Netflix series is more successful than ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Bridgerton’

Intrigued by serial killers
Netflix series ‘Dahmer’ is more successful than ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Bridgerton’

Serial killer series “Dahmer” has been Netflix’s most successful launch ever. But what makes the disturbing “Milwaukee Cannibal” story so successful? Horror lovers thoughts.

A bloodstained bed sheet, Polaroid pictures of mutilated corpses, and a rain barrel filled with severed body parts—even the first 30 minutes of Dahmer: Monsters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t for the faint of heart. On the contrary, the pilot episode of the Netflix series leaves even hard-boiled horror fans with a sinking feeling in their stomachs. Anyone who thinks they can watch the story of American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (1960-1994) over dinner will quickly learn otherwise. Because the crime drama, which began in Germany on September 21, sinks deep into the abyss of the human psyche. And with success: The Netflix series has now left “Bridgerton” and “Squid Game” and is the most successful Netflix reboot of all time. In the first week after its September 21, 2022 release, the series aired 196.2 million hours.

Milwaukee cannibal

The ten-part series focuses on topics such as violence, alcoholism, scouring the dead, and cannibalism. Things that nobody wants to be involved in, but that nonetheless exotically impress us. Actor Evan Peters (American Horror Story) has successfully portrayed the inner turmoil of killer Jeffrey Dahmer sixteen times. However, the fragile and insecure character of the “Milwaukee Cannibal” almost fades into the background alongside his actions. The astonishing brutality with which Dahmer attacks his victims and the unemotional expression on his face when talking about the murders makes the viewer’s blood run cold. “Dahmer” is not the kind you see casually. She was shocked, confused and frightened. However, it is also an uncomfortably fascinating journey into the mind of a man who has never felt understood about his personality and sexuality. Disturbing, detailed, and unpolished, producers Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan describe how the shy Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer became one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

Intrigued by serial killers

But what is the reason for the success of a series like “Dahmer”? There’s no denying that while serial killers may seem alien and disgusting to us, they also pique our interest. True crime podcasts are on the rise, and new documentaries about history’s most famous serial killers appear regularly on Netflix. Hollywood stars like Zac Efron are slipping into their roles, and actress Charlize Theron even won an Academy Award in 2004 for her role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Actor Dahmer Evan Peters (35) is already a favorite of the upcoming Emmy Awards. Peters, who had to undergo treatment after the final season of “American Horror Story,” receives psychiatric care while filming. However, fans are concerned that the portrayal of the serial killer may have a long-term negative impact on the actor. In the end, Dahmer’s actions were also his undoing. After evading the death penalty, he was murdered by a fellow inmate on November 28, 1994 at Columbia Correctional Institution. He said he was disgusted by the actions of the serial killer. Dahmer’s cruel legacy lives on – in movies, series, and books.

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