As of July 1, the Job Center is responsible for: Benefits for refugees from Ukraine

new town Almost all 530 Ukrainian refugees registered in Neustadt receive assistance from the municipal social welfare office under the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act. They were originally supposed to receive money and benefits from the job center from June 1. However, this change of responsibilities has been delayed. Payment will be made via the Career Center only from July 1st. Until then, the city administration remains responsible. This prevents refugees from facing performance gaps.
According to a federal and state decision, from June 1, persons from Ukraine who have a residence permit or the so-called fictitious certificate will be given equal treatment with recognized persons seeking protection and those in need of assistance. The duty station is generally responsible for this. In the future, the Job Center will provide basic security for job seekers (according to the Social Security Act II). The Federal Council decided this on May 20. Publication in the Official Gazette of Federal Law is still pending.
Due to the narrow implementation period until June 1, the legislator issued a transitional regulation until August 31. After extensive consultations, the city administration of Neustadt and the Deutsche Weinstraße job center have agreed to use at least a third of the potential transition period and implement the change in benefits for approximately 530 refugees on July 1. Thus, all those affected will receive additional benefits from the city administration for the month of June in accordance with the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.
This ensures that there are no disadvantages for those refugees who already have the bogus certificate required to switch to the job center but may not have been able to apply for benefits to the job center in a timely manner or whose application has not yet been finalized. .
Background: In order to receive social benefits through the Job Centre, refugees must have a dummy certificate or residence permit. Since the residence permit can take a few weeks to be issued, the city issues the dummy certificate as a temporary document.
Anyone who only receives a fake certificate after June 1 will switch to the Job Center the following month.
It is important that a matching application be submitted quickly to the Deutsche Weinstraße employment center in Neustadt. To obtain a basic guarantee in old age or in the event of a decrease in earning capacity, the application must still be submitted to the city administration.
Anyone who applied to a job center before June 1, but would only get basic job seekers security from there after July 1, would be no worse off in terms of June payments. Because even if the city temporarily continues to pay only asylum seekers benefits, an invoice will be issued by the Job Center afterwards. Any difference will be paid later. After all, benefits under the Social Security Act II can be higher than those provided under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. cd / ps

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