“You’re shooting hell into your house!”

In an interview, a mother from the US state of Texas warned against watching the Disney movie “Hocus Pocus 2”. The movie is dangerous for children.

In the world of cinema in particular, infernal forces are said to be able to reach through screen or screen to hunt down unsuspecting victims. Who does not remember the horror Sadako / Samara from the films “The Ring”, pressed through TV, Lamberto Bava gore “Demons”, where a young woman is transformed into a bloodthirsty demon through TV or also “Videodrome” by master of physical horror David Cronenberg , which celebrates “New Meat” on a TV show.

Apparently, Jamie Gooch, a devout Christian from the US state of Texas, also knows the business of these demons, because in an interview with KWTX TV, she expressed her concerns about a recently released family movie: Disney’s “Hocus Pocus 2”. This is the sequel to the 1993 cult film Hocus Pocus, starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy – a scary, harmless Halloween comedy that, you guess, can stream right now on Disney+. However, the very concerned mother warns against exposing her children to this film. This could have serious consequences:

“Don’t watch this movie. Everyone thinks it’s just fantasy and innocent, but they can cast any kind of magic they want. Anything can enter your house through the TV screen. At worst, you’ll shoot hell on your kids and in your house. The whole movie is based on witches harvesting.” Children for their sacrifice with their blood.”

Is evil creeping across the screen like here in the classic ‘Evil Spirit’? American mother Jamie Gooch is convinced of this. © Warner Bros.

A horrific idea that dark forces make their way to a safe house via television. However, one would prefer to assume that with “Teletubbies”. Although this may sound quite strange, the possibility seems realistic to Gooch. It is deeply saddened by the fact that so many parents expose their children to darkness through film.

However, their warning is by no means limited to the annual pagan Halloween season, as the festival originally honored not only potential contacts in the Samhain mortal world on October 31, but also the harvest and the beginning of the cold season. . Rather, it believes that some forces use media channels:

“I think that everything we see on our television screens is connected to things. I have seen for myself that those things that I have seen with my own eyes or heard on television are manifested in real life.”

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“Mama, Papa, Zombie”: crazy warning or what’s up?

Surely the whole thing seems so difficult and so completely out of the world that one might think – especially in light of the real, frightening problems and disasters in the world – that the good woman has set off. Texas, right? And somewhere her warning reminds us of the infamous documentary “Mama, Papa, Zombie” from 1984, in which warnings were made of the dangers of the then-rising video stores and the VHS medium that was harmful to young people. In this way, young people had access to disturbing and violent material that even responsible adults should not look at, so content. The documentary turned out to be an information trailer, the bloody line you had to watch so you could have a say in the schoolyard – a shot in the oven.

Gooch, who initially posted a Facebook post warning her about it, which later turned private, said she didn’t want to announce a “big change in Hollywood.” She knows very well what others think of her:

“I was a bit scared when I posted the post because I was afraid of the reactions I might get… The post was for people who hadn’t made up their mind about the decisions they had to make for their families. If they didn’t agree with me, that’s fine. Then they should follow their hearts and beliefs, but higher standards apply to a Christian.”

If you focus on the basics of their statements and look beyond the supernatural, then essentially an opinion emerges that parents should generally agree on: Be careful what you put in front of your children. We can live with that – and watch “Hocus Pocus 2” together as a family. With popcorn of course.

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