Theater season at Stadthalle Werl will start soon

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Entertainer Ingolf Lück is coming to Stadthalle in March… © Wilfried Apel

Coming soon again, and the demand has already increased: the next theatrical season begins at the Stadthalle Werl on Tuesday 11 October.

What is new is the program brochure and the fact that sponsors provide individual plays, says Jörg Heaney of Stadthalle Management, “a great contribution to preserving culture in difficult times.”

Program brochure is available at City Info. Also new is the theater subscription card, which is also a ticket for singles plays.

Advance sales of individual tickets have already begun. Tickets for individual plays can also be purchased via Eventim, Hellweg Ticket, or Werl city information desk.

This season, the famous theaters again present: “Schlosstheater Neuwied” and “Kleine Theater Bad Godesberg” – they promise the best entertainment for theater lovers.

Henne declares the season: “This year’s theatrical series is particularly musical, versatile, surprising, and memorable.” And: “In the next few days we will send the subscription card with the invoice. Of course, all theater lovers can still order a theater subscription and order the program at

The following dates are planned for the plays:

Tuesday 11 October

The organizers are proud of the first show From Sebastian Vitseka novel “first last day. The book is one of the bestsellers of 2021 and the first comedy by the well-known thriller author. The premiere should mark the beginning of the theater season.

Monday November 21

Follow comedy From Florian tablet “Sex & Breakfast”. The plot: An unparalleled couple spend a weekend together in Paris. Due to a double reservation by the owner, they have to share an apartment. It will be interesting to see how this issue develops.

Thursday 15 December

He will be musical in December: “Queen Currywurst”One pop review “Heart and quick dialogues, crazy men, funny gags and of course with loads of great music and songs to sing along with,” it was announced.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

It will be in the new year game From John Osborne “Look Back In Anger” game. Three young men together search for a lifestyle that goes beyond the norm. Start the new year in classic style.

Friday March 31

In March, the Stadthalle receives distinguished guests: Anya Kroos And the Ingolf Luck Play leadership roles in The musical comedy “Do you need a receipt”?. The play, performed “with a lot of magic and music,” tells of getting to know each other and letting go of falls and rises, endings and new beginnings. The two actors appear on several different stages with different sets, mostly in comedy and confusion.

...with actress Anya Cruz.
…with actress Anya Cruz. © Horst Osinger

Wednesday 26th April

The last piece of the game board is also one musical comedyThis time Werner Bauer: “The Smell of Reality”. The play is set in 1930s Berlin: the young composer Heymann is supposed to adapt a musical for propaganda purposes. But Heyman refuses and now the screen stars are active. A journey between fantasy and reality.

Theater subscription and theater tickets

A full theatrical subscription with six plays is available at a preferential price of €85. The program flyer, which is available in all public places, contains more information about individual plays. Those interested in theater can use the order card inside to order a theater entry from the Stadthalle Werl, and theater tickets are then mailed.

Advance sales of individual tickets have already begun. Tickets for individual plays can also be purchased via Eventim, Hellweg Ticket, or Werl city information desk.


Available at: Tel: 02922/973210 Stadthalle Werl or by e-mail:

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