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Today almost everyone has a “digital” personality. It consists of many elements – social media profiling, posts, likes and comments, forum posts, photos in online albums, uploaded videos, etc. Almost every time we surf the internet, we leave a digital footprint. This is basically normal.

Another interesting thing. Surveys show that about 50% of users who meet someone online examine that “digital” persona more closely. The main goal of this examination is to better understand what kind of person you are with and whether it is worth continuing to communicate with him and trying to build a relationship. And yes, that’s totally normal too!

What can you find out about a person on the Internet and why it is worth doing such a “research”.

The Internet is a more dangerous place than most people think. There are a lot of other scammers and attackers here, a large number of fakes and bots, and a lot of inappropriate people that you should definitely avoid.

But how do you check on someone and make sure they are normal and authentic when you only have a smartphone or computer at hand? In fact, it is not that difficult. It is enough to spend some time learning more about new acquaintances.

So, let’s look at some effective ways to get to know someone:

  1. Search Google, social networks, instant messengers

This is the most obvious way to get information about a person. It is quite possible to find pages and user accounts on different websites using the first and last name. But sometimes it is not so easy to find a person without specifying the search parameters. It is advisable to know the place of residence, age (at least approximately – to improve searches on social networks), surname used, etc.

  1. Search by pictures

Google has a handy image search feature. You can download the image of your interlocutor, upload it to a search engine, and see what other places that image is used. If the person is real, you will most likely find links to their social networks, blog posts, etc. this way. If the photo is fake, the photo can take you to another user’s entire page or even to an archive of photos.

  1. Search the phone book

Do not be surprised. While this method is a bit outdated, it can certainly yield results. In phone books, you can find the person’s first and last name, phone number and even his address. Do not neglect this possibility.

What to look for when searching for information about someone on the Internet

Let’s say you found new acquaintances accounts on social networks. What do you do with it and what do you have to pay attention to?

  1. See what the person is posting on the page. We also recommend that you not only see the latest entries, but also dig deeper. If there is something to worry about, you should consider whether you are willing to connect with this person.
  2. Look at the list of sites and publications your “thing” has subscribed to. This can say a lot about the interests, tastes, and even peculiarities of your new acquaintance.
  3. Look at photos and videos the person is tagged in. You can see it on Facebook and Instagram, for example. This is important because what one person posts and what their friends post can be very different.
  4. Pay attention to the “age” of a person’s social media accounts. If they are small and almost empty, they are probably fake.
  5. If you have time, you can try to find out what sites and platforms the person is active on, how to communicate with others, what comments they leave, etc. This will help you form an objective opinion about them.

In any case, the more information you can get about a new acquaintance from the Internet, the better. In addition, there is less risk that you will encounter unpleasant surprises at the first real meeting.

But what if there is no information about a person on the Internet at all?

Well, in this case there are two possibilities:

  1. You just haven’t searched thoroughly enough, or the information available is too little to search effectively.
  2. You are communicating with a fake person about whom it is virtually impossible to find real information. Her character is all fiction.

There are also situations when a person meets someone on a dating site, asks for a link to social networks, but is refused. The interlocutor says that he is not registered on social networks. In fact, this is nonsense. It is very hard to believe that someone uses dating sites, but ignores social networks. Especially in our time when social networks are used by literally everyone. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn – The person must at least be somewhere other than a dating site.

How to simplify your life and meet new people online without making an effort

Of course, the most effective way to get to know a person better is to meet him in person, chat and spend time together. But this is not always possible. The interviewer may live in a different city or country, they may not have enough time for a face-to-face appointment, or they may not be in a hurry to meet new people before they know them well.

There is a way out – communication in video chats. During the pandemic, many popular dating sites and apps have introduced a video chat feature to allow users to communicate not only via text messages but also via video. This is a great way to make sure that it is not a fake but a real person, to get to know each other faster and to feel sympathy.

You can use an alternative to classic dating sites – random video chats like Omegle. Or alternatives to Omegle chat – CooMeet or Tinychat. By the way, the latter has a larger set of functions and allows you to use flexible settings for searching for interlocutors. For example, CooMeet allows you to chat with girls only, while Tinychat allows you to start an online broadcast and gather a large group of viewers.

There are plenty of Omegle alternatives today – both paid and free. You can choose a platform that fully meets your needs and allows you to communicate with interesting people every day. Above all, you can get to know your interlocutor much better than in a chat in a messenger or in a social network. Try random video chats if you haven’t already. We are sure you will love them. They may replace regular dating sites for you.

Summary: Checking the interlocutor is normal business, not paranoia

Trust us, in this day and age, it’s better to be a little paranoid than overly gullible and gullible. Online dating comes with some risks. You should not rush into an offline date with the first person you meet online. And you certainly can’t transfer money to someone you barely know. Just as you should not pass on confidential information about yourself, your loved ones, friends or colleagues. We hope that all your online acquaintances are pleasant and promising and you do not even need our advice. But you still have to be realistic. Your safety and the security of your online data is your most important concern. So stay alert and watch out for those you don’t know well.


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