Amazon Prime Video: 12 series of tips from the editors of GameStar

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Not only does Netflix and Disney Plus have loads of series and movies on offer, Amazon Prime Video streaming service is also packed with productions worth watching.

Having already shown you our favorite series from our big competitor Netflix – which we will of course link back to you here – now follow our tips series for Amazon Prime.

12 series of tips from GameStar editors



12 series of tips from GameStar editors

Why do we report on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus & Co.?

In addition to video games, the majority of our GameStar community is also interested in streaming. We’ve also noticed that the recommendations made by our editorial team – even beyond games – are always appreciated by you. In the future, we want to give you personalized advice on movies and series and search streaming providers for content that might also be interesting from a player’s perspective.

That’s why, for example, we give you an overview of all the new movies and series on Amazon Prime, tell you which ones you can stream on Disney Plus, or give you expert tips on the best documentaries on Netflix.

Of course, this does not mean that GameStar lose its focus on games. We are a gaming site and we will continue to be – but thinking outside the box from time to time hopefully is enriching for you, but of course for us as well.

GameStar Editors Recommend These 12 Series on Amazon Prime Video

good omens

Type: Fantasy/Comedy | Series start: May 31, 2019 | swarms: Season 1 (6 episodes) | Running time per episode: About 50 minutes | behind the scenes: Douglas McKinnon, Neil Gaiman | the actor: Michael Sheen, David Tennant

Steffi Schlutage: Forget Marvel and DC! Regardless of which universes collide, the greatest crossover ever has already happened: two deities from the fictional Olympus have joined forces and together forged a story full of humor and drama that we can now also enjoy as a great series. We’re, of course, talking about Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and their novel Good Omens.

It’s about the apocalypse and perhaps the most bizarre friendship of all: Satan Crowley and Archangel Azeraphael have maintained an intimate relationship with each other for thousands of years, which neither Heaven nor Hell will stop them. When Armageddon suddenly looms large, they take matters into their own hands to save the planet. With… well, mixed success.

Michael Sheen and Davin Tennant really thrive on their roles, and the chemistry between the actors is perfect. The series also manages to capture the very special sense of humor of its authors. Good fortune is just great fun.

The good omens in the trailer: Angel and Devil together against the end of the world


The good omens in the trailer: Angel and Devil together against the end of the world


Type: Action Drama | seriesnstart: 2019 | swarms: 3 | Running time per episode: About 60 minutes | behind the scenes: Eric Kripke, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen | the actor: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Anthony Starr

Heiko Blade: I’m usually someone who can turn my brain off nicely in movies and series and I don’t even wonder about the biggest gaps in reasoning if it’s a good fit for the pumpkin and serves up the drama.

But even I’ve always found it strange how little collateral damage is in the massive battles of superhero movies. Yes, from time to time it is discussed, but it is rarely discussed really consistently. The dangers of inviolability combined with the abundance of power actually play a role only if they serve the great drama and backstory of the heroes.

The comic diversion The Boys is different. When other superhero movies and series consciously look the other way, it keeps the camera with agonizing consequences. It doesn’t matter whether the civilian is torn apart in pursuit or whether the superhero pursues perverted desires because otherwise he will not find satisfaction in life.

The boys ask what happens when superpowers are not heroes but weak assholes who let corporations ruin them. What I especially love is that the series doesn’t look for simple answers. Rebel Billy Butcher (brilliantly played by Karl Urban), who fights superheroes, is nothing but a celebrity. On the contrary, I sometimes feel sorry for bad superheroes, the more I know about their backgrounds.

The boys do all of this with hard action, sharp edgy dialogue, and truly amazing plot twists. Anyone with a stable stomach and no problem with spots shouldn’t miss the uncompromising superhero fighting series.

Boys - corrupt and brutal superheroes in the trailer for the new Amazon series


Boys – corrupt and brutal superheroes in the trailer for the new Amazon series


Type: comedy | Series start: 2021 | swarms: 1 | Running time per episode: 20 minutes | behind the scenes: Christian Ullmann, Carsten Kelber | the actor: Marc Hausmann, Bruno Alexander

Dennis Zirkler: I can’t change it, but I’m always especially critical of German films and series. I won’t be able to understand why people have come together to watch crime scenes for 20 years at the earliest – if at all. I once watched an episode with Christian Ulman and I’ve never been bored. Fortunately, the elm also points out some really good things: My new friendAnd the fools And finally too reducerswhere is a product.

who scoff like Stromberg or the desk Like, contestants should definitely give a shot, because the similarities are hard to rule out. Here, too, the focus is on the goofy boss, Thorsten, the dilapidated branch manager. His subordinates are a diverse crew, including his obsessive deputy, a stupid playboy, lazy €450 workers and a completely incompetent shop detective.

And like a great role model, Die Discounter offers non-stop hilarious moments of shame towards others. For some, the characters may act antisocial and fat, but if you don’t care much about political correctness, you should take three hours for season one. Anyway, I’m already looking forward to the second phase, which is supposed to come in 2022.

Opponents: Trailer for Heirs of Stromberg


Opponents: Trailer for Heirs of Stromberg


Type: Mysterious Drama | Series start: 2014 | swarms: 3 | Running time per episode: About 54 minutes | behind the scenes: Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta | the actor: Justin Theroux, Amy Brenneman, Christopher Eccleston

Soren Diedrich: I’m anything but a serial person. While my wife now keeps her list of notes on her smartphone to keep track of her series (she really does watch them all, great!), I’m more than obsessed with the movie. Two hours of good entertainment and away you go.

But The Leftovers is one of those rare exceptions. Because everything works for me here from Episode 1 onwards. The scenario is wonderfully mysterious and exciting, you want to know right away how the characters deal with strange events and what will happen next. Special Feature: Each of the three seasons has its own style and feels great fresh without losing sight of the overall story spirit.

What is the matter? On October 14, 2021, 2% of the world’s population suddenly disappeared at the exact same moment. The actual plot begins after three years. Survivors are still trying to find out what really happened. We follow a group of characters as they come to terms with their individual destinies, gradually revealing the larger overall context of the story.

Quite frankly: Thrilling It would be an understatement if I had to describe the leftovers in one word. However, the series doesn’t necessarily have the highest tempo and it takes a long time for some shots to continue before it continues. If you have no problem with it, I can only heartily recommend this series to you!

The Leftovers - Thrilling trailer for the mysterious drama of the lost authors


The Leftovers – Thrilling trailer for the mysterious drama of the lost authors

this is us

Type: Drama | Series start: September 20, 2016 | swarms: 6 | Running time per episode: 42 minutes | behind the scenes: Dan Fogelman | the actor: Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley

Peter Bathge: I need to listen to my fiancée a lot. So not only because the hard life as a couple awaits me otherwise, but also because she often makes really good suggestions. She just has to work on it. For example, I tried to make ‘This is Us’ palatable to me last year ‘It’s so emotional, I cry every time’. Bad idea honey! I am a man who does not cry! So of course I didn’t watch it. Fatal error.

Because the thrilling drama series about three completely unusual brothers and their past, told in flashbacks, is not only a thing for the tear gland, but also for the diaphragm. Anyway, I had to laugh heartily over and over again and took so many characters to my heart in no time, also because of the lavish acting performances and pointed scripts.

I’ve been rooting for this mixed family for two seasons now. There were a few tears in the corner of my eye. But don’t tell my better half.

This Is Us: This Is Life - Trailer for a popular drama series


This Is Us: This Is Life – Trailer for a popular drama series


Type: crime | Series start: 2014 | swarms: 7 | Running time per episode: 50 minutes | behind the scenes: Henrik Basten, Michael Conley | the actor: Titus Williver, Lance Riddick

Remy Burnzel: At first glance, the series looks like its protagonist Harry Bosch – old fashioned. The suspense and light of old cinema and the somber jazz that subtly spotlights the scenes often makes viewers feel like they’ve been transported into the past. This core content is mainly reinforced by a core narrative. Because at Bosch there are no high-tech laboratories or extremely sharp recordings from high-resolution surveillance cameras that remain perfectly sharp after forty-three times magnification.

Bush has nothing but good old detective work to catch criminals and serial killers. Most of the time, we follow Harry Bosch and his partner, who are drawn to the downside in sunny Los Angeles. Producers give dialogue and camera angles plenty of time to breathe and continue to capture the great moments. Season 3 just misses the soul a bit and sometimes it goes too far. Fortunately, this stabilizes right after the end of the season.

In terms of structure, Bosch is similar to many other crime series, as we usually see a big case that spans the entire season. Singles also like to deal with stand-alone criminal cases. However, crime noir also has an important back plot that is always dealt with, which is why Bosch doesn’t look like CSI: Miami. By the way: the series about Harry Bosch ended with its seven seasons, which is why you can see it in one go!

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