‘We also suffered from our crises’

Ms Furtwängler, the anniversary of the “crime scene” after 20 years in the TV police service in Lower Saxony appears to be deliberately running on thin ice.
Ah yes?

It is about killing women and refugees as suspects. Did Stefan Kroehmer and Daniel Nock consciously choose it in times of right-wing populist divisions?
Meaning: Because they want to deepen the divide, definitely not. None of us will go through that, you can be sure of that. As far as development and implementation is concerned, you should ask Stefan Krohmer and Daniel Nock directly. The starting point for NDR editors was a real case on which this “crime scene” is based.

2016 in Friborg.
as a starting point. What is important is how sensitively one deals with a possible seizure from the wrong side. We were all aware of this at all times. Also because it would be fatal to give the impression that this type of crime only reached Germany or was intensified by other cultures. The rape and murder of women has always been present in our society, and the perpetrators are primarily present in the social environment. Every two and a half days a woman is killed by her partner or ex-husband in this country.

Sociology talks about femicide.
And they are not imported, but a dramatic byproduct of patriarchal structures, which we have as much as anywhere else in the world. So let’s not deceive ourselves: among the millions of refugees, most of them are decent people. But just as we organic Germans also include criminals of all stripes, so there are those fleeing war, hunger or climate change.

One of the 30 “crime scenes” victims says that every culture produces assholes.
To neglect that would be as wrong as denigrating our welcoming culture.

Does Revenge of the World act on the failures of 2015, when reports about Syrian refugees in the face of right-wing populist resistance were mainly positive?
No. This isn’t a Sunday night crime movie job. Regardless, reporting on refugees has already turned strongly to the negative since 2016. Talking about omissions in this context generally does not seem appropriate to me.

When choosing your roles, do you generally feel the need to express something socially relevant?
It should not, should not, and does not want “crime scenes” to be contributions to discussions. Of course we have the opportunity to take up current events, but not as a political statement, but as a frame of reference. Although the editors, writers and director are responsible for the content, I have had discussions with the NDR about the narrative beforehand, i.e. why we tell the story again from the perspective of the male perpetrators rather than the perspective of the female victim.

With what result?
Next year we’ll be doing a TV play that does just that. You don’t have to tell every perspective in every “crime scene”, but in general, you should open up different perspectives. Last but not least, I’m also committed to this with my foundation.

Where you promote equality with your daughter Lisa. As an actress, have you always been an ambassador for Malaysia?
Lindenberg’s “Crime Scene” speaks against it, great fun without a message. However, I am aware of the power of images and try to influence them. And not just when it comes to portraying violence, but gender issues in general. In this regard: Yes, the novel can contribute a lot to a new perspective, but it cannot solve problems on its own. This also applies to Charlotte Lindholm.

Their Wikipedia entry has four pages…
Not right! What’s in there?

Too much stealing as a child to marry a much older man. Did it come out of the cases?
Someone came up with that early on, but he hasn’t played a role yet. She is said to have been born in 1968. Since the Commissioners retired at the age of 63, I still have a few years with her. After all, we secretly got married a long time ago (laughs). I remember stumbling on the first case with ecstasy but also naively and coming up with who knows what’s so special about Charlotte.

I see myself as a defender of character.

Maria Furtwangler

for example?
Oh, it’s a little goofy on the outside and bright on the inside, like Miss Marple’s hat. It’s been in props for a long time, but the directors said, Maria, please leave it there (Laugh). Luckily! However, I caught one odd thing: she always brings her own pillow to the hotel, and I do that too. Other than that, most of it comes from cases, and it should be critical and shouldn’t suggest anything you’ve never done – I see myself as an advocate for the character.

Just a lawyer or a girlfriend?
Both. One sign of this is that we wear the same worn Miu Miu shoes that I brought into the collection myself because they go well with her jeans. Finally let’s talk about fashion (Laugh). Whenever I look at Maria’s shelves at home, I find Charlotte’s shoes there. However, she has a life independent of me. For example, she is not a team player at all.

It’s already?
at all.

Does it bother you sometimes?
Clear. We also had our crises. But not because of the character itself, but because I don’t like to repeat myself. However, this did not lead to a separation, but rather to more interest in their presentation and a reduction of the case to one per year. Since then I’ve loved her more.

In 20 years, does one of the 30 cases burn particularly well?
two even. Once in the “Holdt Affair”, when she herself became a victim of violence.

… and led to a move to Göttingen in 2019.
It was cool because her life is spiraling out of control and reveals how fragile her tough facade is. It is a trait called, and I hate the term, that strong women are rarely allowed to appear on television. Then of course the double episode “Disposable Girl” and “Golden Ribbon”.

Male violence against women again.
I brought myself to it and am proud of how impressive the execution was and how successful the films were.

Does this harsh substance of abuse slip away quickly after the shooting is over?
It’s hard, just because acting is an intimate process for which I prepare myself intensely and look for real emotionality within myself that I can personally give. But I also carried “disposable girls” for a long time because it wasn’t an abstraction, it really does exist.

Did your organization arise from a business like this after four years?
No, the impulse came from my daughter after we opened a shelter for girls forced into prostitution in the Philippines with German doctors, with whom I had been working for a long time. I am very grateful to her for this, also because she has brought two generations together with two perspectives on inequality in this country.

Are you already an actress or an equal rights activist?
I act in films, produce them, and am very vigilant about grievances and what can be done about them. My job is quite versatile, if you will.

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