5 Netflix documentaries with an important message

Sure, when you curl up in front of your TV or laptop to Netflix after a long day at work, you of course want to relax. It goes down first, just shut down.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put your head on the line. As studies show (eg here, here and here), watching documentaries can have powerful effects. So, off in front of the screen!

These five Netflix documentaries are not only very exciting, but also very insightful. They will help you answer questions that have definitely been floating around in your mind for a while…

How useful is vigilance?


In short episodes, the series “Sharh” answers the questions of the spirit of the age. There are now 3 seasons and special episodes on topics such as money, sex and the coronavirus. Particularly interesting: the episode “Explained: Our Head” which is about awakening.

Buddhist and mindfulness teacher Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche has practiced mindfulness meditation daily for 4 years. Neuroscientists later discovered that the brain of a 41-year-old is similar to the brain of a 31-year-old. Mind blowing, isn’t it? His ability to feel empathy also greatly increased…

Before we reveal more here: take a look! And discover that it is certainly beneficial to practice living your life more consciously. So try (keep on) taking this time for yourself.

How do I protect our planet?

David Attenborough – My Life on Our Planet

This documentary is painful to watch! Because: It’s dealing with a disaster. Because of global warming, life on our planet will not soon be as we know it. The devastating changes are beginning to be felt. In “David Attenborough – My Life on Our Planet,” British filmmaker and naturalist David Attenborough shows how the Earth has changed in recent decades and the wrongdoing of humanity.

The 96-year-old has devoted his entire life to nature – still exploring the wildest places on Earth and documenting life in all its diversity and all its wonders. With films like “Our Earth” or “The Blue Planet” he awakened the love and fascination of many people for this unique world. Now standing in front of their ruins. Looking back, the extent of this becomes clearer.

But even if the documentation is a fait accompli, it gives hope for the future. Attenborough reflects on the changes the planet has undergone during his lifetime. He shares his observations, presents photos and stories that show the beauty of this planet, thus giving a reason to fight and offering solutions – to stop the seemingly unstoppable.

Watching “My Life on Our Planet” is painful, but necessary. Because the movie encourages you to question yourself and your dealings with this planet. Perhaps the documentary will give you a nudge in the right direction.

How do I feel about my body?

“Take Off, Get Up – The Healing Power of Exposure”

It is always said that one should embrace one’s body, simply accepting it as it is. Let’s be thankful! This is not easy, especially for women. In “Strip Down – Rise Up”, about 20 women take on exactly that challenge and get to know their bodies, but especially themselves, their emotions and their experiences better – all with the help of pole dancing.

Exactly, you heard that right. The intimate, sexually charged sport of dance is used as a key to countering one’s own trauma, exposing the body and other negative experiences… and to finally liberating himself from the realm of (male) judgment and reclaiming his body.

With so much magic, she accompanies the band on their way for half a year. Often tearful, other times energizing and hopeful. Realization: This is much more than just pole dancing. It’s about a journey into yourself and more self-confidence and self-love.

Perhaps the documentation will make you want to swing your hips around the shaft, but perhaps it will help you question your view of your body (and also that of others) and rebuild it without actively moving!

What does social media do for me?

The social media dilemma

Have you ever found yourself browsing Instagram for hours and then feeling completely uncomfortable? Or how do you get to your smartphone first thing in the morning and open the TikTok app automatically? The “Social Media Dilemma” questions exactly how society deals with Web 2.0.

The documentary presents exciting facts as well as frightening numbers and asserts: Social media has the potential to be addictive. Those who left the industry reported how data was collected in order to exploit the weakness of the human psyche in order to be able to attract more users through the screen.

Admittedly, a critical look is allowed here and there, since the quotes shown are sometimes taken out of context, the merits of the apps are ignored and there are hardly any solutions to the problem. However, the documentary is worthwhile because it encourages you to question your own usage behavior and because it raises awareness. Because Instagram & Co. They can bring each other closer, but they can also drive a wedge between reality and perception and cause your well-being to falter.

What can I do without?

“Minimalism – now least”

Now it can be uncomfortable for a moment: “Simplicity – now less” keeps putting your finger exactly where it hurts. You can’t help but hold your nose the whole time. What is that going on? In short: criticize uncontrolled consumption (important: do not denounce consumption itself).

Your fingers may itch so much while watching that you start cleaning up with the movie playing in the background. Perfect, you’ve been wanting to do a flea market for ages, donate unloved clothes to the needy or free yourself from crowded closets, right?

Of course, simple living is not for everyone. And you probably shouldn’t give up your apartment and move into a tiny house right away. But creating a little air and space will feel good. a promise!

How to make your evening on Netflix a highlight

Do you really want to lie on the sofa and take a look at one of our recommendations? Good! A little preparation is useful so you can enjoy not only the movies, but the whole evening. So you can fully participate in documentaries and don’t have to keep pressing the pause button because it gets uncomfortable or you don’t have the right snacks.

In any case, take your time on the selected movie and make sure there are no disruptive factors – that is: switch the phone to flight mode, darken the room and make yourself comfortable. A cozy outfit and fluffy blanket (which, by the way, is also perfect for getting away when the facts get unbearable) ensure the latter.

Prepare snacks in advance and have enough drinks. The interruption in the middle of the movie to get more is not only annoying, but also distracting from the story. For the ultimate cinema feel, we recommend popcorn from a real popcorn machine, but of course you can also make other dishes. Did you get it all? Then quickly to the toilet again and then get down to the sofa, snuggle and: photograph!

These documentaries will have a lasting impact on you and your life and provide you with beneficial food for thought. Make yourself comfortable and see what’s going on while you watch happened to you. After all, you never stop learning.

Corina Madjitov

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