“Asia at Midnight: Eat · Dance · Dream” offers a glimpse into the hidden nocturnal world of its major cities

Back home in Asia, we know that cities never sleep. Our new documents Asia at midnight: eat – dance – dream It shows this side of the city – with the nocturnal stories of its inhabitants.

We get to know DJ Sumirock. The 85-year-old runs a noodle shop during the day and DJs at Tokyo ballrooms at night. We follow two brothers who revolutionize Bangkok’s nighttime folk theater with superhero characters, and experience vibrant LGBTQ culture at a performance of the Drag King in Taipei. We’ll also take a look at the shoulder of a traditional Seoul rice wine maker and discover the night’s best kept culinary secrets.

This documentary series not only serves as a guide through these nocturnal realms, but also offers compelling insight into tales of ambitious dreams, unconventional sentiments, or an attempt to express individuality in a city. In the six episodes, legendary cities such as Manila, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei and Mumbai with their vibrant subcultures and captivating residents – all night owls – are seen from a fresh perspective, while insider tips are not neglected.

Ami Shroff, one of the bartenders in India, turns cocktail mixing into an art.

It is also important to mention that Asia in the middle of the night It is a fantastic addition to our growing collection of Asian documentaries, and is captivating an international audience. Frozen: Hope for a second life She won Thailand’s first International Emmy last monthwhile he House of Secrets: Muti Burari of India has made it into the top 10 lists in 12 countries since its release on October 8. We realized that when these stories are told in an engaging and cinematic way, they attract a larger audience around the world. Other popular documentaries from this region such as Blackpink: lights up the skyAnd the Naomi OsakaAnd the subordinate Raincoat Killer: Murder Hunt in Korea And the14 Summit: Nothing is Impossible This is clearly shown.

When I started here, documentaries were a standout in Asia. But as we’ve seen in other regions, investing in this genre is paying off with a diverse audience that reflects the amazing diversity of our membership spanning over 190 countries. Today’s documentaries cover topics such as sports, music, history, science, crime, biography, current affairs, food, culture and nature. The common denominator? Captivating stories that resonate with our members.

Discover the nocturnal culinary secrets of ‘Asia at Midnight’.

We are committed to not only finding and telling rich stories, but also finding new and emerging voices to tell them. In Asia, where the documentary ecosystem is thriving compared to other genres, we spend a lot of time talking to new filmmakers to find out the stories that really matter to them. Whenever we find directors or producers of either gender with great talent and amazing ideas, we want to pave the way for them to achieve success and provide them with a global platform to present their unique stories to a global audience.

stories in Asia in the middle of the night Set in unknown and hidden corners of each distinct city, only filmmakers with a deep understanding of their country can tell such compelling stories. Our goal at Netflix is ​​to enable these creators to take their stories out into the world.

Asia at midnight: eat – dance – dream Premiere January 20 2022.

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