“Tatort”: Maria Furtwängler’s 30th job – how much does it really pay?

It is said that each assignment as “crime scene” commissioner Charlotte Lindholm would fetch Maria Furtwängler over €200,000, which would make her the highest-paid detective of the first. In an interview about her 30th case, she puts speculation into perspective and explains why scenarios matter so much.

Interview by Mike Bowles, Senior Correspondent for TV Digital

Murders, human abyss, kidnapping, even an encounter with Odo Lindenberg: in her life “Crime scene”Maria Furtwängler, aka Charlotte Lindholm, has seen a lot – and above all, survived. with the 30 – Lindholm Thriller “Revenge of the World” (Sunday, October 9, 8:20 pm on the first) The actress is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the movie “Tatort”. We caught up with Furtwangler for an interview about the ups and downs — and about money.

The Golden Camera: What is Charlotte Lindholm up against in her 30th case?

Maria Furtungler: Revenge on the World is based on a real case in which a student from Freiburg was murdered by an Afghan refugee in 2016. And so our film turns into an explosive mixture. Because Lindholm is here investigating refugees where violence against women happens, just like anywhere else, unfortunately. It’s tough because we don’t want to spark preconceived notions, but we still want to tell the story.

Looking back, which of the “crime scenes” in Lindholm are particularly memorable?

Obviously the first episode: “Lastrumer Mixture”. At that time, it was very exciting for me to play the role of detective “Tatort”. I also remembered the double episodes “Wegwerfgirls” and “Das Goldene Band” because it was an intense filming. We found out about Emilia Scholl through lenders, who at that time was still completely unknown, who played a fictional role. The topics of forced prostitution and human trafficking were also very important to me. The third thing I’d like to mention is “The Holdt Case”, because Charlotte had violence in it and it was a real teacher for me as an actor to break her power.

How satisfied are you with the quality of your “Tatort” texts?

Sometimes we had very good scripts and good movies in return, sometimes not quite perfect scripts and in return not quite perfect thrillers. A good script is everything and the end of it all, and making good books is a hell of a lot for everyone. All in all we are in a good position there. Oddly enough, we often end up under time pressure and need more time to write, even though we have a lot of time to prepare and I shoot only one “crime scene” a year.

Do you stick to it?

yes. I love this turn. Stay present without burning yourself.

Which scenes from twenty years in “Tarator” that you can’t portray like that?

At the time, the episode “Spoilsport” was heavily ridiculed on Twitter. Charlotte Lindholm tried to pull a fallen soldier out of the plane by her hair, which was physically impossible. Well, in terms of the plane scene, viewers are very used to now. I’m just thinking of “The Gray Guy” with Ryan Gosling – compared to that, the moment with our soldier was still physically harmless. But what I won’t really do anymore, I can’t really say, because I can think of so many things I’d like to do one day!

What for example?

I would like the musical Taturet, a crime thriller with singing. I also think it would be great if we filmed a “crime scene” on the topic of climate change and species extinction, because there is generally very little fiction that goes into it.

You co-produced “Tatort: ​​Everything Comes Back” with your production company Atalante. Will you also be a producer for more episodes in the future?

Nothing to say at the moment. The crux of the matter is always to find good material and a perfect author. Like I said: without a good book, everything is nothing.

There is wild speculation about the “crime scene” cartoons. How tall is it really?

Much less than what the newspapers always say. When I read that, I always think: You should go NDR with the article.

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