Verstappen interrupts the Netflix Formula 1 documentary: ‘Destroyed after Season 1’

Formula 1 world champion

Verstappen interrupts Netflix documentary: ‘Destroyed after season one’

Friday, March 11, 2022 | 21:58

The hit Formula 1 documentary series Drive to Survive has entered its fourth season on Netflix since March 11th. Red Bull World Champion Max Verstappen is not part of that himself because he still finds that rivalries are being artificially invented and things are overrated.

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen remains true to his streak that no longer appears in the Netflix series Drive to Survive. He considers it “ruined after the first season”.

“Drive to Survive” is credited in large part to the current success of Formula 1 around the world, but especially in the USA. After all, the format reaches a completely new audience.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen will not appear live this season. Last year, he announced that he did not want to be interviewed because he believed that rivalries would be created artificially and that things would generally be exaggerated.

Max Verstappen: Let’s see ‘how they exaggerate again’

“They invented competitions where there is no competition,” Verstappen told the Associated Press last October. “That’s why I decided not to participate in it and not to do more interviews.”

The fourth season was released on Friday, March 11th. The title fight between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton on Red Bull Matters is primarily based on interviews with team boss Christian Horner.

Meanwhile, Verstappen has no plans to revise his decision from last year: “I will not change my decision. In my opinion, it is already destroyed after the first season. I am down to earth and want to stick to the facts without artificially inflating anything.”

“I realized it must be for Netflix. That goes for everything that’s going on out there. It’s nothing. I’ll probably check it out to see how much they’re exaggerating again now. I’ll probably watch other documentaries on Netflix.”

What do Sainz and Alonso think of the Netflix documentary Formula 1

Verstappen appeared in the first three seasons of Drive to Survive, giving face-to-face interviews along the way. First Stifel focused a lot on the Dutchman and teammate Daniel Ricciardo, including their accident in Azerbaijan in 2018.

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz agrees with Verstappen when it comes to over-competing. He thinks his rivalry with Ricciardo at McLaren was exaggerated: “I’ve gone a bit too far there. But I think Netflix realizes that and they’re learning from their mistakes.”

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However, he wants to stay on board: “I think they’ll re-evaluate that and maybe try to make things more realistic in the future. But even with that flaw, if you want to call it that, I think Netflix is ​​a good thing for the sport, for me, and for Formula 1 as a whole. So I will continue to perform there if they want me there.”

Fernando Alonso is paradoxical: “So far I have other commitments with Amazon Prime Video. I couldn’t do much outside of that. It’s good for the sport, but we’re already very involved with our teams and sponsors. That’s why it’s not easy to give them time. I think we’re already giving a lot of ideas.” Around the track. But off the track I wouldn’t be a big fan of him.”

This article was written by Heiko Stritzke, co-author: Luke Smith

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