Documentary on World Cup, Sebastian Fitzek series and LOL Team – Amazon Prime Video with big ads

Whether it’s a soccer documentary about the World Cup or literary adaptations from the areas of crime and youth fiction – Amazon Prime Video has made many announcements.

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Amazon has released big content ads for its Prime video streaming portal. At the “Prime Video Presents Deutschland” event, the company provided insights on new products and, as a result, highlights of upcoming events. This includes, for example, documentaries from the sports sector, details about comedy shows, literary adaptations from various fields or new content on the topic of true crime.

This is what viewers can expect on Prime Video

“Our ambition for our German assets is growing year by year,” comments Philip Pratt, head of German assets at Amazon Studios. “Prime members can look forward to some of our biggest productions to date.” Some of these products include:

Documentary about the upcoming World Cup in Qatar

The six-part production of “All or Nothing” accompanies the German men’s national soccer team with their national coach Hansi Flick. This is intended to give fans an insight into the team, the preparations and processes involved in the top sporting event, and find out what is happening not only in front of the tournament, but also behind the scenes.

“The Amazon team supports us extensively and provides many exclusive insights into our operations,” National Coach Hansi Flick commented according to the corresponding press release. “The documentary series traces our goal to the top of the world and shows how difficult it is to work to achieve it. With the World Cup, our biggest challenge has yet to come. It will be tough and emotional and hopefully successful in the end. We go all out and want to make it possible for the fans through the documentary series.”

Jan Ulrich receives his own documentaries

The upcoming production about former professional cyclist Jan Ulrich is also an athlete. Titled “Jan Ullrich – The Hunted,” a brilliant four-part documentary will take a “critical look” at the athlete’s career: his successes as well as his crashes will be examined.

“Recently, a lot has been reported about me, both positive and negative. Now is the time for me to tell my story, the full story of how I turned from a hunter to a hunter. I would like to take you on a journey through my life. With all the turmoil, setbacks and challenges,” Ulrich was quoted as saying.

New Season “LOL: Last One Laughing”

The popular German comedy show LOL continues from Amazon and will begin its fourth season next April. Now the first participating comedians have been announced. Among others, there will be Cordula Stratmann, Moritz Pleptro, Martina Hill, Hazel Brueger, Kurt Krumer and Michael Mittermayer as well as Elton and Jan Van Wade.

Amazon has acquired Goku Winterscheidt

Broadcaster and actor Joko Winterscheidt not only makes headlines as an investor and startup expert, but also when the duo “Joko and Klaas” appear. Now Amazon has poached the 43-year-old for an inside show: Amazon isn’t revealing much more than that. Even the content remains a secret.

That’s just for sure: it obviously has to be huge. “I will be on Prime Video early next year. It will be different, it will be rude, even very rude. It might even make you feel upset. Just look at it!” Winterscheidt comments on the new project.

Schematic view of Martina Hill

Martina Hill is one of the greatest German comedians. Amazon knows this, too, and they have a new, exclusive, eight-part comedy show called “Hillarios.” As in successful formats, Hill is supposed to take on various roles “in her own incomparable way,” Amazon announced. Notable guests should also be included in funny short films. It is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2023.

Film adaptation of the best-selling Silver

“Silver” is the name of a trilogy of books for young people by German author Kirsten Geier, which became a bestseller a few years ago. Amazon now wants to shoot the material and use a young international staff.

More details about already known products

In addition to the new announcements, Amazon also had new details about some products that had already been announced in the past as part of the event.

  • The film is a six-part adaptation ofThe GriffinAuthor Wolfgang Hohlbein Prime Video is scheduled to begin in mid-2023.
  • gang saga”Luden”, which takes place in Reeperbahn in the eighties, the start date of the spring of 2023 is set. This production will also consist of six parts.
  • There’s also news of a recent adaptation of star author Sebastian Fitzk’s book: The Six-Part Amazon Series”treatment“It should go online in the fall of 2023.
  • The new German true crime seriesrestrictedIt is planned for early 2023.
  • The 90-minute documentary about the German rap star was released on September 23, 2022 apache 207 (Vulkan Yaman) announced.
  • Series “reducers“We had the pleasure of being nominated for a Grimme and Blue Panther. Season two of the show, which was produced by Christian Ulman and Karsten Kelber, is set to appear on November 11.
  • In the movie Love becomes delicious and sweet”SachertorteFilmed in Vienna and Berlin. Production will begin on November 18, 2022.
  • Comedian and actress Annette Freer to star in new comic serieslove addictsThe eight half-hour episodes are scheduled to be released on Prime Video from November 30, 2022.
  • German season seriesPeaceful ChristmasIn addition to Uwe Ochsenknecht and Esther Schweins, Wayne Carpendale will also be seen.
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Release date: September 13, 2022

/ written by Tina Blonsky

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