Attention price increase! Amazon Prime is only useful in certain cases – money

– Free shipping, live series and movies, and even live football: Amazon is increasing the prices of its popular Prime offer – and it’s causing high additional costs in many households. Is it still worth it for subscribers? We did the calculations.

This announcement alarmed many subscribers: Internet giant Amazon will increase prices for its premium offer Prime from September 2022. Instead of €69 per year or €7.99 with monthly bills, it’s worth €89.90 annually or €8.99 with monthly bills. And this is at a time when many people already had less money left due to inflation.

Amazon sees Prime as a multi-faceted offering that includes shipping benefits, video streaming, audio streaming, and more. But not all customers use all of these features. And while many supposed benefits are difficult to financially measure, others are much easier to measure.

The biggest advantage for many: free and fast shipping. On Amazon, shipping is generally free for items of 29€ or more, and for Prime members this is no longer applicable to items under 29€ and they are also given priority. Anyone who frequently orders small items like batteries, mobile phone cables, or drugstore items must place about 23 such orders a year in order to save money spent on Prime again. If you place larger orders anyway and can wait a day or two longer for a package, you’ll benefit less than Prime.

Lots of extra costs

With streaming services, the balance sheet is more challenging. Amazon Music, a music streaming service, is included in Prime, but is limited in scope. It’s possible to have around two million songs, select playlists and personal radio, but if you’re expecting a range like that of other streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket as a Prime customer: for the full range of Amazon Music Unlimited, the shipping giant asks for 8.99 euros per month. So if you are already provided with music streaming through other providers, for example through discounted family accounts, you can do without it here.

Amazon’s video streaming service, Prime Video, has thousands of movies, series, and documentaries, some of which are only available on Amazon. If you like the show, you can get your money back for a monthly price much lower than that of its biggest competitor, Netflix – from some live games of the UEFA Champions League, which can be seen exclusively on Amazon and football fans are a good argument, not to mention.

In addition, Prime offers other benefits that many customers may not realize: Hundreds of books, newspapers, magazines and comics can be read for free via Prime Reading using a special app, but it also provides an advertising platform for many others. addresses, which in turn cost an additional cost. Prime Gaming sometimes offers free PC games, and users can also upload photos, videos, and documents to Amazon via a cloud service.

Whether or not Prime is still worth it for you largely depends on how you use the offer. Prime is likely only attractive to a very few people for the benefits of shipping – but that also depends greatly on individual consumer behavior. One thing is clear: September 15 will be the deadline for all subscriptions, including those already active. If your annual subscription was extended earlier, you will still pay the previous price of €69 – if the extension fee is charged after that date, €89.90 is already due. If you don’t have a subscription yet, you can get a subscription at the old price until September 15th.

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