It is said that William and Harry have sisters

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The hair-raising theory has been haunting the United States for years. Prince Charles and Diana are said to have a daughter in addition to sons William and Harry.

LONDON – The “secret granddaughter” of Queen Elizabeth II (96, 2022) is the daughter of King Charles III. (73) and his first wife Princess Diana (36, 1997). Her name is Sarah and she lives incognito in a small town in New England, USA. Prince William, 40, is not his mother’s first child, which could spoil the succession to the throne if there is any truth to the theory, for which there is no evidence. However, she has continued to insist since the second pregnancy of the Princess of Wales today, wife of William Kate Middleton (40).

They say the British royal family did not want to leave the succession to chance

Queen Elizabeth has ordered Lady Diana Spencer, then 19, to undergo gynecological tests to determine if she will be able to conceive before announcing her engagement to the heir. For this purpose, Diana’s egg cells were removed and successfully fertilized with Prince Charles’ sperm. Then the egg cells had to be destroyed, but the doctor implanted the embryo into his wife, who was going to give birth to a daughter.

The really crazy story continues: the surrogate mother of Charles and Diana’s biological child didn’t know. The baby girl was born in October 1981, ten weeks after Charles and Diana’s dream wedding on July 29 of the same year and eight months before William was born on June 21, 1982, at Lindow Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

Cover of The Secret Daughter in the Globe magazine

The Globe, an American tabloid, published the story on its cover on December 29, 2014, but was wrong in saying that Prince William’s position as future King William V was never in jeopardy due to the current legal situation.

The 2013 Crown Succession Act, which changed long-standing rules of succession to allow the eldest child to inherit regardless of gender, gained Royal Assent in April.

However, the law only applies retroactively to people born after October 28, 2011, the year it was first introduced.

Does the theory of taste pass the truth test?

According to persistent legend, Prince William and Prince Harry have an older sister in the United States (photo montage). © Chris Jackson / dpa & dpa

As with all legends, due to the rare facts surrounding Lady Di’s accidental, horrific death, there are unfortunately many delusions. Diana says she underwent a gynecological examination prior to her engagement to Charles. “I had to get a physical exam before I could marry him,” she told confidant Elsa Booker, who was friends with the then Princess of Wales since 1992 but died in 2000.

The doctor treating you can also be determined with reasonable certainty. The late Sir George Pinker (82, 2007) was a royal family surgeon and gynecologist. The trail doesn’t go anywhere. What Remains is a self-published fantasy novel by a New York businesswoman in 2011 whose plot has since become independent. One can also confidently assume that DNA testing is easy for the royal family which is supposed to also check the childbearing potential of the future queen. The sources used:

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