines excitement and Italian humor.

  • I hate Christmas: Produced by Lux Vide, a Fremantle Group company, Pilar Fogliati plays a young woman looking for love in Netflix’s first Italian Christmas series.

Tini Andreata, Vice President of Netflix, Italian Language Series:The Italian series announced today, coming to Netflix in the near future, underscores our ambition to work with our Italian production partners, with whom we will tell a range of high-quality Italian stories. Together, we will develop many projects, which is why we will push boundaries with creative visionaries and new talents, take creative risks and tell stories no one has ever told.”

New documentary projects:

  • I want: Produced by Fremantle Italy, the pop culture reference documentary series explores the known and unknown sides of Wanna Marchi and a historical moment in Italian television history.

  • Run for Truth: Alex Schwarzer: Produced by Indigo Film, the documentary series takes a candid look at the rise, fall, and rehabilitation of an athlete against the backdrop of a complex sporting and legal issue.

  • summer job Produced by Banijay Italia, it is the first Italian reality TV series on Netflix. What begins as a heavenly vacation turns into the first serious work experience of ten young men and women who have never worked in their lives. Matilda Giuli, who is also doing this for the first time, will be the moderator.

Giovanni Bosetti, Director of Fictions for Netflix Italy: “We look forward to more documentaries in our Italian offerings across a wide range of genres, including documentaries and reality TV series. We want to look at stories from different angles and tell unique, funny and exciting Italian stories that will delight our audience.”

new movies:

  • Mussolini theft: This hilarious robbery movie, produced by Baby Film, is about a burglary. Directed by Renato Di Maria, it stars Pietro Castellitto, Matilda de Angelis and Isabella Ferrari.

  • My name is Vendetta: Produced by Colorado Film, this fast-paced action thriller is about revenge and survival in northern Italy. Based on the script and directed by Cosimo Gomez, Alessandro Gassman plays one of the main roles.

  • Love and Gelato: HT Film is a production about the adventures and adventures of young American Lina, who searches for herself and her roots in the glittering city of Rome. There is also plenty of ice included. Brandon Camp wrote and directed the film.

  • Under the Amalfi sun: In the production of Lucky Red, he narrates the sequel Under the Riccione sun of friendships and love stories on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast. Under director Martina Pastore’s debut, Lorenzo Zorzulo, Ludovica Martino, Isabella Ferrari and Luca Ward, among others, played some of the main roles.

  • jump from heights: Produced by Lotus Film and inspired by the novel of the same name, this thriller follows young Sole as she tries to come to terms with her biggest fears after the death of her best friend. Directed by Andrea Joplin, starring Federica Torchetti, Lorenzo Richelmi, Cristiano Cacamo, Celeste Savino, Anna Firoso and Massimiliano Gallo.

Sarah Foreo, Director of Netflix, International Original Film: “We want to tell many different but always authentic Italian stories to our audience from all over the world. We are proud of our films this year which come from the fields of work, drama, youth, love and friendship. We want to continue working with our creative Italian partners and presenting ambitious Italian projects to the world in new ways.”

The projects announced here complement the Italian series that is currently in production. This includes Lydia PoetAnd the BriganteAnd the Adult False Life, Tutu pays tribute to Salvezawhose first pictures can already be seen today, the second season of tricked! In addition to the fifth seasons of “SKAM Italia” and “Di4ries”.

The opening of the Italian office in the beautiful Piazza di Trevi also marked the opening of a score boardReminiscent of cinema facades of the 70s and displaying the exclamation point “Marcello! Eccoci! is the first to display a love letter to the history of cinema and the Italian creative community. Moving forward in Rome, this scoreboard will provide updates on what’s new on Netflix in its own distinct style.”

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