Final 2022 kicks off with “Vera”

Highlights of the program include Martin McDonagh’s friendship drama “The Banshees of Inisherin” with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, the screen return of David Cronenberg’s “Future Crimes” and Michael Koch’s drama “Drii Winter”, which premiered at the Berlinale.

After Cannes, “Tori et Lokita” by Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, about the fate of two immigrants, can now be seen in Vienna, as well as Jafar Panahi’s last work before his final imprisonment in Iran, “Khers Nist”. And the great Kelly Richart displays a “show” portrait of an artist with regular actress Michelle Williams in the middle. The highlight of the closing ceremony will be Mia Hansen Love’s feature film “Un beau matin”.

Apa / Eva Manhart

Director Eva Sangiorgi and Filmmuseum Director Michael Loebenstein at the show’s presentation at the Metro Kinokulturhaus

Watch the movie “Sparta” by Ulrich Seidl.

National cinema buffs can look forward to the unusually large number of over 20 feature and short films from Austria. This includes Ulrich Seidl’s previously much-discussed drama “Sparta” as well as the Berlinale Prize-winning documentary project Ruth Beckermann “Mutzenbacher” or Claudia Muller’s portrait of Nobel Prize winner in literature Elfriede Jelinek. Let the language out of the way.” The festival’s opening film is also produced by Red, White, and Red this year: “Vera” by Tesa Coffey and Rainer Frimmel brought leading actress Vera Gemma to Vienna on 20 October.

Ceremony for Director of Worship Herzog

Another guest star is one of the predecessors of director Eva Sangiorgi: sect director Werner Herzog, co-director of Finale in 1991 with Reinhard Berker, will be honored on October 25 with a concert and on October 28 with an evening of reading in collaboration with the Volkstätter Theater. .

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Vinyl, 60th Vienna International Film Festival, 20 October. Until 11/01/2022

And to celebrate Herzog’s 80th birthday on September 5, not only can the documentary “Radical Dreamer” by Thomas von Steinacker be seen at the festival, but two new works of the master himself can be seen: the portrait of a volcanologist “The Fire Within” and the exploration of the brain “Theater of Thought” .

“Take pictures of misery”

A study of nine works is devoted to the Mauritanian director Med Hondo. The 90-year-old Academy Award winner, Elaine May, who can look at four directorial works as well as a lengthy comedy career, was also honored with such a solo track.

Meanwhile, the festival’s “History” section pays homage to the niche genre of black Argentine film. Finally, the ‘Cinematography’ section of the Austrian documentary offers a forum for what is supposed to be its greatest strength: the portrayal of misery. Twelve works from the last fifty years examine the different aspects of the crisis in the “Österreich real”. The retrospective exhibition at the Film Museum is dedicated to Japanese director Yoshida Keijo, who has yet to be discovered in Austria.

City Councilman Veronica Kaup Hasler

Apa / Eva Manhart

City councilor for culture Veronica Kaup Hasler agrees that the film festival promises to be a real roar.

Festival with a view of the world

The team of filmmakers responsible for the six trailers for the anniversary release have now been revealed. Claire Dennis, Nina Minx, Sergey Loznitsa, Ryosuke Hamaguchi, Narcissa Hirsch and as surprise guest Albert Serra contributed a small act in honor of Finale who will welcome the festival’s guests to the performances.

“Vienna is a festival full of sights of the world,” Vienna City Councilor for Culture Veronica Kaup-Hassler (SPÖ) said Tuesday, looking forward to the new edition of the film festival, where Finale offers endless perspectives. On the crises and currently suppressed. In that sense, the 2022 Film Festival promises to be a real roar—which is also what this year’s poster theme promises. This shows a lion roaring by Japanese woodcarving master Hokusai.

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