How good is the goosebumps in the middle of the night?

With Haunted Hill House, Bly Manor, and Midnight Mass, horror maestro Mike Flanagan has developed three very scary and horrific series for Netflix. Now begins the fourth horror series: Goosebumps at Midnight inspired by the horror novels and promises of Christopher Pike. heartbreaking horror.

It narrates the mixture between the Red Ribbon Club, horror, horror and goosebumps 8 episodes About a group of terminally ill children sharing supernatural stories in a chilling shelter. Here you can find out if goosebumps are worth it in the middle of the night and how the horror series compares to the Netflix hits Haunted House and Co.

This is what Goosebumps at Midnight on Netflix is ​​all about

The chills of terror in the middle of the night take us back in time 90s It begins with a very real shock unfortunately. Teenage Ilonka (Faith Benson) had many plans for life and really wanted to go to university soon. But then the diagnosis was made: lymphoma. You only have a few months left. But there is a glimmer of hope.

Watch the trailer for the Netflix horror series Goosebumps at midnight here:

Chills in the middle of the night – Trailer (German) HD


In the remote control Bright Cliff Hospice for Youth A young patient is said to have been miraculously cured years ago. Ilonka managed to get a place in the youth shelter, hardly Eight young patients homes. Heart defects, cancer, AIDS, infectious diseases: for each of them, the fight for survival has already been lost and death is approaching day by day.

But children are trying to distract themselves from this inevitable horror. They also find a midnight club Every day at midnight In the home library together to relax in front of the scary fireplace dark stories Tells.

However, Goosebumps at Midnight is not only made up of different horror stories (almost all adapting different works by Christopher Pike), because the inexplicable also happens around the young characters in real life. Some look awful spectraa dark shadow moves through the corridors and then there Mysterious cult past That’s from dr. Stanton (Heather Langenkamp) runs a nursing home that centers around dangerous blood rituals.

A journey through the horror genre: is the series scary?

Since goosebumps are of paramount importance in the middle of the night Aimed at a younger audience (In addition to book templates), experienced horror fans should not expect a very disturbing series with a nightmare guarantee. However, one or the other of the stories told by the children leads to harrowing moments that pass by Various types, styles and formats of images miscellaneous.

Kevin tells the story of a young serial killer

The special thing about it is how scary, which is covered here. Kaminfeuer’s stories revolve around teenage serial killers, pacts with the devil, witches, time travel, cyborgs, and Japanese ghost girls. First of all, young patient Natsuki (Aya Furukawa) introduces us. silly scary fireworks A total of 17 jump wagons – at least one of them should make you jump off the couch.

Not all stories are true horror stories. Even fewer are particularly frightening (some are pretty bloody). But that is not their goal at all. Real horror unfolds Through the situations of young people, which through their own fantasy horror stories are completely real problems and worries Put in words and pictures. Also especially exciting: the children and nursing staff also play the characters in the short stories, allowing reality and fiction to fuse in an interesting way.

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For example, it receives a file A short ghost story about suicide The girl has an even darker and terrifying effect when we learn that the narrator here is addressing her (failed) suicide attempt.

In essence, goosebumps in the middle of the night one A very horrible and devastating experience. We follow a series of children who must accept that they are about to die and that there can be no supernatural salvation for them. And when the inevitable finally happens, the chain allows you to Feeling the loss with all the hardship.

After the Ghost at Hill House and Co: Is Goosebumps Worth It in the Middle of the Night?

Shocks and tears. This is presenter Mike Flanagan’s core competency. His previous series also balanced excellently presented horror, great characters, and heartbreaking tragedy. In direct comparison With Hill House, Bly Manor, and Midnight Mass, Flanagan developed with Leah Fong, but got the short end of the wand.

midnight club

The trauma is less and you don’t have to go straight to treatment at the end. One reason for this is that the more tragic part of Christopher Pike’s original book was intentionally left out. Instead, goosebumps in the middle of the night act like this light version Flanagan Series. But that doesn’t make it any less watchable.

With a variety of genres and excellent performance by young actors, the series caters to young horror fans in particular A perfect introduction to the world of Mike Flanagan’s horror theme. Fans of his past works will find many familiar and can also look forward to some surprising engravings by his regular representatives: Inside.

Midnight Goosebumps consists of 8 episodes that have been airing on Netflix since October 7, 2020. The entire series served as the basis for checking out this series.

Will you watch Netflix goosebumps in the middle of the night?

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