How Tijen Onaran Women’s Network Boosts Its Reach With an Amazon Prime Documentary: Ms. Onaran, it’s impressive how actively you work to advance your important issues and bring them to the public’s attention over and over again. However: authentication on Amazon Prime is not the norm. How did this new collaboration originate?

Tejen Unaran: The crisis made us more creative! Because the documentary “Yes She Can – Women Change the World” was actually born from the womb of the Corona virus. We have been successfully organizing the Digital Leader Award (DFLA) since 2018, through which we make women in the digital economy and their stories and achievements visible. When it was predicted last year that an awards show wouldn’t be possible in the fall, we quickly looked for new ways to give these great women a stage. Thus came the idea of ​​the documentary. Many of the champions are current or past DLFA award winners or nominees and they were all immediately excited by our idea. Next, we contacted Amazon Germany about this and were quickly able to win over them as a partner.

“If I lose my fear of the stage one day, I will have to change my job because the excitement keeps me focused and focused.” Anyone who knows you from public discussions, conferences, or conversations knows that shyness in front of a camera should not be an issue for you. But how did you feel using the film as a medium and theater?

Tejen Unaran: I’m always excited. If I lose my fear of the stage one day, I should change my job. Because the excitement keeps me focused and focused, and it shows that everything I do is passion. Film was really a whole new field for my team and I. Not because the camera accompanied our work, but because we wanted women’s stories to be told in the best possible way. We succeeded! During filming, I didn’t even understand what milestone we would reach with Global Digital Women, but when I first saw the documentary, I was so proud and happy. diversity. My goal is to bring women and their stories to the screens of this world. We now start with the German language documentation on Amazon Prime Video and are already thinking about what could happen next. As is well known, I have long been weaving highly reliable and resilient networks in the digital world. But how many audiences does the medium of television or broadcasting create – as well as around the world?

Tejen Unaran: The documentary is about reaching people we wouldn’t reach otherwise. And that’s exactly what we’re about: bringing issues of equality, gender equality, equal pay, family and work compatibility into the broader community! I’m sure a lot of people who already follow us and are convinced of gender diversity will watch this documentary. But I’m sure people watch the documentary because they scroll through the video on Amazon Prime and then think: What’s up with those bright colors and the inscription: “Yes she can – women change the world.” I do? Then they will look at the documents, think about them, discuss them with others, recommend them or even ask about them. That’s exactly what we do with the documentary: not to talk about women, but to let them talk for themselves! Diversity matters to all of us, not just an elite circle of people who already understood it anyway!

“If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is resilience and adaptability.” How difficult is it to get the heroes together for the documentary and make them appear in front of the camera – also in terms of not very easy work in Corona mode?

Tejen Unaran: The protagonists of the movie were excited about the idea from the start. Of course, working under the conditions of Corona was not always easy, we had to change filming plans several times and adapt to new conditions again and again. Of course, the shooting was always carried out according to strict security measures, and in the end it all worked out. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s resilience and adaptability, and we learned that from this project as well. Always our greatest strength: we reinvent ourselves every day. This is exactly what we need in times when predictability remains the exception. What criteria did you use to select the founders, media personalities, managing directors, and experts?

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Tejen UnaranMost Heroes are part of our Digital Leader Award community and we wanted to showcase as wide a range of personal stories, perspectives, and careers as possible. We also asked experts and advocates for diversity and equal opportunity to stand on camera. But I can say one thing: We still have stories and faces for at least 20 episodes.

“We made a conscious decision to switch to Amazon Prime Video because it was also important to us that the company itself was committed to diversity.” To what extent can German media learn from American-oriented companies, how much more seriously is Amazon taking the issue of diversity in daily practice?

Tejen Unaran: I still note that in Germany we are still far behind when it comes to diversity. Only since last year, also through the women’s quota debate, have I seen German companies initiate real change – to be honest, also because they have to. Not only because there are political framework conditions in the DAX companies space that they have to comply with, but because young talent in particular just wants to work with companies that are diverse and inclusive as well. Most American companies have long recognized this fact and are approaching diversity differently and on a larger scale. By the way, also when it comes to films, documentaries, directing and actors. Because they know they are only watching what attracts a wide target group! With Global Digital Women, we made a conscious decision to move to Amazon Prime Video because it was also important to us that the company itself was involved in diversity. We’ve actually been hands-on testing with Global Digital Women for a few years because Amazon has been a long-term partner for us. Both in equal pay, the proportion of women in management positions, but also “it is her”: that is, men who are committed to the subject. By the way, the latter is especially important. Not only should women stand up for women’s rights, but men as well. Because women’s rights are human rights! “Yes She Can” is not only a very positive title, but also an encouraging documentary title: Surely It Came From You?

Tejen Unaran: The title was created through teamwork. We’ve been looking for a title for the documentary that sums up what it’s all about: Women can do anything and change the world every day, big and small. Female models play a very important role in this matter, because they prove: anything is possible! And that’s what we want to show in this documentary: “Yes She Can” – that goes for every woman.

for someone: Tejen Unaran Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Curator. Through her company Global Digital Women, she advises companies on diversity issues, connecting women in the digital industry and making them visible.

About the film project “Yes She Can – Women Change the World”In the nearly hour-long documentary, Teigen Unaran, Weepke Ankersen (Managing Director of AllBright), Judith Gerlach (Bavarian Minister of State for Digital), Susan Arndt (Cultural Scientist and Bestselling Author) and several of the founders, managing directors, and experts talk about the ways in which Through which gender equality can be transferred from theory to practice. The movie can be watched exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting May 1.

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