Dahmer: Toni’s mother, Jeffrey Dahmer’s victim, criticizes the show

The Netflix series “Dahmer” is currently breaking some streaming records and causing a lot of interest. But criticism of the series is rising. Now survivor Shirley Hughes is criticizing the series and condemning the series’ creators.

Because the show, in which the murder of her son was discussed, greatly upsets the 85-year-old.

Shirley Hughes opens up about photographing her son, Tony

For many viewers, Tony’s story in the Netflix series “Dahmer” was one of the stories most touching. Because Tony wanted to achieve a lot in his life. As a deaf man, he was determined to make it happen To gain a foothold in the world of modeling And he committed himself to his big dream. But his meeting with Jeffrey Dahmer ended all his big dreams. Because the serial killer The 31-year-old was killed.

However, in the series, the relationship between Jeffrey and Tony is structured differently from the relationship with the other victims. Because it seems Like Jeffrey fell in love with Tony – And Tony has feelings for Jeffrey, too. However, he cannot suppress the serial killer’s fear of being abandoned and in the end also kills the man he first romantically captured.

A depiction that bothers a woman in particular: Shirley Hughes. 85 years old is The real mother of Tony Hughes So he has been through a lot in the past decades. According to media reports, she was present at Dahmer’s trial – and They came to try the thug every day. In 1992, she received a civil judgment allowing her to receive $10 million. Any of the money made by telling the serial killer’s story – for example in the form of a movie or TV rights.

“I don’t understand how they could use our names and post things like that.”

In an interview with The Guardian, she now talks candidly about her opinion of the current Netflix series. And from her few words, you can say: The series hits her hard. Because she asserts that “that’s not what happened.”

Hughes is still reeling from the traumatic experiences her family had to go through. The chain probably won’t help. Because in the phone call with the Guardian, she clarified regarding the series: “I don’t understand how they could do that. […] I don’t understand how they can use our names and post things like that. She concludes that it is still difficult for her to speak personally about her son’s death.

Criticism of “Dahmer” escalates

Incidentally, Hughes isn’t the first victim survivor to have spoken out against the series. Because shortly after serial production began, a . file was released Another victim’s family speaking: Errol Lindsey.

Because his sister – Rita Ezel – was also taken up on the show when she was on the trial of Jeffrey A Speech against the thug. Not a nice moment for Rita, which she is reminded of again now, as she confirmed in an article for Insider: “It annoyed me seeing me on the series. When I saw my name on screen and the character on the show she literally said exactly what I said at the time. […] It was like getting it back.”

What bothers you the most is how those responsible for the series deal with the bereaved. “Netflix should have asked if we were objecting [Anm: bei der Darstellung bestimmter Ereignisse] We have or how we feel about the execution of the story in general. You didn’t ask me anything. They just did that.”

Eric Berry, Rita’s cousin, also found this portrayal inappropriate. “My family (the Isbells family) is angry at this show,” he writes. “It is always and always shockingand what? How many films/shows/documentaries do we need? “.

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