Blonde explains: Who is Marilyn Monroe’s father? And did Netflix give us a plan to take revenge on incest? Cinema news

The matter of Marilyn Monroe’s father accompanies us throughout “The Blonde” but is never resolved. In fact, this is different for many fans, because recently a DNA test allegedly provided the definitive proof…


Her young mother Norma Jean shows a picture of a man at the beginning of the Netflix drama “Blond”. Elegantly dressed, with a hat, tie and coat, he looks like a legendary Hollywood star. The mother also hints to her daughter that the father is a rather strong man in the dream factory, and therefore cannot recognize the illegitimate child.

In “Blond”, the search for her father is an important motive for Norma Jeane. He took her to Hollywood, where she became a superstar like Marilyn Monroe, and she portrays all her lovers on him, which is why she continues to call them “Papa”.

In Andrew Dominic’s Netflix movie, based on Joyce Carol Oates’ novel of the same name, she suddenly receives messages from her father, who wants to meet her but keeps putting her off. Whether he is really writing to her, whether she is only imagining her or whether someone is playing a bad trick on her, is not finally resolved by the film, which deliberately does not depict reality, but in such cases it interprets and imagines history. There are only hints about this. And also Dominic does not reveal the father. That’s what another movie of this year claims to do…

Documentary shows DNA test: He must have been Marilyn Monroe’s father

French director François Baumes recently released the documentary “Marilyn Monroe – Her Last Secret”, which has not yet been broadcast in Germany but was shown on TV in Austria at the beginning of August. There he goes in search of Monroe’s father – using DNA tests. In the end, he claims to have “clearly and irrevocably proven” that Charles Stanley Gifford is Marilyn Monroe’s father. It has long been considered a potential candidate – also referred to as “blond”.

The photo provided by her young daughter’s mother at the beginning of the movie shows the real Charles Stanley Gifford. However, he was not a great Hollywood player, as he makes the impression here, although he worked in an important company in the film industry. He worked for Consolidated Film Industries, the most important lab at the time to produce and process negative films for many Hollywood productions. As a so-called negative film cutter, he worked with Marilyn Monroe’s mother, Gladys Pearl Baker. The relationship evolved. However, when she got pregnant, he cut her off.

Did Marilyn Monroe want to seduce her father?

While in “Blond” Norma Jeane doesn’t know who her father is until the end, French documentary filmmaker Beaumis claims in his work that she suspected it all her life and at some point knew – and even goes so far as to. In his documentary, fashion designer Henry Rosenfeld, who was friends with Marilyn Monroe, said his words. He claims that the actress hated her father because he refused any attempts to communicate with her. So I made a plan.

According to Rosenfeld, Monroe wanted to disguise herself with a wig and pick up her father at a bar and lure him into a one-night stand. After having sex, she then wanted to reveal to him that he had just slept with his daughter.

It can only be speculated whether this incest plan actually existed. Rosenfeld’s story is probably just a fiction–like many things in “”blonde“It’s just a fiction. Like I said, Netflix and Andrew Dominik didn’t make a classic autobiography, because Joyce Carol Oates’ mold is not a autobiography but a novel. They go a long way when their main character is forced into oral sex by US President John F. Kennedy, but the plan of incestuous revenge was probably too much at the time…and certainly wouldn’t fit into the narrative of the daughter’s relationship with her absent father.

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