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Rating: 3.5 / 5

Die Chronik’s star reporter Lars Bogenius (Jonas Nay) inspires audiences with his detailed and emotional reporting. As noted by his boss Rainer M. Habicht (Michael Martins) and Christian Eichner (Jörg Hartmann) that. Meanwhile, freelance journalist Juan Romero (Elias Mubarak) finds inconsistencies in Pugenius’ writings and does his own research. Romero is under increasing pressure from the company.

If you can do comedy, you can do anything. There is a dogma in the dramatic section that goes something like this. Bully Herbig is an impressive filmmaker without a doubt. Over the years, his films have been marked by the fact that they always look very rich, especially from a purely visual point of view, have a good sense of timing and are constantly evolving. Of course, here and there one can stir up controversy about the humor that movies like manitou shoes (2001) or (T) Starship Surprise – Period 1 (2004), it wouldn’t necessarily be up to date now. But art is allowed to do everything and art does not have to do anything, so this debate is already closed. Either way, Herbig comes from the territory of exaggeration and has been referenced in romantic comedies owner (2013) already points out that even when it comes to real emotions, it sometimes goes beyond what can be tolerated. In case thousand lines The director reveals a tone that is sometimes difficult to bear, especially in a family environment. Stunned kids constantly ask about dad and pretend they’ve never heard the word “fuck” before. You can also exaggerate it and anyone who removes any argument from the family can really indulge in American censorship and simply no longer be human. Of course, this is a symptom of the problem in the movie. On the other hand, Herbig is desperately trying to save the good old press, but at the same time he wants to create an emotion that limits manipulation. The fine line he walks when he talks about objectivity and emotions is rarely successful.

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But this is not only responsible for the values ​​​​that are transmitted, but also a little for the main actor Elias Mubarak. Because Mubarak is also a double-edged sword. One of his talents is definitely his charisma. The Austrian finally became known in Germany by nothing other than the banality of optics. And that’s exactly why he may have been chosen as Juan Romero. Perhaps also because Germany is not necessarily very diverse in these circles. MBarek is meant to be a kind-hearted character, who seems a bit harsh when it comes to all the blows of fate that hits her. This is certainly not a disaster, because Mubarak is still charismatic, and his personality represents pure benevolence. But it certainly doesn’t come with real complexity and tension. If you are looking for great acting, you will be able to expect it more in the form of Jonas Nay. thousand lines Real role model understands Class Relotius as a notorious liar who doesn’t really care whether his stories are good or pay off well. There is something incredibly psychological about Nay playing his character. For the first time you feel like you are witnessing a complete exaggeration and Nye also makes sure to enjoy the game a lot, because as a viewer you know the truth of course. In the context of the fake news controversy, the film also became very rude, because it tells the viewer and all the other people to some extent that they yearn for a utopian world they need not think about. However, this approach is very daring and the film manages to deliver a punch in the stomach pit. Cuteness is definitely different. But we’re talking about satire here.

Herein lies the film’s greatest strength. Especially when it comes to analyzing the details of the great Bogenius reports and demonstrating the narrative skill behind them, Herbig can come up with very good starting tricks by confronting the viewer with lies and truth. In any case, the director manages to create great scenery transitions and a very narrow theatrical presentation in general. Longing for lies is something that mainly serves the center-right, and thus builds a world for its followers who are presented to them on the one hand and on the other they also urgently want. The ability to think independently is tested here because the movie wants to show that you only want to believe certain lies. Of course, the editorial board of Der Spiegel is just a symbol of the zeitgeist, because on the one hand profit must be made and on the other there is a great lack of interest or indifferent confrontation with facts even in the fourth estate. You don’t want to know. And this is a very frank statement, because as a human being you are not always inclined to want to face the truth. The big role models for Herbig are clearly the satirist Adam McKay The Big Short (2015) and Vice – second man (2018). His film also benefits from the fact that Herbig himself has his roots in comedy, and thus this film is peppered with a relatively good pun that softens the entire work. Although the movie as a whole seems easy to understand due to the focus on the novel and individual details.

Now one can definitely get upset by the fact that the movie focuses on a single perpetrator and all the people involved look like idiots or people lying to themselves. But this is not wrong at all, it is also relatively clever. Precisely because the film focuses on a very small problem, the work also manages to bring the system behind it into focus. Inevitably, the viewer faces the question of whether there is a bigger problem. Then the irony returns again, because here the people responsible for something can also be a symbol for the viewer. You want to believe a lie, this is also a very psychological thing and when you face the truth, it is obvious that you have to make sacrifices. Meanwhile, the movie basically plays with worlds. Meaning it repeatedly makes a strong color change and at the same time wanders back to actual reality. The film does not allow for fatigue to appear and shows a certain set of cities intended to show that the fabric of lies about Puginius made him an alleged person on the one hand, but on the other hand, his lies were not particularly good. I think so.

a lot in thousand lines It obviously depends on how you imagined such a movie. Herbig couldn’t come close to great cinematic satire because he focuses so much on the private life of his main character. The clever thing, however, is that he does not attempt to psychologicalize Bogenius beyond analogy in the sense of exaggeration, and he also makes relatively sensationalist statements about the Fourth Force and its consumers in the sense of fake news zeitgeist. MBarek is still a bit pale and his character is actually not far from heroic, but this Bogenius and his entire work are much more interesting. This is joined by a very sophisticated stage show by Herbig, which sounds like a punch in the stomach pit.

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