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The streaming provider Netflix isn’t just diverse when it comes to shows or movies: the themes of documentaries are also wide-ranging and cover topics like society, true crime, sports, music or politics. We have selected for you the best documentaries.

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Documentaries are very popular on Netflix. Instead of reading books, you can educate yourself with the help of documentation and change your view of the world. Documentaries about climate change in particular are (unfortunately) very popular among Fridays for the Future Generation. But documentaries or musical documentaries about famous athletes are also very popular.

Here’s our pick of the best documentaries on Netflix.

This is pop

This documentary series is about the colorful world of pop and several episodes deal with a variety of topics such as auto-tuning, festivals or, in particular, the episode about Britpop.

Amanda Knox

The case of the American student kept the world in suspense, and the press soon dubbed the young woman the “ice-eyed angel”: is she a cold killer or an innocent convict? The documentary from 2016 summarizes the investigations and their mistakes.

Dark Tourist

Anyone Can Do Mallorca: This documentary series presents the dark and horrific vacation destinations of so-called Dark Tourists, which take them to Japanese ghost forests or Kazakh crater lakes, among other places…


Controversial and Criticized: However, this documentary about overfishing in our seas is one of the most popular and is streamed on Netflix. The film accuses international environmental organizations of ignoring the problem of the destruction of marine ecosystems.

Menstrual bleeding stigma

Even in this country menstruation is still a taboo subject, in India this problem is even greater. This feminist production shows women in Habor making eco-friendly pads. In 2019, this film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Film.

Survival R Kelly

This documentary, which sheds light on the sexual and emotional abuse of musician R. Kelly, shows not only the depths of the former R&B star, but also how the music industry became a partner.


American Brian Fogel wants to prove that it is possible to pass doping tests in cycling and has a Russian scientist “make it fit”. What he does not know at the beginning of his research for this Oscar-winning documentary is that this man is also the mastermind behind the doping scandal that implicated the Russian Olympic team at the Winter Games in Sochi…

Social media dilemma

We all know about the social media abyss and yet we are active there almost every day: this documentary shows the dangerous effects that the creators of these platforms know.

to be

The former First Lady of the United States of America has made a bestseller list with her autobiography, and this documentary accompanies Michelle Obama on her book tour. The documentary not only follows her career from a lawyer in a Chicago hotspot to becoming First Lady, but also follows the personal side of an impressive woman.


Since his skiing accident in 2013, the world has seen nothing about former Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher: his family protects him from the press, but for this documentary there were exclusive interviews and archival recordings that brought Schumi a little closer to bringing fans .

speed cubes

Since the 1980s, the colored Rubik’s Cube has become a cult game that requires logical and spatial thinking: some never make it, others in record time like pros Max Buck and Felix Zemdigs, who are followed in this entertaining documentary as they “twist”.

My octopus teacher

When free-diver Craig Foster accidentally meets a female octopus in the depths of the sea, an extraordinary friendship is born: a fascinating underwater documentary that earned an Academy Award nomination in 2021.

We are the champions

From the English cheese race to the heart-wrenching pepper-eating contest to the cutest dog dancers, this entertaining documentary features bizarre and weird contests from around the world.

David Attenborough: My Life on Our Planet

British animal filmmaker and naturalist Sir David Attenborough has been reporting on the fascinating animal and natural world for 70 years and leading through great documentaries with his warm, iconic voice – including this one in which the now 95-year-old looks back in his time as an activist Animal rights and environmental activist.

Play: That was our childhood

They’ve been in our kids’ rooms and can still often be found on living room shelves today: colorful, dirty, collectible toy figures from Power Rangers to Barbie to He-Man, which a man in the documentary says his friend had all he had Moral values ​​of this series…

Other Netflix documentaries worth watching:

Disclosure: Hollywood’s view of transgender people

Transgender or non-binary people are not new phenomena, as this documentary impressively shows.

Dolly Parton: I’m here

“Everybody’s Sweetheart” Dolly Parton looks back on an amazing and unique career.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

This documentary about a festival for the rich, which has evolved into the biggest failure in festival history, shows that appearances are more important than reality in the USA.

What happened, Miss Simone?

With all her contradictions, Nina Simone is one of the most impressive figures in modern music history. This documentary shows how the songwriter has struggled with racism throughout her life and how she fought against it and against herself.

Britney vs Spears

It’s a story like something out of a Hollywood movie: a father becomes the guardian of his highly successful but mentally unstable daughter and defines her life for 13 years before she regains her freedom in 2021.

Shiny Flakes: Teen Drug Lord

Anyone who has watched the German Netflix series “How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” knows that it is based on a true story. This is said in “glossy chips”.

with dignity

Hardly any yoga guru is as controversial as Bikram Choudhury. For “hot yoga” he patented practices from Indian philosophy, thus raising a multimillion dollar global business. Not only that: Bikram is also accused of racial and sexual assault.

Nowitzki: The perfect shot

In 2019, the most successful German basketball player Dirk Nowitzki ended his career. This documentary “The Perfect Throw” has been reviewed and explains why Nowitzki is still one of the most popular athletes today: he simply remained a good guy.

Homecoming (Beyoncé)

In 2018, Beyoncé gave a legendary live show at Coachella Festival, which was broadcast live globally. A sight that not even Superbowl shows can hold a candle to. The documentary shows the preparations for this unique event.

Man: Bill Gates

How could Microsoft founder Bill Gates go from being the world’s richest man to becoming a victim of countless ridiculous conspiracy theories? Even this documentary cannot answer that question.

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