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Netflix is ​​one of the most well-known streaming giants and continues to release a new variety of series, documentaries, and movies from a variety of genres.

Also in 2022, fans can look forward to a colorful bouquet of live broadcasts. This time, the US media company is focusing more on products from German-speaking countries.

BILD is showing which new series will guarantee this year’s Marathon Series.


Bjarne Mädel plays the sleazy drug dealer “Buba”

Photo: Niren Mahajan/Netflix

Anyone who has been excited about “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” can look forward to “Buba” this summer.

Dirty drug dealer Bubba, played by Bjarne Medel (53), is the focus of happiness, family and organized crime. “Bubba”, whose real name is Jacob Otto, suffers from severe trauma since childhood.

Since the death of his parents, he has been convinced that all good feelings are rewarded with something bad. To escape from this system, there is only one solution for the drug dealer: he makes his daily life as unpleasant as possible. But even a stubborn drug dealer cannot escape love.


Gila Haas as East German spy Cleo

Gila Haas as East German spy Cleo

Photo: Julia Trijong/Netflix

Kleo, East Germany’s top spy, played by Jella Haase (29), liquidates a West Berlin businessman on behalf of the Sri Stasi commando. Shortly thereafter, she herself was shot and arrested.

Two years later, with the fall of the Wall, she realizes that she has become the victim of a political conspiracy and embarks on a campaign of revenge.

The series will be released between summer and fall 2022.


The 1899 mystery series is based on Netflix Hit Dark

The mystery series “1899” is inspired by the popular Netflix song “Dark”.

Photo: Rasmus Voss/Netflix

While crossing from Europe to America, the passengers of the immigrant ship dream of a better future. At sea, they discover a second ship that has been missing for months. However, upon boarding the alien ship, the crossing turns into a terrifying mystery.

A web of secrets seems to tie each passenger’s past together. The series will begin with eight episodes in the winter of 2022.

“the Paradise”

Philip Frosun and Devrim Lengnau

Philip Froisson (28) and Devrim Lengnau (24) play the Austrian royal couple

Photo: Thomas Schenk/Netflix

The historical series “The Empress” begins in the winter of 2022 and tells the life story of Empress Elizabeth “Sisi” and her husband, Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.

While a rebellious Elizabeth must assert herself against her power-hungry mother-in-law and son, the people rise up against the Emperor. The young empress must discover who she can really trust and what the price will be to prove herself as empress and beacon of hope to the people.

“Nothing new in the West”

Nothing new in the West impresses with a realistic war background

“Nothing new in the West” impresses with its realistic war background

Photo: Reiner Bajo/Netflix

The world-famous anti-war novel by Erich Maria Remarque tells the touching story of Paul, a German soldier on the Western Front during World War I.

Driven by the initial euphoria of war, Paul and his companions endured fear and suffering as they fought desperately for their lives in the trenches. The war drama will premiere on Netflix in the winter of 2022.

True crime fans watch out: Netflix also has a lot to offer in 2022!

“your flagger”

Kidnapped duo Dieter Degovsky (then 32 years old) and his partner Hans-Jürgen Rosner (then 31 years old)

Kidnapped duo Dieter Degovsky (then 32 years old) and his partner Hans-Jürgen Rosner (then 31 years old)

Photo: Hartmut Wind / dpa

In August 1988, Hans-Jürgen Rosner and Dieter Degovsky robbed a Deutsche Bank branch in Gladbeck. The killing of the three hostages sparked a debate across Germany about the limits and ethics of journalism.

Hostage taking is still one of the biggest German media scenes and can be seen on the broadcast provider in the summer.

“bank card”

Wirecard Detective Dan Makram

Wirecard Detective Dan Makram

Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa

Dan Makram, a journalist for the Financial Times, provides insights into his six-year investigation into the German company Wirecard. He tells the dirty tricks that were used against him during the fight to uncover a multi-billion dollar scam.

A huge financial scandal in which the mafia, porn barons, as well as Russian intelligence play a role.

A thriller that Netflix fans can look forward to in the summer of 2022.


Elizabeth Haysom (she was 20 at the time) and then-boyfriend Jens Soering (he was 19 at the time)

Elizabeth Haysom (she was 20 at the time) and then-boyfriend Jens Soering (he was 19 at the time)

Photo: Photo Alliance / Associated Press

On March 30, 1985, the horrific murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom shook the United States. Then 19-year-old Jens Suring, boyfriend of Nancy Haysom, the daughter of murder victims, was in doubt.

Soring was sentenced to life in prison in Virginia for a double murder. He has denied his guilt since the trial. The judicial drama ended only in 2019: after 33 years in prison, the diplomat’s son was released and deported to Germany.

In the winter of 2022, this five-part true crime documentary will offer new perspectives on one of the most exciting criminal cases in recent years.

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