Netflix Documentaries: An Overview of the Best Documentaries on Netflix

In addition to movies and series Documentaries on Netflix Another category of popular streaming providers. Whether it’s a self-production, a feature film, a documentary about nature or history: we’ll show you the documentaries you shouldn’t miss.

Netflix: Documentaries for nature lovers

In the documentaries genre alone, Netflix caters to almost every preference and offers you various topics to keep you informed or just to chill out. Documentaries about nature and the animal kingdom in particular fall into the latter category. They offer our planet and everything it offers you:

“Planet Earth” (2006)

The BBC’s world-renowned, award-winning eleven-part documentary series takes you to the furthest reaches of the world. The focus is on the beauty of nature in all its diversity.

Show “Planet Earth”. © Getty Images / Jesse Grant

“Our Planet” (2019)

Another documentary was released on Netflix by the creators of “Planet Earth” in April 2019. With a similar design, but with modern technology, this documentary takes you on a tour of our planet. The film enchants you with a wonderful animal world in the most beautiful places on earth.

Still image “Our Planet”. © Netflix

“Octopus Teachers” (2020)

Here we have an Academy Award winning documentary for you. My Octopus Teacher takes you through the life of a female octopus who forms an unexpected friendship with a South African filmmaker.

Still image “My teacher the octopus”. © Netflix

Space documentaries on Netflix

Explore the vastness of the universe with famous physicists using breathtaking photo recording and animation and learn to understand why we are here. With Netflix documentaries about space, you can take a look behind the scenes of construction and explain complex physics to you in a simple way.

“Alien Worlds” (2020)

Have you ever wondered what life could be like on very distant planets? This documentary explores this question and answers that question with a mixture of fact and fiction.

Still image of “Alien Worlds”. © Netflix

“Back to Space” (2022)

In “Return to Space,” you follow the rise of SpaceX, closely associated with the name Elon Musk. Find out all about people who want to revive space travel.

“Return to space” continues. © Netflix

Netflix historical documentaries

The streaming service also has something to watch from almost every era for those interested in history. Discussed by famous historians, you can get a glimpse into the golden ages, but also the dark ages and learn more about humanity with each movie.

“Secrets of the Saqqara Necropolis” (2020)

Take a look back in time and learn about the tomb of the priest Wahti from the era of the Old Kingdom in Egypt. Look over the shoulders of archaeologists trying to unravel mysteries dating back thousands of years.

Statue “Secrets of the Saqqara Mausoleum”. © Netflix

“Turning Point: September 11 and the War on Terror” (2021)

One of the greatest events in modern Western history: the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In this documentary, find out all about the background, consequences, and role played by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“The Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror” continues. © Netflix

Try something new with Netflix documentaries

New movies and series on Netflix: September 2022

Experience whole new worlds with Netflix documentaries and delve deeper into the unknown. But be warned, because with the new update, Netflix wants to entice you to watch more. If you are still not shy about throwing yourself into the vastness of Netflix documentaries, we recommend using Netflix on Apple TV to be able to enjoy better visuals.

Source: Netflix, private research

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