Emotional, shocking and poignant: October’s movie highlights

The last three months of 2022 have begun, however, and the last of the movies to be shown in 2022 will be out. Not only is October the first really cold and rainy month, perfect for cozy movie nights, but it also has some special dishes up its sleeve thanks to Halloween.

Top 4 Movies October 2022

Woman King – 6th of October

“The Woman King” is not only action packed, but also addresses a fantasy feminist movement. In Dahomey, West Africa, a women’s army has been defending the kingdom for centuries. They are afraid of them under the name Agoji, but they are also known as Amazons.

At their head is General Nanska (Viola Davis), who, among other things, her daughter Nawi (Thisso Mbedu) works against the French and other aggressors who wanted to enslave their people. Battle for your honor and fight for what you live for.

Last Name – October 20

Two years ago I already saw her: in “Der Vorname” (first name), Elizabeth (Caroline Peters), Stefan (Christoph Maria Herbst), Rene (Justus von Dohany), Thomas (Florian David Fitz), Anna (Janina Ohsey) and Dorothea (Iris Perben) about the names First. What are allowed and which are not? Now comes a sequel to the German comedy “Der Nachname”, in which Dorothea and Renee invite the whole family to their vacation home in Lanzarote. Reason: advertisement. But no one really wants to spend a happy weekend with the family. There is no escape from chaos and new discussions.

Black Adam – October 20

October brings not a new Marvel movie, but a whole new movie from DC Comics. Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson, who was endowed by the ancient gods with unspeakable powers nearly 5,000 years ago. But since then, Black Adam has spent his life in captivity – on Earth. But now the opponent can return to his old life, only to formulate vengeful plans for both the terrestrial and modern worlds.

The forest stands silent – October 27

Just before Halloween night, this thriller was shown in cinemas where Anja (Henriette Confurios) lost her father when she was eight years old. Years later, as a forestry apprentice, she is transported back to the forest area where her father was last seen. Anja is worried because when she returns to her homeland, she is shaken by suicide. Everything comes back – as it happened with Anja’s father. When she makes a terrifying discovery in the woods, you can hardly believe her eyes.

All movie releases in October 2022

  • 4th of October
    • Reservoir Dogs (Best of Cinema)
  • October 5
    • Mayerling – Liszt (Royal Opera 2022) (musical film)
  • 6 October
    • The Woman King (Drama)
    • In a land that no longer exists (drama)
    • Vesper Chronicals (sci-fi)
    • Rimini (Drama)
    • Mascarpone (comedian)
    • Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon (thriller)
    • Igor Levitt. No Fear (documentary)
    • I, We (drama)
    • Dropout – Nipplesuse Strikes Back (comedy)
    • Niewidzialna Wojna – The Invisible War (Drama)
    • Horizon (drama)
    • Wild – Hunter & Gatherer (documentary)
    • All about Martin Sutter. Except for the truth. (documentary)
    • Kim Bo Aile (Turkish action comedy)
    • Autumn Bangkok (documentary)
  • October 12
    • Aida – Verdi (Royal Opera 2022) (musical film)
  • October 13
    • Halloween End (horror)
    • My Chaosfee & I (Animation / Family)
    • One Piece Movie – Red (manga)
    • The Passport Forger (Drama)
    • Triangle of sadness (comedy)
    • Neighbors (drama)
    • Belleville. Belle et Rebelle (documentary)
    • Tartuf – Molière (Drama)
    • Don’t Die (documentary)
    • Deliaz Gold (Drama)
  • October 20
    • Black Adam (Action)
    • last name (comedian)
    • Lyle – My Crocodile Friend (Animation)
    • November (thriller)
    • Girl Gang (documentary)
  • October 21
    • Aslan Hürkus görevimiz gökbey (family)
  • October 22
    • Medea – Cherubini (musical film)
  • October 27
    • Bodies Bodies (Horror)
    • The Forest Stands Silent (Thriller)
    • Rheingold (drama)
    • Bruce (comedy)
    • Baby Bloxberg and the Blue Owl Mystery (Family)
    • Social Experiment (sci-fi)
    • Rise Up (documentary)
    • Piggy (thriller)
    • 30 Last Days – Cop Turns It On (comedy)
    • See How They Run (Comedy)
    • Atlas (drama)
    • Northern Drift – Plastic Flows (Drama)
    • Werner Herzog – Radical Dreamer (Documentary)
    • Everyone Wants to Love (Drama)
    • Adam Ondra: Pushing the Limits (Documentary)
  • October 29
    • Coldplay – Music of the Spheres: Live Stream from Buenos Aires (Music)
  • October 31
    • Night of the Living Dead (Arthaus Classics) (horror)

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