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Do you want an informative, fun, exciting or visually stunning documentary? Then you’ve come to the right place with our Netflix documentary tips.

Netflix not only offers a lot of movies and series, but also a large number of documentaries that are worth watching. To make it easier to find a suitable title, you’ll find our recommendations here, organized by topic and year of publication. Enjoy the discovery!

These are the best documentaries on Netflix (2022)

Politics and Society

  • “The Social Media Dilemma” (2020)The documentary is not only devoted to the beautiful aspects of a networked world, but above all to the unsettling effects of social platforms.
  • fire (2019)the luxurious Fyre Festival was described as the go-to event for Instagrammers and lifestyle followers and ended in disaster.
  • “Cambridge Analytica’s Big Hack” (2019) He casts a shocking look at social media manipulation and voter influence.
  • American Factory (2019), Chinese investors buy an old factory in Ohio and hire American workers. Thus begins the clash of cultures.
  • “Bikram” (2019) The film revolves around the founder of Hot Yoga, Bikram Chaudhry, who establishes an empire of millions and abuses and rapes his students.
  • Abduction in Plain Scene (2017) It tells the story of a humble American family who is deceived by their charming neighbor.
  • “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond” (2017 .)), comedy legend Jim Carrey talks about the life and work of his late role model Andy Kaufman.
  • “The Thirteenth” (2016)a gripping social documentary about the systematic criminalization of the African American population.
  • “Blackfish: The Killer Whale” (2013)Orca Tilikum has been kidnapped from the wild to SeaWorld. The attempt to tame has already resulted in the loss of life several times.

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Documentary films about true crime

  • Digging Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meyer (2021)When Birgit Meyer disappeared in 1989, her case attracted a great deal of media attention, but the police investigated only superficially. Years later, her brother was able to reopen the case – and the result was dramatic.
  • Tiger King: Doc Antle’s Story” (2021) It deals with the career of zoo owner Bhagavan Intel, his relationships with underage women, and the death of his employee Mark Topping.
  • Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (2021) The film revolves around serial killer and rapist Richard Ramirez, who was abused in Los Angeles in the 1980s.
  • “The Case of Gabriel Fernandez” (2020 .)A short series denouncing the failure of the authorities after the death of an 8-year-old child.
  • Jeffrey Epstein: Dirty Rich (2020)a harrowing four-part series about the investigation of Epstein, a multi-millionaire and multiple sex offender, who has created a ring of child exploitation over the years.
  • “Negotiation No. 4” (2020)A man convicted of murder finds new hope as his case reopens and corruption and racial tensions are exposed
  • “Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer” (2019)Horror video online calls some aspiring amateur detectives to work. Eventually, more videos of the atrocities lead to an international manhunt.
  • “Long Shot” (2017), This documentary follows the case of murder suspect Juan Catalan, who can be acquitted with the help of a popular TV show.

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nature and science

  • Maritime Piracy (2021) It deals with global fishing and shows how much the world’s ocean ecosystems suffer from fish consumption and marine pollution.
  • “Around the World with Zac Efron” (2020) It takes viewers on a global mission for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Join self-proclaimed wellness expert Efron, Darren Olin.
  • “Octopus Teachers” (2020)Exhausted, Craig Forster starts diving. He forms an unusual friendship with an octopus, bringing him closer to the sea world of South Africa.
  • “David Attenborough: My Life on Our Planet” (2020)the famous wildlife filmmaker reflects on his life, untouched nature, his evolution and his vision for the future.
  • “Earth at Night” (2020) It inspires you with impressive night shots of nature and animals and proves that not everyone sleeps after sunset.
  • “Bird Dance” (2019) Dedicated to diverse and colorful animal species in the air.
  • “Explanation” (2018-) The documentary series deals with a wide range of topics we encounter in (everyday) life. There are now also special seasons, including ‘Coronavirus’, ‘Money’ and ‘Sex’.
  • Chasing Coral (2017)Scientists and photographers dive into the beautiful underwater world of coral reefs that are about to disappear.
  • “Deep In Hell” (2016) is an award-winning film directed by Werner Herzog, dedicated to the fundamental power of volcanoes.

Sports Documentaries

  • Neymar: Total Mayhem (2022) The three-part documentary accompanies the Brazilian soccer star through the ups and downs of his career and lets his comrades like Lionel Messi and David Beckham have their say.
  • “Unsportsmanlike” (2021)In six episodes, major scandals, controversies and crimes in the history of sports are revealed.
  • The Last Dance (2020)A fascinating documentary about Michael Jordan’s breathtaking career and the Chicago Bulls’ journey to the triple-peat iteration.
  • “Athlete A” (2020) After the abuse scandal was exposed in the American Gymnastics Federation,
  • “Bethany Hamilton; Unstoppable” (2019) It tells the story of a single armed Bethany and her path to becoming a professional surfer
  • “Icarus” (2017) Deals with the suspicious intrigues of professional doping.
  • “Nowitzki: The Perfect Throw” (2014) It tells the inspiring story of German basketball legend Dirk Nowitzki.

Musical Documentaries

  • “Jane Yeohs: The Kanye Trilogy” (2022) It uses previously unreleased archive material to trace two decades of the career of multi-talented and controversial rapper Kanye West.
  • Taylor Swift Miss Americana (2020) It gives a very intimate look at the work of pop musician Taylor Swift.
  • Homecoming (2019) It follows legendary R’n’B and pop singer Beyoncé and her crew as they prepare for their leading performance at Coachella (2018) as the first African American superstar.
  • Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017) It shows pop icon Lady Gaga in the process of creating an album and preparing for a tour and the physical and psychological challenges of a successful music star.

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