Best Documentaries on Netflix: Our 15 Recommendations

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Perhaps the following situation will sound familiar to you: Sunday afternoon, bad weather and the best thing you can imagine right now is an escape to foreign worlds. Impressive natural phenomena, human abyss, international fraud stories or incredible background information about things you thought you already knew.

No other genre offers all this like a documentary – and there are huge numbers on Netflix. But you know searching for genre on Netflix is ​​as comfortable as a couch made of cactus which is why our true documentary connoisseurs Steffi and Géraldine are for you 15 handpicked recommendations are definitely worth your time.

Are you more into real crime? Then keep your eyes open, we will soon have our list of recommendations for this!

Why do we report on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus & Co.?

In addition to video games, the majority of our GameStar community is also interested in streaming. We’ve also noticed that the recommendations made by our editorial team – even beyond games – are always appreciated by you. In the future, we want to give you personalized advice on movies and series and search streaming providers for content that might also be interesting from a player’s perspective.

That’s why, for example, we give you an overview of all the new movies and series on Amazon Prime, tell you which ones you can stream on Disney Plus, or give you expert tips on the best documentaries on Netflix.

Of course, this does not mean that GameStar lose its focus on games. We are a gaming site and we will continue to be – but thinking outside the box from time to time hopefully is enriching for you, but of course for us as well.

The games that made us

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Trait: play | Length: 12 episodes, each about 50 minutes | Back: 2019 | Director: Brian Folk Weiss

Geraldine: The best documentaries often deal with things that are completely foreign to us. Far countries, the depths of the oceans or the vastness of space. On the other hand, the toys that made us simply take us back to our nursery – and show us the toys we each have from a whole new perspective.

Do you know how LEGO bricks were invented and have grown into one of the largest toy brands in the world? Do you know the violent legal battle surrounding My Little Pony? How did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles see the light of day? Best of all: each episode deals with a very special game and you can directly pick your favorites and ignore what you don’t care about. Although I highly recommend you to watch all 12 episodes – it’s worthwhile even if you don’t own the said game. Interviews with contemporary witnesses, inventors and collectors are simply very curious and entertaining.

But if you’re looking for something deeper, Steffi has the right advice for you.


Heroin(e): Trailer for a Netflix documentary about the opioid crisis in the US


Heroin(e): Trailer for a Netflix documentary about the opioid crisis in the US

Trait: America’s Opium Crisis Length: 39 minutes | Back: September 3, 2017 | Director: Eileen McMillion Sheldon

Steffi: This documentary deals with something this guy Absolutely impossible Should be used as a toy: hard drugs. More specifically, with the opioid crisis in Huntington, West Virginia, which is experiencing 10 times more fatal overdoses than the rest of the United States. Young people in particular die repeatedly as a result of their consumption, and help is rarely available. Three women are fighting this desperate situation: Fire Chief Jan Rader, Judge Patricia Keeler and volunteer Nicia Freeman.

What I especially love about heroin(e) is that the documentary does not condemn addicts, but rather presents the complex causes of the opioid crisis. For example, many people remain dependent on painkillers after medical treatment and end up taking heroin. Judge Keeler in particular treats her students in a humorous and stern manner that almost puts you in a good mood to watch it. However, the rest of the documentary is at times tricky stuff, so more food for thought than shallow entertainment.

If you’re looking for lighter fare, Geraldine has a tip straight off the boardwalk for you!

A high degree

High Score: Trailer for a Netflix documentary on the successful game industry


High Score: Trailer for a Netflix documentary on the successful game industry

Trait: The history of the birth of video games | Length: 6 episodes, each about 45 minutes | Back: August 19, 2020 | Director: William X, Sam Lacroix, France Costrell, and Melissa Wood

Geraldine: In fact, High Score is a must for all video game lovers here. And that’s what we are all about, after all, right? or? Well, even if you don’t have a video game plan at all, or you want to watch this documentary with your grandmother, it’s actually perfect – because it starts with the primal slime of video game development.

Arcade halls, Nintendo, the first role-playing games and 3D boom – all these themes deserve their own episodes in the documentary by and for gamers, making my nostalgic heart beat faster. Similar to The Toys That Made Us, you can choose the episodes that interest you the most or indulge yourself in everything.

And if after all your video game content you have that craving to get out (but don’t really want to get out, where are we going), Steffi has the perfect natural documentary for you.

coral chase

Chasing Coral brings you closer to the beauty of a coral reef in the documentary trailer


Chasing Coral brings you closer to the beauty of coral reefs in the documentary trailer

Trait: Coral death and preservation | Length: 89 minutes | Back: July 14, 2017 | Director: Jeff Orlovsky

Steffi: Ever since I first dived into the reef, I have been fascinated by the beautiful multicolored plants. I just have to close my eyes and see everything in front of me again: a bright blue surgeonfish happily gnawing at the sponge. Small moray eels glide weightlessly through the water like strips of cloth. Coral reefs are teeming with life! Unfortunately, they themselves are now threatened with extinction.

In Chasing Coral, divers and documentary filmmakers show the devastating effects of climate change on coral reefs. They fade and die, and with them all the animals that depend on the unique ecosystem. It’s not too late to save the reef, say its makers. But this only works if enough people stick to it. Maybe the sad documentary touches you as much as it touches me!

As for her next tip, Geraldine turned off the light for a reason. Something about “the whole world is so much nicer at night,” she whispers to herself – oops, I’ll get some garlic to be on the safe side.

earth at night

Earth at Night: Trailer for an Impressive Netflix Documentary


Earth at Night: Trailer for an Impressive Netflix Documentary

Trait: Nature and wildlife at night | Length: 6 episodes, each about 50 minutes | Back: 2020

Geraldine: Well, yes, I love the night, sue me! Does this make me a vampire? Can! But that is not what is meant. Because there are more beings than me and vampires that really thrive at night. And that’s what the amazing nature documentary The Earth at Night shows in a very fascinating way.

You might have to live with producers who brag about great camera gear that went into filming every 10 minutes, but okay. It’s impressive too. Alternative Pro Tip: Watch the documentary without sound and play your favorite playlist, it’s a very unique experience.

Do you want more nature? Awesome, Steffi has the right advice for you!

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